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Headaches and Digestive Problems Healed


Headaches and Digestive Problems Healed

In 2008, I was hospitalized for 20 days with a lung infection, pneumonia, and pleuritis.  I spent this time lying in a bed with tubes draining fluid from my chest while I took in massive quantities of antibiotics.  The doctors really didn’t know what was going on and spent little time informing me of why my body was sick and what would get me better.  This was my first real crisis, prior to this, I had never been in the hospital as a patient.  After this event, my health and quality of life went spiraling downward.

This past September (2009) as I was on a back-packing trip in the San de Cristo Mountains, I knew it was time to take action to get healthy.  When I got back home, I took a trip to Whole Foods to get some groceries.  At Whole Foods I stopped at Dr. Jockers display.  He did a nerve scan and informed me that my problems were caused by pressure at the top of my spine and that there was significant pressure on my brainstem. He asked me if I cared to feel better and would I be interested in taking an initial examination to see if he could help.  This was more than coincidence or happenstance; this was exactly the change I needed.

In Chronic Pain and Taking Pain Meds:

At the time I was in chronic pain throughout my body that was only getting worse.  I had been putting my health off for a while, but it was really beginning to really affect my life.  The pain in my back and the daily headaches were so bad that I had to take 2 aspirin everyday just to get through the day.

I went to Exodus Health Center for an evaluation and for chiropractic care.  After my very first adjustment, I felt immediate relief.  This was an incredible experience for me.

During the doctors report I learned that all that aspirin would destroy my liver and kidneys.  I decided to come off of it.  Fortunately, after a couple of adjustments almost all of my pain was gone and my daily headaches ceased.  My energy has increased and it is great to just feel good again.

Almost immediately after I began getting adjusted my sense of balance improved dramatically. I’m almost like a little kid, when I see a curb I have to walk on it, it has been a long time since I could do that without wobbling and falling off.  I want to thank Dr David Jockers and all those that are associated with the office for the kindness, encouragement, & helpful assistance in my return to health.

Mark Prenger

The Power That Made the Body, Heals the Body!

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