Homemade Baby Formula

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homemade baby formulaHomemade Baby Formula

This homemade baby formula recipe is from my wife Angel, who loves to make food and home and body care recipes that support people’s journey to optimal health.  Check out my wife’s websiteinstagram and facebook page where she shares stories and pics about our life.  Angel also has a YouTube channel you can check out here. We know that you will LOVE this recipe!

We found this recipe through the Weston Price Foundation after my wife struggled to produce enough breast milk to feed our twin baby boys.  The boys ABSOLUTELY thrived on it and they are now 6 years old!  We used this formula for about the first 2 years of life and they developed optimally and have great skin, are barely ever sick and are smart kids that are great athletes.  We are now using this formula for our 4th child, our baby girl Shine Caroline.

**Angel thought this recipe was overwhelming and very expensive when she first started making it, but after about a week she found that it was quite easy and only took about 10 mins.  As for the cost, many of the ingredients last a long time, so it is an upfront cost, but the cost comes down over a period of months.

We get our raw milk from Carlton Farms out here in the north Atlanta area and they are wonderful.  You can also find a good farm that offers raw grass-fed milk through realmilk.com

I will say that this formula does take some work and a lot of ingredients.  I do believe it is the gold standard for formula, but if you are unable to make this, I would suggest purchasing this organic, grass-fed A2 formula powder.  While the powdered formulas use a lot of lower quality ingredients, if you have to get a powdered form for your infant, I would strongly suggest getting one with as many organic ingredients as possible such as this one here.

For those who want to do a goats milk formula, the challenge is that goat’s milk is low in folate and B12, but you can add in chicken liver for added b vitamins.  There is also a non-dairy, meat based formula from the Weston Price foundation here for those who want a non-dairy formula.

homemade baby formula

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Homemade Baby Formula



Yield 36 Ounces


*This recipe has been adapted from the Weston A Price Foundation. Please visit their site for many answers to your homemade baby formula questions!


Step #1:  Take 2 cups of filtered water pour about half the water into a pan and turn heat on medium.

Step #2:  Add 2 teaspoons of collagen protein and 4 tablespoons lactose to the warming water and let dissolve, stirring occasionally.

Step #3:  While the collagen and lactose are dissolving, place 2 cups of raw whole milk in a clean, glass blender and add the remaining ingredients:

  • 2 or more tablespoons cream
  • ¼ teaspoon acerola powder (vitamin C)
  • ¼ teaspoon of bifidobacterium infantis
  • 2 teaspoons nutritional yeast flakes
  • ½ teaspoon of cod liver oil
  • 1 teaspoon expeller pressed sunflower oil
  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

Step #4:  Then remove the pan from the heat and pour in the remaining half of the water to cool.

Step #5:  Next, add 2 teaspoons coconut oil and (optional) ¼ teaspoon butter oil to the water to melt.

Step #6: Add the water mixture to the blender ingredients and blend for about 3 seconds.

Step #7:  Pour the blended ingredients into glass jars and refrigerate.


***You can purchase this whole package at a discounted rate through Radiant Life here

***The nutrition info for this recipe is based on the linked ingredients above**  

Courses Beverage

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 8 ounces

Amount Per Serving

Calories 108

% Daily Value

Total Fat 4 g


Total Carbohydrates 4 g


Sugars 3 g

Protein 3 g


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

homemade baby formulaDr Jockers and Angel’s Comments:

There are many women who are unable to produce enough breast milk to feed their baby or babies.  My wife and I had this problem with our twin boys, and we were unable to find a commercial formula mix that was truly natural and organic and had the ingredients we wanted.

We also tried getting breast milk from mother’s who over produce, but we were unable to control those women’s diets and found that our babies had mixed results with the donor milk.  Many of these women were drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages, and the caffeine can make its way into the milk.  This can effect their ability to nap well and sleep well at night.  Additionally, if the women are eating processed foods then chemicals and other stimulants can affect the milk quality.

Most pediatricians will warn against raw milk, and you have to purchase it from a local farmer as “pet’s milk” because raw, grass-fed milk for human consumption is frowned upon and even illegal in certain parts of the US.  The benefits of raw milk are due to the active immune factors, enzymes, probiotics, digestible proteins and healthy fats.  Pasteurization destroys the natural enzymes, probiotics and immune factors which make the milk tougher to digest and assimilate.

This recipe brings about all the necessary ingredients to make the closest thing possible to mother’s milk from a nutritional stand-point.  I would recommend it to any family struggling to produce enough milk for their baby or babies.  While I do believe this recipe is the gold standard for formula, if you are unable to make this, I would suggest purchasing this organic, grass-fed A2 formula powder.

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      1. This is great for today’s times with the shortages. Our kids are grown etc, so we don’t have this issue.

  1. Per 36 oz, the WAPF goat milk formula contains 548mg calcium, 729mg phosphorus – a Ca/P ratio of 0.75. The cow milk formula has similar values. Human milk contains 355mg calcium, 151mg phosphorus – a Ca/P ratio of 2.3. The FDA (not that I always trust them, but…) says the Ca/P ratio acceptable range is 1.1 – 2. Most infant formulas have a Ca/P ratio of 1.5 – 2. From the looks of it, the WAPF formula, although well thought out, nutritionally adequate, and similar to breastmilk, has too much phosphorus, and much too low a Ca/P (FDA range 1.1 – 2; breastmilk 2.3; WAPF formula 0.75).

    Too much phosphorus and a low Ca/P ratio is disastrous.


    1. Coty,

      Interesting insight, thank you for that input! From my knowledge the recommendations on proper Ca/P ratios for infants are pretty debated because needs vary by individual. I have found that many people have great results with this formula.

  2. I am wanting to use this formulas but am having a very hard time finding all of the ingredients. Could you tell me where you purchased some of the harder ingredients. Our local herb shop wasn’t very helpful. Only had things that were equivalent they said. I want the exact recipe or I’m not making it.

      1. Thank you for responding! I have found them all now and made my first batch today! My only issue is there is a lot of froth on top that will not mix in. I tried to shake it more in the bottle and still there is foam. I’m afraid good nutrients are in that that she’s not getting…?

  3. I’m nervous to try this as I’m still nursing 12m going on 13 now but travelling with work some days I won’t be able to nurse that day and I’m just not getting enough when I pump. Did it take a while for your boys to drink this? I don’t want to buy all the ingredients and then he refuses to drink it bc it taste nothing like my milk :-/ what do you think about dr axe recipe with the coconut milk ?

    1. Hey Meghan, Our boys had no problem drinking this formula and they seem to do very well with it! As an alternative you could also find a breast milk donor!

  4. My son is 3 weeks old. I did the homemade formula with my oldest who is 2 now. He did amazing on it and was never sick! I’m not producing enough breastmilk now and wAnt to supplement. How did you all wean from breastmilk to the formula? Did you have any issues? Thank you.

    1. Hey Rachel!

      There is no magic to it! We just started giving them the homemade formula, as much as they desired until they were satisfied and had no issues at all. They responded very well to it.


  5. I worked as a microbiologist in a dairy lab for 5 years and I would strongly recommend against using raw milk for baby. Even milk from organic, grass-fed cows can be filled with all sorts of dangerous bacteria that could end up putting your baby in the hospital. This is why milk is routinely pasteurized. This is ridiculous pseudo-science where you are risking the health and safety of your baby. What parent does that? I would NEVER have fed raw milk to my children. Become educated. I have a degree in microbiology, chemistry, and I’ve actually done bacterial testing on organic, grass-fed cows. Have you?

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this!
      I’d also like to point out that I was fed puréed meat and powdered milk from 6 weeks on then eventually switched to a homemade formula that was sweetened with chocolate syrup because they thought it tasted bad. I appeared to thrive and was rarely sick. HOWEVER, now I have a whole litany of digestive and metabolic issues that nothing has been able to fix. People, the making of baby formula is a SCIENCE. ITS VERY WELL STUDIED AND CONTROLLED. It’s definitely not perfect but neither is homemade formula. Please don’t take the risk.

      1. Holly, so it’s ok to feed your baby industrialized waste products from big ag and not actual alive whole real food? Makes perfect sense. Have you seen what they put in powdered formula?

        Coincidentally I made this baby formula for my child and while I did use biodynamic pasteurized milk my kid was and is still fine.

        1. Oh, did the store-bought soya based powdered food not have enough melamine in it??? Laurel Lawson: I can tell you are fine with injecting infants with “Scientific Injections from a private company “…Just prove what comes out of your ORIFICE, and educate, not berate, so we can discuss!
          I bet somebody took your final exams in all those “Degrees” you so cheaply and, distastefully advertise: To tell us how “educated” you THINK YOU ARE”?

      2. Can you see where what you have shared you were fed is not even close to what this raw milk formula recipe that has been scientifically formulated is? No powdered milk (highly heated and rancid, no chocolate syrup to sweeten, no straight puréed meat). Formula in a canister no matter how well formulated is highly heated where oils go rancid and milk is now devoid of enzymes. As someone who has healed many with digestive issues including myself (note I was breast fed exclusively from my healthy mama) i believe in making a raw homemade formula where we actually know the ingredients and they are all amazing ! Please be careful about what you share as you could steer someone away from something healthful and beneficial out of fear and ruin someone’s life.

    2. Soon people will be eating 100% fake food but hey at least it’s not going to have any bacteria. Back in the good old days where people wore not so “educated” and ate good raw organic food did not get sick like now days. Now a days people eat processed foods, engineered food because all of sudden since says that is better. Except now we see all sort of problems happening like diabetes, cancer, people with heart problems, obesity, lactose intolerance, allergies and many many other. You can do all the research you want and eat what you want, but I will stick to Products in their most natural form as God created for us because no since or microbiologist will Ever top that.

    3. That’s informative you worked in the field you did but is only one piece of the pie. Your experience is limited to your lab tests. Have you continuously drank raw milk to reap the benefits? Are you aware that bacteria and live enzymes are incredibly beneficial for a healthy micro biome? Have you made this formula and given to your infants? While breast milk is gold! some of us can’t produce enough milk for our babies. I have twins too ! And in addition to many generous mamas feeding our babies, this raw cows milk formula is nourishing them. My husband and I also drink the same raw milk and our digestion is magical ! as someone who has healed myself from digestive issues and many others I would love to invite you to broaden your mind to Include other ways of thinking and be mindful of your strongly biased note that could be damaging to others as they search for the best way to nourish their children. Not being able to breastfeed is already hard enough. And yes everyone know where your raw milk is coming from, what the cows are eating and how the farmers are loving, caring and handling the milking process. I think this is important as all grass fed cows and milk are not equal.

      1. Much politics against REAL (RAW) MILK, which any Degreed person would see as blatant deception!
        Laurel Lawson: All those degrees have only convinced us you are educationally developmentally disabled!

        1. Look up Goodbye Leaky Gut as that’s a very similar system I used. It took awhile to change out foods that were problematic. I saw a Naturopath that guided me. I took probiotics and GI Encap, and the crowning ingredient was a scoop of L-glutamine in water first thing in the morning or anytime I felt crumby. Also, digestive enzymes. Now I can eat almost anything I want to, and I don’t feel eating and hurting any more. Praying you have good results too. Don’t despair! We are made to heal ourselves given the right ingredients.

    4. Hey Lauren. Please post your credentials and your lab results with grass fed organic milk here for review. I don’t personally do lab testing, but I happen to know someone that runs/ran an organic, raw milk, grass fed dairy farm in Texas and the inspector that comes to do the lab testing is repeatedly AMAZED at how the milk from their cows test far superior to even the pasteurized milk from the traditional barns that he screens.
      So either you are testing milk from dairy barns that do not care for their cows in the typical way that the majority of organic, raw milk dairies do or you are simply giving false information.
      Either way…I certainly believe that is you that need to be more educated. Texas is a fine example. Check them out.
      It’s a simple as that.

    5. And yet those with gut issues have no problem with raw, but end up miserable with pasteurized.

    6. Raw milk from a cow that is well taken care of and well cleaned before milking will not have those dangerous bacteria. That is why you go to a local farmer and watch how he milks and ask for records of the care of the cows. Pasteurization(especially ultra pasteurization) destroys all the good things in the milk. If you pasteurize it, you get VERY few benefits from it.

    7. All my nieces and nephews were fed using this formula, they were never sick, are now teenagers and healthy as they can be. We always used raw milk.

    8. Educated to stupidity. I was raised on raw milk and I am not even allergic to Poison Ivy. Before all these “trust the science” nincompoops came along all living creatures drank raw milk.

  6. Are you able to freeze this formula after making a fresh batch? I supplement along with breast feeding, but I don’t go through a whole batch or even half of one in the 24 hours that it’s good for. My baby loves this recipe!

  7. Hi Dr. Jockers and wife, I really appreciate all of your info on you tube, I recently started giving the formula to my grand baby, but it seems to be constipating her, what suggestions would you have to help this? As her mom is opting to do Enfamil powdered formula to see if she can be more regular.

  8. Dr. Jockers
    At what age did you start feeding your twin boys this formula? My husband and I are about to adopt and I’m interested in this recipe, just not sure if it is ok that early on. Also did you look at any of the European formula milks to see if those are better than the US formulas? Really appreciate any guidance you could give.

    1. We were doing it out of necessity at a few weeks old because my wife was unable to make enough breast milk.

      I did not look at the European formulas to compare.

  9. Hi, can I use the whey from homemade Greek yogurt (commercial starter)? If so, do I have to use raw cows milk or can I use whole milk from the store? Many thanks!

    (also link is broken for the liquid whey)

  10. Hi! I know you wrote this post a little ago but I wondered if you could offer any advice.

    I‘m struggling to get hold of organic, grass fed raw milk. In your opinion, is it still worth doing with pasteurised milk? I’ve found a local dairy that is organic and ‘lightly pasteurised’ (I know it will still have killed all beneficial bacteria, but to make the point that it’s not been commercially graze ultra pasteurised). I’m absolutely for raw milk, we just can’t get hold of any in our area.

    Thanks so much!

      1. Hi,

        Thanks so much for responding!

        We’re wanting to start our 5 month old son on the formula, having recently found out about it. My options are a local organic lightly pasteurised milk, or raw grass fed milk that’s not organic.
        I’ve asked the farmer a number of questions and have been told they don’t use sprays, nitrogen use is low and cows are predominately pasture or silage fed (no GMOs) – but of course not being organic I don’t have that assurance.

        In your opinion, which would be the better option?

        Any advice would be much appreciated, as me and my husband are a little unsure of which to go for taking into account benefits of raw milk vs risks of non-organic farming practices – and unfortunately fallen man, which can not always be trusted for honesty!

        God bless!

    1. Dr. Jockers, how long can I leave this milk out room temp? Also, is it normal for the milk to turn like a pudding in the fridge? I followed the recipe step by step.

  11. Is ghee ok as a butter oil replacement? It is less expensive than the butter oil that I found on Amazon – they want $40 per jar.


  12. Also, what kind of whey? Apparently there are different kinds – a high protein one and another with bacteria and lower protein.


  13. At first glance, some of the ingredients are unusual and maybe a bit scary, but please don’t hesitate to make this for your baby! Do whatever you can to track down the ingredients and find a reputable farm that sells raw milk. The recipe is simple once you’ve made it a few times! I am so grateful for stumbling upon the info on this website! My sweet baby girl has done so well on this formula! A million thanks!

  14. Im sorry Dr Jockers but Raw Milk is not illegal everywhere in the US
    We have 59 raw dairies in Colorado
    I get 2 gallons a week personally
    Our family loves it
    Check out The Weston Price Foundation Website
    Real Milk Finder link can help everyone try to find raw milk in their area
    Not all states have it but many do.
    Good Luck everyone

  15. The National Formula Shortage brought me here. My baby has a very sensitive stomach and we can only use Hypoallergenic Formula but it’s been hard to find as of late. I want something super organic and safe. Looking forward to trying this recipe.

    1. Thank you Tiffany! We credit the Weston Price Foundation for the inspiration here and thousands of families have used this with success with their babies. Let us know how your baby does with it. Blessings!

  16. Do you have to use those exact items? The olive oil is pretty pricey, would another olive oil be ok?

  17. People that use “formula” when they have other choices, are cruising for a Darwin award.

  18. I’m in my mid fifties and I was fed “homemade” formula until weaned to milk. My mother was unable to nurse us children and made our nutritional formula. While the recipe above is probably more updated that the early recipes. My mother told me of using only a few ingredients that were readily available. I can see how it could be improved upon but in a pinch I’d look into what women did in the 1950’s and have those ingredients on hand as well.


  20. If cannot get raw cows milk in my area how well would raw goats milk work as a substitute? I’m not sure how they compare or how well it would work in this recipe in regards to nutrition levels.

    1. Is there something that can be used in place of the nutritional yeast flakes? I am allergic to them and cannot be around the m without problems.

  21. I’m ages past breastfeeding or any need of formula, but I still like to increase my knowledge about holistic foods. If you’ll pardon my ignorance, I’d like to ask if there’s a recipe for a healthy homemade formula for parents of a baby who is allergic to breast milk and cow’s milk?

    1. I am an IBCLC and find this all so fascinating! So many families are struggling to find formula for their babies as they either aren’t producing enough or have slowed down producing due to having to return to work and difficulty with enough stimulation to keep production up. This gives me a good starting point for research! Most breast milk banks pasteurize the breast milk so unless you are getting personal donations of breast milk it has all been pasteurized. Another option if it concerns you is pasteurizing the raw milk yourself. Just remember that any kind of milk breast or cow or formula should be consumed within the hour of touching the baby’s mouth because it has been exposed to bacteria and can multiply exponentially after that time. Constantly learning! Thank you for sharing. Any studies that you can gives us on safety?

  22. Due to formula shortage looking for recipes as well. Can you give a substitution for the milk. ( and not Goat) Babies with an allergy to milk proteins probably won’t do well with this? Or is it so raw and organic that typically a 1 to 3 month old infant would do well? Thank you for sharing this recipe!


  24. Could organic grass fed milk that isn’t raw be used as a substitute? I’ve heard raw milk can lead to diseases like tuberculosis.

    1. That can be used as well but it does have a higher risk of sensitivity since the proteins are denatured during the pasteurization process. Organic, grass-fed raw milk is quite safe and really great for the baby!

  25. Hello Dr Jockers- thanks so much for this great recipe. Our only issue is following the recipe exactly and double checking it again and again , it makes half of the 72 ounces. So four 8 oz bottles is what we have. Have there been any updates or misprints of amounts? I welcome your thoughts and plz advise.



  27. You are taking a risk with your baby’s life by feeding them raw milk.

    There is a reason milk is pasteurized, it can contain pathogens. Cows lay down on the ground and in their own poop. That poop gets on their teats and goes into the milk when they are milked. No amount of cleaning will 100% sanitize the animal before milking.

    I’m pleased that many parents have had success and have dodged the bullet of having their child die from an E. coli infection (or numerous other bacterial infections that can occur). However, that is truly just it – you are lucky. The next person may not be. Please be responsible and do not feed your baby raw milk.

  28. Hi there, my twins have been on this formula for almost 4 months with some breastmilk, too. They are happy and healthy. My question is, my lactose I ordered is 4 days out… Can I go without it in my recipe for a couple days? Thank you.

  29. Hi. My baby seems to not like the strong coconut flavor. Can we leave that out? Or do have a suggestion for subbing in something else?

  30. Hello Dr. Jockers! I am trying this formula for the first time for my baby. Can avocado oil substitute the extra virgin olive oil? Thank you!

  31. Hi, I noticed that the Weston A Prince recipe has whey and gelatin in it while yours has collagen. Are these ingredients equal and why did you make the choice to use collagen instead? Thanks!

  32. Hi!

    I’m just curious about the amount to feed. This says for 8 oz. So is that the amount I should be giving my 6mo old at each feed? We typically do 6 oz bottles when not breastfeeding alongside. Just want to make sure she’s getting enough! Thanks 🙂

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