Graves Autoimmune HyperThyroidism Healing


Graves HyperThyroidism Healing:

My desperation began in July 2013 after being told by my endocrinologist that he could not help me anymore. I was treated with medication for three years for my overactive thyroid (I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease – Auto-Immune HyperThyroidism); the only option left was surgery.

Later that day, I had a check up with my OB/GYN doctor also recommend that I have an outpatient surgery as my medications that I was taking did not work to reduce the monthly heavy bleeding. Earlier that summer, my family doctor explained that my blood work has strong indications that I was track to get rheumatoid arthritis and or lupus.

Being that I could not sleep that night, I prayed and got on the internet to continue my search as I knew that there was a doctor who could help me and that I could be healed. I saw Lycinda’s thyroid video. I called for an evaluation and my life has changed. I thank God everyday and I thank Dr. Jockers, Dr. Andrew and the other team members.

I Had to Get Answers!

I didn’t know what else to do, but I knew I had to get some answers. None of my doctors could answer my questions. I needed answers and I needed my health and life back. I was sick and tired of being tired, overweight, unfocused, stressed, every time I ate I would have stomach aches, gas, sinus headaches,  food cravings, allergies, heavy cycles and I had become anemic and I could not keep enough vitamin D in my body. I was depressed, had low self esteem forgot a lot of things, had chronic brain fog and was overwhelmed and could not complete a simple task.

Dr. Jockers evaluated me, gave me a plan and gave me hope for the first time in years. I remember crying in his office as I knew I finally found someone who could help me. What he said made sense. I was committed to do what he said.  He kept saying, we will get to the root of all your issues, even your emotional ones.

Challenging Climb Towards Health:

It’s been challenging and yet so rewarding. For the first month or two, I still felt awful and even worse. I worked 60 miles away and had to drive a SUV which was no fun three times a week at the beginning of my treatment. I had to stop and get a Coke just to stay awake long enough to make the trip.  My husband was not happy and had a lot of questions and was very concerned that I was being taken advantage of.

Three months into the treatment plan I began to feel so much better. Now I am healthier; my cycles are regulated and normal. The anemia went away. I don’t have sinus headaches anymore no matter the weather. My stomach aches and gas are gone, now that I eat gluten free & dairy free and stick with clean foods. I have energy and I feel like I can give back to society.

My Doctors Are Amazed!

My doctors are wondering what I have been doing as my blood work has almost totally reversed and I have almost perfect numbers. No need to see a rheumatoid doctor or have the procedure to reduce my cycles. My thyroid numbers have improved tremendously and I have not taken any medications in months. People have noticed my weight loss and my energy levels and that I smile like I used to.  I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!!!

I thank God everyday and I am so grateful to Dr. Jockers and his fantastic team at Exodus Health Center. I feel good, empowered, educated and thankful.

The Power That Made the Body Heals the Body

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Dr. Jockers

Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. He has developed 6 revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants.



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