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Exodus Health Center

At Exodus Health Center our goal and mission is to empower you with the most cutting-edge information and advice on topics such as: weight loss, fitness, & sporting performance, thyroid function, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hormone imbalance, immune boosting, digestive health, depression, and childhood disorders such as ADHD and autism.

The mission of Exodus Health Center is to save and transform lives in Atlanta and around the world. The Journal of American Medical Association has shown that heart disease kills 800,000 people per year and cancer kills 700,000, while diabetes and childhood obesity are rising to epidemic proportions. Studies have established that approximately 90% of all diseases are lifestyle-induced. It is now a scientific fact that simple and appropriate lifestyle change can save the lives of millions every year.

Exodus Health Center is a special ministry that aims to help people gain victory in their life and health by offering true wellness based solutions such as chiropractic care aimed to maximize neurological, organ, & immune function throughout the body, nutritional programming to provide purity and sufficiency at the cellular level and sound exercise and movement patterns designed to improve oxygenation, strength, & brain function.

Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We trust Him and work to glorify all of His creation. Our physical body is the temple of the living spirit He put within us. We work with the natural rules and principles He created to govern our physical bodies in order to enjoy amazing health, high levels of energy and vitality. We feel as though treating our bodies with respect and taking care of our health is a spiritual act of worship to the Lord who created us out of the dust of the earth.


Our responsibility and commitment to God and our community is to educate, facilitate, and encourage the principles of life and health anywhere and everywhere possible. To this end, you will see us tirelessly representing these principles at community events, corporate meetings, stores, malls, & schools. We are here to serve and bless those with the eyes to see & ears to hear the truth about health and healing.

Our vision is to see a healthier Atlanta by empowering people to make changes in their health and their life. We want to see ALL people living the abundant life God has promised, and we hope you will join our mission to SAVE ATLANTA…SAVE THE WORLD.

What We Offer:

Advanced Corrective Chiropractic Care

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Dynamic Topic Workshops & Recipe Nights

Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans

Nutritional Supplements

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Contact us at frontdesk@exodushc.com or by calling 770-420-0492

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