The Exodus Team


, The Exodus TeamDr. David Jockers

“I’m on a mission to transform the state of health of our entire culture and it starts by being a servant and a blessing to the lives of Kennesaw, GA in my clinic.”

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, The Exodus TeamDr. Shannon Good

“I love turning the power on and watching people reach their full health potential. I love the community that we have built here. We are passionate about helping people heal naturally from the inside out.”

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, The Exodus TeamDr. Andrew St. Bernard

“I get a kick out of seeing the light bulb turn on when someone gets what I’m saying. When I know that their lives will be completely changed from that moment forward, that is what fuels my passion!

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, The Exodus TeamTarah Black

Instead of being on a path of disease, we are on the path to being able to live out God’s calling on our lives.  I am passionate about helping and serving others in their health journey.

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, The Exodus TeamLiz Taylor

I like working at Exodus Health Center because the doctors truly care about their staff and patients and seeing people’s lives transformed.

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