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  1. I have just listened to your tape on magnesium deficiency. interesting. About 2months ago I had my annual with my Dr. he found that the systolic valve had a murmur , send me to the cardiologist in the hurry, and he also found thr hart murmur. Tthere I had electrocardiogram and 2days. later echocardiogram. (family history? no Hart probems) therefore at the cardiologist appointment I was told to go home there was nothing wrong with my hart….
    in the time between my family Dr and cardiologist I was reading your report on Magnesium. I started taking 800mg a day plus the good. Just to sum up…neithet of them realized that I was magnesium deficiency. Thank you you are a man right out of my Hart. I could have been dead by now. Because I was really feeling sick. Sorry for the lengthy of this. I just like to talk.!

  2. I have been taking B12 injections for 10 yrs now. It got so bad I have anxiety issues and permanent nerve damage in my feet. Is it safe to stop taking them.

    1. Hey Robin,

      Your ability to absorb B12 can be affected by your digestive health and certain medications so it is hard to say what the best recommendation would be in your case. There are also genetic factors involved. If you’d like to talk some more about this email nutrition@drjockers.com!

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