Live Your Life on Purpose

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Live Your Life on Purpose

One of the most vital things on this planet is finding a higher purpose that is far greater than the sum of our own lives and pursuing that purpose with our mind and our actions each day.  Our society today is mostly focused on pleasing their individual senses and walks around without an inspiring purpose and settles for mediocrity in so many areas of life.

I typically write about health related topics and guide people in making healthy lifestyle choices so this post may seem a bit odd. However, I have found that you cannot be truly healthy until you are pursuing your unique passion. There is something that God put you on the planet to be a part of and without it you will never have true fulfillment.

As a doctor, I believe the greatest thing I can do for anyone is inspire and empower them to take responsible steps to improve their health. I know a lot of educated people who know a lot about physiology and nutrition, but are not inspired to take care of their health. I also know people who know a lot about the Bible but never go after the mission and vision God wanted for them. Many people settle for a life of mediocrity and never achieve their potential because they lack that spark of inspiration and the courage to take risks, face rejection, learn from mistakes and thrive under stress.


Real Health and Your Purpose

I believe that real health has much more to do than just living a healthy lifestyle. Health is a state of optimal well-being mind, body and spirit. I don’t believe one can be truly happy and healthy unless they are pursuing their God-given calling and passion in life.

This will look different for everyone, but those who find it in themselves can see it in others. I love being around people who are passionate about what they do for a living, or about their church, or a great cause, etc. We have all been given a noble purpose and our lives have great meaning.


When You Find Your Passion It Brings out Your Potential

Growing up I was always super shy. I would NEVER ask questions or speak in class. I wasn’t deathly afraid of public speaking, I was just super introverted and really in my head. I had no real social skills at all and just hoped to not be noticed.

Now, I speak in front of large groups of people all the time. In fact, I feel most alive when I am in front of others and sharing a message of life, health, empowerment and hope. I never miss out on an opportunity to share the gospel message of health!


Your Purpose Refines You into Who You Really Are

In school growing up, science and English were my worst subjects. I hated chemistry and now I study biochemistry for fun! (I’m a huge nerd!) My first year in college I had to take a creative writing class and the teacher gave me a C because I would only write about sports (that was all I was passionate about). Now, I am a professional author…go figure!

What happened – I found my purpose and it lit a fire in my heart to be the best communicator possible so I could make the biggest impact with the message God wants to communicate through me to the world. Your purpose sparks the fires of passion within you and can transform the way you view yourself. This new perspective allows you to step out and grow into the person God called you to be!


Finding Your Purpose Breaks the Poverty Mindset

I love my parents and I had a fantastic upbringing. They loved me, taught me about God’s direction in my life and I never went hungry. But my parents always had financial problems and even had to declare bankruptcy when I was around 10 years old. There was a ton of financial stress and the words I always heard were “we can’t afford that.”

This created an imprint in my mind that money was scarce and hard to come by. I was also one of six kids who were always “competing” for our parents energy and attention. So I learned that money was tough to come by and once you got any, you better hoard it or you will lose it.

When God called me to go into graduate school, I was so intimidated by the six figure debt that I would incur that it kept me up at night. I kept asking, “is this really what you want God?” and the answer was always the same. When I finally made the decision to move forward it brought me an incredible peace that truly was beyond all understanding.

Build it and They Will Come

When I graduated in September 2008, I had $150,000 of school debt and no real business experience. But the Lord opened up doors for me to open my own clinic as I found exactly the location and real estate I had dreamed about. Now I just had to find the money!

I applied for business loans and got turned down – 12 times. It just so happened to be in the midst of a down economy and the banks weren’t loaning money. I had no investors who were willing to take a risk on me. So I asked the Lord what I should do and He very firmly said “keep walking the path I have set before you.”

Keep Going Forward – Never Give Up

So I started applying for credit card loans and somehow got enough money to open my clinic on a shoestring budget. Now, I was 27 years old and in major debt and scared to death, but the Lord promised me if I pursued His vision for my life – all the rest would follow. He was right!

Through much hard work, lots of painful learning experiences and at times major set-backs in the last 8 years, I have been able to build an incredible health clinic and fast growing brand. I have the most amazing team at Exodus Health Center and that are committed to helping me fulfill the vision God has laid before me.

5 Lessons I Have Learned on This Journey

I could think of 50 lessons but 5 is my favorite number so I will keep it short and sweet!

1. Learn From Your Mistakes

I have made so many mistakes but I have always tried my best to learn and become better through them. Most of the mistakes I have made have come from being aloof and emotionally disconnected. So I am continually working on improving my situational awareness and emotional connectedness with my patients and team members.

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor” – Anne Lamott

You and I were born to make mistakes and fail. But we were also born to learn and grow from our mistakes and perceived failures. It is a beautiful peace to know that your mistakes are an opportunity to learn, grow and get better. I pray every morning that the Lord would open my eyes and ears to learn from the mistakes I have made and will make as I go along my path.

2. Take Risks that Excite you and Honor God

Many people are afraid to take risks but if it comes to something that is honoring to God (such as taking care of your health, your family, pursuing your dream, helping others, etc.) you have to do it. I have taken so many risks and many have not come through the way I had hoped…but you know what…I am glad I took the risks.

Every time we take a risk, we have more opportunity to grow in our lives. Life is more about personal growth than anything else and as long as you are taking the risk for honorable reasons there will be some blessing on the back end (even if it seems like a total failure).

I have also found that being a risk taker has transformed my prayer life. I have seen God move on my behalf through taking risks on things that in the flesh seemed impossible. It has given my life so much more meaning and deepened my faith.

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now” Goethe

I love this quote and I would summarize by saying that God moves on our behalf when we act with audacious faith to honor Him with our lives.

3. Help Others Achieve Their Goals & Dreams

Even better than pursuing the dream and vision God has given you would be do that while helping others achieve their goals and dreams. In fact, you and I will never be fulfilled until we learn how to help others reach their goals, dreams and find fulfillment.  This is a critical part of our higher purpose on this planet.

We were created to serve others. Be an encourager and a lavish giver. Give others your time, talents, gifts and encouragement. Find like-minded partners and give way more than you can expect to get back. Do whatever you can to over exceed your partners or customers expectations. Put your heart into service and value what you do and you will be blessed.

4. Take Care of You and Your Family’s Health

The biggest distraction most people have as they pursue their dream is health challenges. This may be with themselves or close family members. If you and your family aren’t doing what it takes to improve your health everyday it is only a matter of time before a health challenge occurs.

When you prioritize your health you will have more energy, respond to stress more effectively and be able to thrive in challenging situations. Without prioritizing your health it is very easy to allow the challenges you face to beat you down and distract you from reaching your potential.  The fulfillment of your higher purpose depends upon you investing into your health each and everyday.  You are too important to do otherwise!

5. Commit Yourself to Getting Better

I know that I am a continual work in progress and I will never stop working on learning more about health, about love, about communication, about business, about service to others, etc. God doesn’t call us to settle for mediocrity…He wants us to continually grow with Him in all arenas of life.

When you have a commitment to getting better as a person, a spouse, a parent, a man/woman of God, a business person, etc. you have great HOPE for your future. You know that you are moving in the right direction and with that there is great joy!

What Does This Mean To You:

I hope you can take from the brief overview of some of my challenges that you can accomplish anything that God has set before you. Thoughts and limitations from the past that have held you back will fall by the wayside when you pursue His direction and let Him lead you!

So what does He have in store for you? Have you always wanted to start an organization or be a part of another organization, plant a church, be a part of a church plant, go on a mission trip, help fund a mission trip, go back to school, serve at a nursing home, school or a homeless shelter? Whether you want to create something or support a great business, cause or individual it is all important.

What are you truly passionate about? What gives you goosebumps? What captivates your spirit? What brings you to tears when you think about it? If something breaks your heart, it is a spiritual sign you need to help provide a solution to it! Go after it and live the purpose filled life God has imagined for you!



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