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12 Tips to Slow Down Aging

12 Tips to Slow Down Aging The anti-aging industry has seen incredible growth over the last 10 years.  According to several reports the industry is projected to exceed $160 billion per year by 2020.  The newest science behind anti-aging is focusing its attention on the speed of chromosome shortening and the affect of critical hormones. […]

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Get Fit with Surge Training

  Get Fit with Surge Training: A surge refers to an activity or event that is quick and of high intensity.  A glacier surge is a short-lived event where a glacier can move up to velocities 100 times faster than normal.  An electrical surge is a very short but intense spike in voltage.   Surge training […]

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3 Powerful Foods That Reduce Inflammation

3 Powerful Foods That Reduce Inflammation Cellular inflammation has been shown to be the underlying marker in nearly every major health problem.  Every single day our body is attacked by free radicals, cells are damaged, and inflammatory mediators are produced and triggered throughout our body.  Fortunately, God gave us an incredible ability to heal and […]

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Surge Training is Your Newest Anti-Oxidant

Surge Training is Your Newest Anti-Oxidant Oxidative stress represents an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and the body’s ability to detoxify the reactive intermediates and repair the resulting damage.   High levels of unmanaged oxidative stress accelerate aging and disease formation. Anti-oxidants are a primary defense against the damaging effects of […]

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