Healthy Adrenal Rhythm Test

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As a clinician, I see so many patients that are struggling with adrenal fatigue. They have low energy and have trouble getting out of bed, they are often tired in the mid-afternoon and then are wired at night when they are supposed to be sleeping.



There are 2 major hormones we need to study with your stress response. The first is cortisol and the 2nd is DHEA. Cortisol helps your body increase and maintain blood sugar and gives you a surge of energy to handle stress. This is great when it is released in the appropriate amounts at the right time of day.

DHEA is the master precursor to our major sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. When the body is under stress it prioritizes the formation of cortisol over DHEA. In the early stages of adrenal alarm, both cortisol and DHEA rise.

As the adrenal stress increases, the cortisol will elevate and DHEA lowers which makes one susceptible to hormonal imbalances. If the adrenal stress continues without proper recovery than the adrenals will enter into a state of exhaustion where both DHEA and cortisol will plumit and the individual will have major problems with energy and hormonal control.




Cortisol and DHEA have a natural wave like cycle that should take place each day. When this cycle is off it can cause a number of major health problems. Many people are producing enough of these hormones but their circadian rhythm is incorrect which leads to poor quality of life.

A healthy circadian rhythm will have an elevated cortisol level in the morning and low cortisol at night. When people have insomnia they often have elevated cortisol at night and then low cortisol in the morning leaving them groggy in the AM. Others have cortisol dysregulation that demonstrates itself with ups and downs throughout the day rather than a steady decline from morning to nightfall.






Anyone suffering from:

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Chronic Fatigue

Hormonal challenges

Digestive Issues

Unexplained Hair Loss

Weight Loss Resistance
[column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]
Low Energy

Premenstrual Issues



Weight Gain
[column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Post-Menopausal Issues


Thyroid Problems

Sugar Cravings
[column lg=”3″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]

Polycyclic Ovarian Syndrome



checkmarkDiscover if Adrenal Fatigue is the Cause of your Health Challenges

checkmark Understand Your Unique Adrenal Rhythm and How to Improve It

checkmark Find Out What Stage of Adrenal Stress You Are In

checkmark Get the Right Nutritional, Supplement & Lifestyle Support



Most doctors will measure cortisol and DHEA at one specific time of the day and not throughout the day. So this “static” test really doesn’t give us a good understanding of the normal rhythm of these critical hormones. This results in faulty diagnoses and treatment.

This is why we do the 24 hour test so we can really understand the rhythm of the adrenals which allows for proper diagnoses and treatment.

*The Healthy Adrenal Rhythm Test is able to diagnose the phase of adrenal fatigue and the level of stability or instability in the cortisol/DHEA rhythm.*


Total Cost:  $269.00




Fortunately, because of the many thousands of newsletter readers and social media followers, my team has been able to network with a great lab distributor and get the best possible pricing for everyone.

The retail value (using market value and insurance based rates) is highly inflated and driving up the cost of health care. This is the old, archaic method that many people are still using and paying way more for insurance and co-pays than they really should be.

Many intelligent people are saving insurance premium dollars and turning to pay by order labs such as DirectLabs and others. These skip the middle man (doctors’ visits) and cut down costs for the patient.



My team has been able to beat all of these other methods when it comes to providing the best educational descriptions behind the tests and superior savings. By using as your source you will save time and money and know exactly the right tests for you so you can get well quicker with less cost.

Additionally, when you order special labs from you will receive a free email with a summary of your results and lifestyle and supplement recommendations from Dr Jockers himself or a well-qualified team member.



If the test requires blood work you can take your kit to any local lab and have the trained professional take your blood and fill out the kit and send it in the mail.

Urine and blood prick tests can all be done in the comfort of your home and sent into the lab with the mailing slip in your kit. All instructions will be sent to you with the kit. It is a very simple process that most anyone can figure out. The lab also has a customer service phone # if any help is needed.

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