SuperCharged Avocado Salad -

SuperCharged Avocado Salad


SuperCharged Avocado Salad

This is a great salad that I will often make at home that is ketogenic, fat burning and full of nutrients!  Try this avocado salad at home today…you will LOVE IT!!!

SuperCharged Avocado Salad Ingredients

½ Small bunch of kale

1-2 Handfuls of baby spinach

¼ Red onion diced

2-4 Stalks of celery diced up

½ Red and Yellow bell pepper diced up

1 Avocado cut into chunks

6 oz of grass-fed cheese cut into chunks

½ Lemon squeezed on top

2 oz of olive oil over the salad

Ground or shredded ginger on top

Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, basil & thyme for aroma and taste

Servings:  2

Prep Time:  5 mins


SuperCharged Avocado Salad Instructions

Put all the ingredients into a salad and toss it around to give it a great appearance.  Then squeeze lemon, apply herbs and olive oil to the top.   Enjoy!


Dr Jockers Comments:

This is a classic nutrient-dense, low-carb, moderate protein and high good fat ketogenic meal.  It is high in good fats from the olive oil, the avocado and the grass-fed cheese.  Be sure to ONLY use grass-fed cheese as that contains a lot of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and CLA.  All other cheeses promote inflammation as they are high in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3’s and CLA.

The recipe has tons of phytonutrient anti-oxidants within all the various colors that are represented.  Red onions have anthocyanins and quercetin which reduce oxidative stress throughout the body and in particular, protect the brain tissue.

Adding in the fresh squeezed lemon and the various herbs helps to improve digestion.  The fresh lemon juice contains live enzymes and citric acid which improves the digestive process and allows us to digest the salad more effectively.

You can make this in minutes and it will fill you up and satisfy you for many hours.  Enjoy!


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