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FDA disclaimer, DrJockers FDA Disclaimer

FDA disclaimer, DrJockers FDA DisclaimerFDA Disclaimer

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only.  The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should not disregard, or delay in obtaining, medical advice for any medical condition they may have, and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.

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  2. My results of using Cordyceps.

    I have been taking a high concentrate Cordycept extract 1000 mg x 2 a day, since June, 2018. In Dec, 2018. I reduced to 1000 mg daily. In Jan I reduced down to 500 mg Daily. I use “Mental Refreshment” Brand .

    Main complaints have been.

    1. Diabetes ( controled by natural diet only) since 2014. When I was put on MetFormin, my kidneys became very painful and could barely urinate. Dr had me stop meds. I started to treat by diet control only.
    My neuropathy in my legs has greatly reduced. Whenever I ate high carbs my feet when burn and tingle. With Cordyceps, I now seldom get that burning. As a test, I ate very high carbs for 3 months, Sept thru Nov 2018, to see how the effect of Cordyceps would effect my A1C blood sugar. In mornings of testing blood sugar it would be around 100, even after consuming high carbs day before..

    My A1C went from 6.3 down to 6.2 in a 3 month trial of heavy carb eating, ( lots of sugar) I had no burning, tingling or neuropathy. I had lots of energy up to Nov. In Dec 2018 I stopped eating high carbs, waiting to see results of A1C in 6 months.

    In Nov 2018 , my flat feet and legs started to hurt and become weaker after being on feet for more than 3- 4 hours, I cannot walk as much.

    I have spinal injury, need 4 vertabtra repaired, a 1.5″ left shorter leg. Scoliousis, I need left knee replacement, plus I have Lots of Arthritus.
    But being on low doze pain meds, I no longer feel like I need them,I can tolerate pain much better without feeling like I need meds. I use Suboxone (non addictive pain meds) went off opiods in 2007.

    2. I was always Fatigued, tired, sleeping all day after 1 hour getting up from sleep. I have Central Sleep Apnea 117 episodes per hour ( Jan 2017 test), was on ASV machine, that fixed my apnea.

    I Moved to 3500′ elevation from 7000′, not on ASV. My central sleep apnea is down to 23 episodes per hour ( tested Dec-2018). After I started ( Taking Cordyceps for 6 months. I barely sleep no more.
    Only need a couple hour nap each night, maybe up to 5 hours. No longer feel tired and exhausted. My mind is now always sharp and feel very alert. No longer get aggitated or irritable.

    3. Kidney flow restriction. Low yeild output. After a 2015 extensive kidney flow test. Dr told me I lost 72% in right kidney flow, 28% in left kidney flow. ( I do have horseshoe kidney) I never had urge to Urinate or I would only Urinate 2 to 3 times day. After
    taking the Cordyceps, it has increased my urine output to every 3 hours, huge improvement, I now feel normal.

    3. Swelling of my feet, fluid retention. In Feb 2018 was in ER for swollen right foot, it was painful and severe and had to go on meds.
    After starting Cordyceps in June, I no longer have pain in my feet nor do I have any swelling, it’s gone.

    4. I was on depression meds a long time. After starting Cordyceps, I no longer felt down, depressed and was able to get off them since last July, 2018. Also my DR had me go off Clonazepam.
    I no longer take meds for feet swelling.

    One thing Cordyceps does, if you have old injuries, it seems to make you notice those injured areas more. Giving you the feeling, you want to get those areas fixed. It let’s you now want to take control of your life.

    First part of Jan, I had to go to ER, all of a sudden, I became very hot, could not regulate my body temperature. I felt like I was sufficatiing. The blowing heat in the ER was horrible, I could not tolerate it. My vitals were all normal. They did not know what was wrong with me.

    They did not make me comfortable at all
    I paced the ER floor for over 2 hours, they could not get me to lay in the bed. Coukd not get electrodes to stick on me for ekg. I had cold and clamy skin. I finally asked the ER doctor to tranqulize me, he did. When I woke up, I felt ok again but drozy. They sent me home.

    They Gave me a scrip for Prednizone and a decongestion meds for my lungs.
    Also saying I had COPD, shortness if breathing..

    They were tottaly wrong on diagnoses. 3 times I told them I am not having shortness of breath, no chest pain, only that I feel hot.

    Later that day, it started all over again,I placed a call to my family doctor, explained problem.
    I had some okd Zanax tablets, he said to take every 4 to 6 hours. Start half if disease if Prednizone.

    He also ordered Neva thyroid test, it came back high at 5.3. I went into to see him a week later, I went on Thryroid meds until I see a specialist.
    He also ordered me to stop cordyceps. He said it can effect the thyroid. I did so. After the 3rd day of stopping Cordyceps, I became very aggitated, irritable and angry.
    After eating I ate my dinner,

    I got the very hot feeling again, just like ER. I had to start taking half of dose of Cordyceps 500 mg. Against my doctor’s orders.

    I was not going to go back on depression meds and feel down and tired again. I started feeling great again a few hours later.

    I now remember what happened. 3 days before ER, I stopped taking Cordyceps for 2 days, on the 3rd day is when I got those hot flashing feeling flashes again. I did take 500 mg if Cordyceps.

    I am pretty convinced, since my thyroid was high, but stopping the Cordyceps then starting again, it is what caused the reaction I had.
    Probably fluctuating my thyroid to a point I had a reaction.

    I have had no heat reaction problems since then. I do take 500 mg of Cordyceps each night. Not sure if mornings or night is better.
    I am so convinced Cordyceps is so benificial, it out ways any side effects by 10 to 1.
    This supplement is a miracle, I have not felt as good as I do, even with so many medical problems.
    As since I have started Cordyceps.

    I am looking for a doctor who is very familiar with Cordyceps. That can help me get on the correct dosage or mixture of other supplements. To rid me of my meds.

    Your help in which direction I should go, would be greatly appreciated.

    I was introduced to Cordyceps by my landlord where used to live temporraly. He said his kidneys were at 15% and was on Dialyisis.
    He discovered Cordyceps, after taking the Swanson’s brand of 600 mg x 8 per day. He was off Dialyisis in one week.

    I was so impressed with his story, because of my kidney issues. I started them right away, it made me urinae again, plus all the other positive things that happened.
    Everybody tells me I look better, my attitude is great. What more could person want.

    If it’s a persons time to die, I would rather die happy.

    Your reply and help would be greatly appreciated.


    Stanley Kilber

      1. Thank you Doctor for your reply.

        Never heard of this. But sounds like a good start.
        I will go to your link.

        Thank You

  3. Good day I noticed I’ve bieng suffering from GERD acid reflux for an year now. I would be happy for your help. Thank you

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