Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

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cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

I have been getting a lot of questions from my patients and my online audience about cell phone use and the risk of cancer.  Without diving into the research, I had always hypothesized that it would because the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) coming from cell phones are a very new stress on our system that the human species has never had a chance to adapt too.

I have never “felt good” when I have been on my cell phone for long periods of time, even though I use a holographic chip on my cell phone and in my house.   I do my best to reduce my exposure when possible.  My friend Lloyd Burrell sent me this great narrative on a recent study discussing this topic.

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Cell Phone Use and the Risk of Cancer

Cell phones are multifunctional devices of convenience; working as a radio, navigation device, communication tool, information provider, entertainment hub, alarm clock, planner, camera and the list goes on. Using cell phones doesn’t go by without a price to pay though.

Use of cell phones and other similar devices means we are exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs). More and more studies are finding a link between these exposures and many serious diseases including cancer.

Dr. Andreas Stang from the University of Essen, Germany recently lead a study that found cell phone radiation to be a potential cause for uveal melanoma, a rare type of eye cancer (1). The study was carried out on 118 male and female participants who all had uveal melanoma and an experiment with over 475 controls was carried out.

The study showed that the risk of eye cancer to be higher for individuals who use cell phones on a regular basis.

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Cell Phone Radiation Changes DNA

The human body functions on the reproduction of new cells to substitute old, dying cells. Cancer is what happens when abnormal cells begin to reproduce and take over tissues in the body. It is already established that human bodies exposed to constant radiation – cell phone radiation included – can bring about changes in the DNA structure of the cells.

This mutation results in a dysfunctional cell growth rate and division, meaning that old cells do not die when they are supposed to and new cells aren’t being produced. Thus begins the formation of a cancerous growth in the body.

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Studies Link EMFs to Major Disorders

Uveal melanoma and eye cancer aren’t the only risks from cell phone radiation. Brain tumors such as acoustic neuroma are an increasingly common outcome, not surprising when you consider how cell phones are held close to the head when speaking. Besides brain cancer studies link cell phone radiation to cancer of the pituitary gland, thyroid, lymph node, breast, kidney, liver, prostate and skin.

Germany’s telecommunications provider, T-Mobile conducted an independent study to understand the outcome of using wireless telecommunications. They concluded that “a multitude of studies found a type of damage from high frequency EMFs which is important for cancer initiation and cancer promotion (2).”

Not just cancer, studies also link these EMF exposures to a growing number of neurological conditions and autoimmune diseases.

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Reducing Risks

Protecting ourselves from overexposure of EMFs is something we can do to lessen our chances of getting cancer. Some useful tips to follow are:

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Time Bomb

As scientist Dr. Martin Blank comments “cancers do not form overnight”. In almost all cases cancerous tumors take many years to form and metastasize”. The fear is that cancers of the brain and of the head could reach epidemic proportions within the next decade. This would suggest that we might be sitting on a cell phone radiation cancer time bomb.

We humans have sacrificed health among other things for the sake of convenience. It’s time we ask ourselves, is it really worth it?

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

5G Crisis Awareness & Accountability

5G wireless is coming soon and many health experts are concerned and calling this a 5G crisis and we all need to be informed to make good decisions on how to protect our family from this increased radiation exposure.

The industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy — yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents — and they’re building it anyway.

Hundreds of scientists from 40 different countries have reached out to the United Nations and the FCC, asking them to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5G — because these researchers have studies that show adverse biological and health effects from EMF sources.
It’s time to better understand the dangers of 5G and learn how to implement better solutions in your community!

Learn more about the dangers of 5G wireless when you attend this free, online event!

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?


You may have heard of 5G, it stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they have no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm.

Despite this, the wireless industry is working with government to deploy 5G — it’s a global, for-profit, human experiment… without our consent.

What does it mean? 5G is a higher frequency, therefore it travels shorter distances than our current wireless signals, therefore exponentially more transmission devices must be installed to provide connectivity — millions more, in fact, on lamp posts, telephone poles and other “rights-of-way” for existing utilities. Each tower will emit radiation at levels known to cause cancer, sterility, DNA damage and other harm… especially to our children, who are most at risk.

When You Join the 5G Crisis Event, you immediately get access to these 3 free talks

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Join Us At The 5G Crisis Summit To Discover:

● 5G defined: research, facts and awareness
● Science about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation
● Sources of wireless radiation and “dirty electricity” in your home
● Link between 5G, Al and global surveillance
● How groups and individuals are successfully opposing 5G
● Simple, empowering actions you can take, here and now
● Individual solutions and safer, revolutionary technologies
● And more!

Your guides for this event are Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji, two iconic health advocates who are known for changing the way we view and achieve improved health and happiness.

If you’re hungry for cutting-edge information with life-saving consequences, and want to be part of a movement dedicated to empowering ourselves and humanity, join us for this event!

P.S. When you register for The 5G Crisis Summit, you also gain access to this powerful report, 7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation.

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Author’s Biography:

Lloyd Burrell is the founder of His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

Sources For This Article Include:

  1. Stang A, Anastassiou G, Ahrens W, Bromen K, Bornfeld N, Jöckel KH. The possible role of radiofrequency radiation in the development of uveal melanoma. Epidemiology. 2001 Jan;12(1):7-12. PMID: 11138823
  2. Mobile Telecommunications and Health (PDF) Link Here

cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?

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cell phones, Are Cell Phones a Cancer Risk?



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