MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

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MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less TimeMaxT3 to Get Into the Best Shape

This morning I finished an amazing workout, I fully challenged my body intensely as I worked every major muscle group.  The best part…with a warm-up stage it only took 14 minutes. In and out while everyone else is just getting going.  I am going to show you how I use a new workout program called MaxT3 to get into the best shape in less time.

Years ago, I would sweat it out for 60-90 minutes only to end up tired and sore.  Today, I benefit from a deeper understanding of how God designed our bodies to move.  The new science of exercise is incredible. I have never looked or felt better, and at 5.8% body fat, I consider myself in the best shape of my life.   My workouts are between 10-25 minutes, I get an incredible pump, and I stay energized all day long.

For years now, I have been trying to teach these principles and help people get in better shape with less exercise.  It was from this mindset that I helped to develop an interactive exercise program designed to coach you through the new science of movement. Finally, it is completed!

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

Welcome to MaxT3

The 12 Minute Revolution: the most radically dynamic program to ever hit the exercise world.  The best part is that anybody with moving limbs from 5 years old and up can do this program.  It doesn’t matter what your fitness level, exercise experience, etc.  You can do this program.  This is why you want to start:

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less TimeMaxT3 is… the proper intensity.  The new science of exercise says that high intensity exercise (80-100%) for a short period of time stimulates a huge dose of endorphins (feel good hormone), human growth hormone, and testosterone (fat-burning & muscle building hormones).  Consistent exercise in this manner converts your body into a potent fat-burner.

MaxT3 is…functional fitness.  The new science of exercise says that exercises similar to the challenging activities we perform everyday.  As we get stronger at these movement patterns, it crosses over to greater strength and endurance in our life.

MaxT3 is…holistic.  Full-body movements are functional and train our nervous system to effectively synergize muscle groups throughout the body.  This creates a new level of working efficiency, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing overall endurance and energy levels.

MaxT3 is…confusing on your muscles.  There is an entirely different workout everyday, this challenges your muscles to adapt to new demands.  This novel approach keeps your physiology growing and progressing, allowing you to blast past plateau’s that limited you in the past.

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

MaxT3 is… highly beneficial for your brain.  The new science of neurology says that critical areas such as the cerebellum and frontal cortex grow stronger with novel movement patterns.

This enhances your cerebella activity, improving balance, posture, and coordination.  The frontal cortex is primarily responsible for your ability to stay on task, planning ability, long-term memory, and determination to succeed.  This form of exercise dramatically advances you in these areas.

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

Get In Better Shape in Less Time:

MaxT3 is….time efficient.  You will have the workout of your life in as little as 15-20 minutes a day (12 minutes + warm-up). The new science of exercise says that our bodies should work at a high intensity for a short period of time.

Anything more puts you at risk for over-training and the resultant stress response that follows.  This is great newsLess exercise & more rest = Better fat burning, muscle building, & immune strength.

You can order the MaxT3 DVD here today!

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

MaxT3, MaxT3 to Get Into The Best Shape in Less Time

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    Basically the salads are healthy with low
    calories most commonly found on every dining table in US.

    Sprinkle white pepper, curry and a touch spicy seasoning onto the paper plate.

  2. Ryan,

    Hey, I guest blog on many different blogs (over 100) and would love to do the same with you. Let me know what sort of an article you are interested in. Blessings!

  3. I’m a physician and have done some consulting and writing for other health web sites, but I really like what I am seeing here. Very good. few people understand the importance of high fat low carb diet, but not in the extreme, and the types and sorts of fat. Very well done.

    I am looking to switch up my exercise routine, and I like HIIT routines. My daughter exercises with me and has Osgood-Schlatter. how is Max T3 for intensity on knees? She needs something that doesn’t impact knees much (hard to find I know).

  4. Hello,

    I have been doing Max T 3 for two years now. I was wondering how many times a week it will take to see physical muscle tone.

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