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Chocolate Keto Brownie

keto brownieChocolate Keto Brownie

This recipe was made by my beautiful wife Angel!   My wife makes amazing recipes and blogs about inspirational things involving health and life at We absolutely love this recipe as a family and enjoy it often.


Chocolate Keto Brownie Ingredients

Yield:  24 Brownies

10 1/2 oz stevia-sweetened chocolate chips

2 heaping tbsp coconut oil

3 hass avocados, pitted and peeled

3/4 cup monk fruit

3 squirts of liquid stevia

1 dash of himalayan pink salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 organic eggs

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 cup less 1 tbsp coconut flour

1 tbsp purified water

Frosting Ingredients

1 medium-sized hass avocado, pitted and peeled

3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

5 heaping tbsp monk fruit

2 tbsp xylitol or 2 extra squirts of liquid stevia

5 squirts of liquid stevia

1 dash of himalayan pink salt

(optional) 1 tbsp organic butter

*(optional) spiced pecans to place on top of brownies



1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

2. Line the base and sides of a 9 x 13 in pan with parchment paper, allowing some overhang.

3. Melt the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a small pan on low heat, stirring until smooth. Then remove from heat and set aside.

4. Place the avocado into a food processor or blender and process/blend until smooth. You will need 1 cup of avocado puree.

5. Stir the avocado, monk fruit, liquid stevia, and vanilla extract into the cooled chocolate.

6. Next, beat in the eggs. (I prefer to use an electric blender while making these brownies.)

7. Stir in the coconut flour, cocoa powder, and water until the batter is smooth.

8. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and spread to cover the pan and fill the corners. Smooth the top.

9. Bake for 14 minutes or until the top is firm to the touch.

10. Remove from oven and cool completely in the pan before lifting the brownie from the pan.

For the Avocado Frosting

1. Place frosting ingredients in a food processor or blender.

2. Process/Blend, scraping down the sides as needed until very smooth.

3. Spread over completely cooled brownies.

4. Cut the brownie into 24 pieces. I store mine in an air-tight container in the refrigerator since it contains avocados. I’d recommend not keeping them over three days unless you are freezing extra batches.

Angel’s Comments

This recipe uses a lot of unique ingredients that may be new to you if you have just started a low-carb lifestyle.  Don’t be overwhelmed!!  In the past, before I learned how to do this, I used wheat flour, sugar and other unhealthy ingredients that many of us grew up with.

At first, I thought using things like stevia, coconut flour, monk fruit, etc were weird and too expensive for me.  What I’ve noticed over time is that I have become so much more familiar with how to use these and as I experimented, I found it has become much more natural and easy.

When I first tried to buy these ingredients, it was challenging because many grocery stores didn’t have the ingredients.  So I had to go to specialty stores in order to get them.  It was frustrating but now I feel like I am becoming an expert in it and it is a lot of fun!

For cost, remember that these natural sweeteners can go a long way.  They are a lot upfront, but should last you a while.   One thing that has helped us a lot with cost is using Thrive Market. We purchase most of our dry foods from this website and have them delivered to our doorstep this way. We save around 25% by purchasing dry food items from this company.  HERE is their website.  I would say that we save at least $3-4,000 a year by using this buying club for our family of 4.


Dr Jockers Comments

I absolutely love this recipe!  Chocolate, coconut, avocado and stevia/monk fruit are 4 of my absolute favorite food combinations!  This is a ketogenic dessert in that it is low-carb and high in good fats, anti-oxidants and fiber.

I personally don’t do well with xylitol as a sweetener but I love stevia and monk fruit.  If you don’t do well with stevia, you can try the xylitol alternative in the recipe.  Chocolate is one of the best performance superfoods because it is full of polyphenol anti-oxidants, PEA’s and theobromine that help to increase dopamine and endorphins and improve blood flow to the brain.

Many people are turned off by the combination of avocados, coconut and chocolate…but I will tell you that it is truly a combination match made in HEAVEN!!!!  The avocados give it more of a pudding like texture and add in fat-soluble anti-oxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin and healthy fats.  You won’t taste the classic avocado flavor…but will get the nutritional benefits and the smooth and creamy texture that is so enjoyable.

Try this out and let us know how you enjoyed it in the comments box below!!!

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