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The Health Benefits of HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy

Benefits of HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy: Humans depend upon the consumption of oxygen all the time.  Most atmospheric air is comprised of roughly 21% oxygen.  Oxygen is necessary for the production of cellular energy in the mitochondria of every cell in the body.  The use of pure 100% oxygen in a high pressure atmosphere has been […]

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Your Body Was Created to Overcome Cancer

Your Body Was Created to Overcome Cancer Cancer is not something that we catch…like a cold or a flu.  Cancer is a disease that develops over a long period of time.  This happens as a result of long-term genetic instability due to high levels of oxidative stress and inadequate immune function.  In this article, you […]

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Sunscreen Increases Your Risk for Cancer

Sunscreen Increases Your Risk For Cancer: Before you lather up with sunscreen for a long day outside you should look at what is actually in the bottle.  These lotions contain chemical mixtures that have been proven to block UVA & UVB radiation exposure and prevent sunburn.  These chemical cocktails are now linked to serious health […]

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Thermography: The New Gold Standard in Breast Cancer Screening

Thermography is the New Gold Standard: Thermography is a high technology tool that specifically measures inflammation in the body.  This test is particularly good for assessing active areas of cancer cell formation.  It is more effective and is significantly less invasive than mammography. Research has shown that the major mechanism involved with all degenerative disease […]

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Natural Cancer Solutions

United States Cancer Rate:  41% Hunzan Cancer Rate:  .019% In 1952, a biochemist named Dr. Ernst Krebb Jr. asked himself, “Why do people develop cancer?”  He figured that cancer was a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, and a missing nutrient could be the key to preventing and reversing cancer. Instead of studying disease, he […]

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The Cancer Cure Myth

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The Cancer Cure Myth October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during this time we honor breast cancer victims and survivors, raise awareness of the impact cancer has on our citizens, and underscore our commitment to battling this deadly disease.  While this altruistic effort is certainly commendable, we have to ask if it is really moving us […]

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