My Cancer Story

My Cancer Story


My Cancer Story

How could it happen to me?  I was 28 years old, super-fit, intelligent and a health leader in my community.  I never would have thought I could get cancer at such a young age.  But I did.

I first noticed it as a red nodule on the side of my nose.  I thought it was a pimple and it would go away in a few days.  It didn’t.  It only got larger.

After 4 months I started to get concerned about it.  I could see that it was assymetrical, had an irregular border, was red and large.  As a young doctor, I remembered back to my studies and was reminded of the ABCD’s when examining the skin.

A – Asymmetry, one half of a mole or birthmark does not match the other.

B – Border is irregular, ragged, notched, or blurred.

C – Color varies (brown, black, red, white blue).

D – Diameter is larger than 6 millimeters across (about 1/4 inch — the size of a pencil eraser).

Do I Have Skin Cancer:

I spent my teen years growing up in Florida and spending countless hours in the sun at the beach body boarding and playing baseball.  My grandfather had numerous “suspicious moles” pulled off of his body throughout his life and eventually passed away from a metastatic melanoma.

I had spent the last 11 years of my life going through 9 years of school full-time and working 2 jobs all the way through.  I slept on average 6 hours per night during this stretch and pushed myself to the max.  If that wasn’t enough, I opened my clinic on credit cards with no business experience, scared to death!  I worked 80+ hour weeks meeting and volunteering everywhere I possibly could to get my office busy and successful.

I was tired and worn out.  I could push through because I am a highly motivated individual and know that God has a huge calling for my life.  I didn’t complain about anything, I just worked and worked.  My adrenals were blasted and my immune system was compromised.

Could I have cancer?

Could the high energy, young natural health doctor have developed a life threatening condition?

You bet!

If Dr Jockers could develop cancer…what is stop you from getting it?  Please, take the time to learn from my story!


How To Internalize Your Diagnosis?:

Once I realized that my body was sick, I had to take inventory of my life and decide what I needed to change.  I had a revelation that illness is really feedback from life that what I was currently doing was not in alignment with my highest good.

I had a choice to make, I could be stubborn and prideful and blame it on the devil….or I could be humble and willing to learn about the direction God wanted me to take.  I chose to be humble, to take responsibility for this and to begin a process of repentance from a lifestyle that was out of alignment with God’s plan and began a process of transformation.

Maximized Mindset: 

I was living in fear.  Fear of failure, fear of confrontation, fear of letting others down, fear, fear, fear.  I have found that most people who develop chronic disease have lived a majority of their life in a dominant state of fear.

Dig Out the Roots!

I had to go deep and dig out the roots of these fears and truly receive that love and grace that God offers me freely and speak powerful words of life over myself throughout the day.  This was transformational and continues to help me reach new levels in my walk with God and my ability to overcome adversity.

I then studied in detail the specific nutrition plan, supplements and lifestyle strategies I needed to follow in order to get well.  Within 2 months of following a specific plan that I outlined for myself, the nodule was completely gone.  Now all that remains is a tiny scar that can barely be seen.

The side benefit was that my energy doubled, my mental creativity went through the roof and I had so much more peace and quality of life.  Since then, I have continued on this plan and I get better and better and stronger and stronger!


Your Tragedy is Your Testimony:

The way I internalized this health challenge is that it was a necessary obstacle to help strengthen my faith and give me personal experience I would never forget.  I consider it a great gift and am thankful that God allowed me to experience this.

I believe that the victory I had over this was a stepping stone to give me authority over it.  Since this experience, I have helped dozens of individuals reverse differing stages of cancer.  Most importantly, my passion and enthusiasm that came out of this experience has helped inspire and empower many to never develop cancer.

If you have developed a chronic disease, I believe you have the opportunity to allow this tragedy to be your testimony.  I believe that God wants to use you through this setback to shine His light to a watching and waiting world.

Is Your Body Building or Killing Cancer?

Cancer is not an accident or something we catch. It is also not from the devil or a death sentence.

Abnormal cell development is a normal physiological process.  Our immune system is designed to regulate these abnormal, mutated cells and keep them from building up.  When the body is overloaded with toxic chemical, physical and mental/emotional stressors it suppresses the immune system and these abnormal cells develop unregulated and form into either slow or fast growing tumors.

We are either creating cancer or we are killing it every day. Cancer is something that we can prevent with the proper education and lifestyle strategies.


PS:  This is an event unlike any other that I have ever been a part of in the past and I suspect the only one like it for a long time to come.  The sheer logistics of getting this many brilliant minds in one place was daunting!  You will not want to miss this event!

Being a speaker at this event is one way I can honor my grandfather, Wesely J Scott, who was a big mentor in my life and who suffered unnecessarily because nobody ever taught him how to be a cancer killer.

Additionally, this event is the greatest way I can honor all the patients past, present and future who I have consulted with who have passed away and/or suffered through the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and cancer drugs.  These great people would give anything to have learned the strategies discussed at this event long before they got sick.  Now you can!


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3 Responses to My Cancer Story

  1. Tracey October 7, 2015 at 12:48 pm #

    Thanks so much for your testimony! Love your spirit!

  2. Donna diven October 10, 2015 at 8:51 am #

    Dr. Jockers,
    Will there be another cancer conference in the future? I can’t attend the October 17th seminar. My mom is terminal with ovarian cancer and I am with her. I wish I had been able to bring her to see you but it’s not too late for me. Thank you for caring enough to share your story and your knowledge. I want to fight it!
    Donna Diven

    • Dr. Jockers October 10, 2015 at 9:40 am #

      Hey Donna, so sorry to hear this about your mother! The Cancer Killers conference is something we do 1x per year. I would recommend doing everything you can to be at the event on the 17th. Of course, I would also recommend listening to the Quest for the Cures event

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