Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

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disease defeated, Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

disease defeated, Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

Nineteen years ago, i was hit head-on in an automobile accident.  My car was totaled.  The front end of the car came into my chest and my injures included a collapsed lung, eight fractured ribs, with my heart pushed to the back of my chest.  At first they thought they would have to reposition my heart by doing open heart surgery, but as my lung re-inflated my heart moved back into it’s correct position on it’s own.

Within 2-3 months I realized something else was wrong.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After 3 surgeries and chemo, I was told the cancer was gone.  But, my health has been in a steady decline since that time.

Since then, doctors suspected cancer had returned more than once.  Eighteen years ago I took another series of medications that had been recently FDA approved.  Medications taken at that time, have ruined my joints.  My doctors originally suggested that the medication caused “rheumatoid-like” actions in my body, but also said I didn’t have rheumatoid arthritis.  In addition, the medication has progressively made a fibrin overgrowth in my joints.

Chronic Pain and Medications: 

The doctors really didn’t know what to do, so they began treating me with other medications, including tramadol, celebrex and anti-inflammatories.  The only hope they offered me was to take medication the rest of my life.  After a year or so, I refused to take the medications any more.  But I didn’t have any other answers, and I lived with a lot of pain.

Eight years ago I woke up one morning with so much pain in my spine, that I was unable to move.  During a 6 month period, I met with 11 different specialty MD’s.  Each one did more testing (basically, every test possible was run). They all said it looked like my cancer was back, and was in my spine.  But when biopsies were done, all were negative.  So again, the only hope offered was heavy medication.  I had fentanyl patches and flexeril for pain, and  ambien I took to sleep.  During this time I had to leave my sales job.

Pain Management Just to Make it Through the Day:

My husband had to move me everywhere for almost an entire year.  The Pain Management doctor recommended injections in my spine, which I did, with no positive results.  After 6 months, I very slowly began to be able to move again.

After a year, I again refused to be medicated for life, and I was again told me there was nothing else they could do for me.  I did regain movement, but it has been very limited and painful since then.

disease defeated, Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes:

The next year, my daughter was diagnosed as celiac.  I dug into researching what in the world had caused all this.  As I discovered more about the gluten problem, I began seeing other information that led me to work a great deal on our families overall diet.

I ended up changing virtually everything about the foods we ate.  We ended up being vegan for about 3 years.  And while my family was getting healthy, I wasn’t.  I kept studying to get my family healthier.  And, I kept praying that God would show me “why” I wasn’t getting well.  One of the health websites I routinely checked, had articles by Dr. Jockers.  I realized his office was in the Atlanta area, and saw he offered free health seminars.  I signed up for the next class available.  Once I heard Dr. Jockers speaking, everything came together for me.

disease defeated, Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

Foundational Health is the Answer:

He put all the pieces together and it all finally made sense. I became a patient.  With the initial tests, I could finally see why my body couldn’t heal.  I had so many blockages in my spine.  Dr. Jockers and his staff showed me a plan that would give my body the chance to heal itself.

By the end of my first treatment, I was out of pain and the headaches I had lived with for 19 years were gone!  And, I realized that God had answered my prayers!  Now I’m able to exercise for the 1st time in 19 years, without pain.  My body is responding and healing!  So far I’ve lost about 20 lb’s.  This has all been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next year!  It’s wonderful to have a new chance at good health!

disease defeated, Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

disease defeated, Chronic Pain and Disease Defeated

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  1. I’m having problem with my column year after year, but this year so this really hard, and here on the internet I saw your website and how this is to and naturopathic and Chiropractic, I think es Christian, generally Naturopath and Christian, so if you really want a es, please answer how and the treatment that you do, because my vertebrae are tight and what nerves, and want to know if with your treatment would have resources to treat me?

  2. Hey Irene, thanks for writing. So sorry to hear about your health challenges. Yes, we are Christian chiropractors at Exodus Health Center and we also do functional nutrition. Call the office at 770-420-0492 and we can give you an orientation and explain how we may be able to help you. Blessings!

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