Get Fit with Surge Training

Get Fit with Surge Training


Get Fit with Surge Training:

A surge refers to an activity or event that is quick and of high intensity.  A glacier surge is a short-lived event where a glacier can move up to velocities 100 times faster than normal.  An electrical surge is a very short but intense spike in voltage.   Surge training is a new form of exercise that refers to a high-intensity spike in energy output for a short period of time.

Research has shown that this form of exercise boosts metabolism and slows down aging more effectively than any other form of exercise or body movement.  Surge training forces the body into an extreme anaerobic state where the vast majority of the energy being utilized is in the form of stored sugar or glycogen.  Fat metabolism depends on the presence of oxygen whereas sugar can be burned without oxygen.

High-intensity training puts the body into a state of “oxygen-debt,” where fat cannot be burned and glycogen is the primary fuel source.  After a typical bout of surge training the body has utilized a majority of its glycogen and switches its metabolic preference over to research has shown this “after-burn” can last anywhere from 24-36 hours after the bout of exercise (1, 2).

Surge Training and Your Hormones:

Surge training also impacts our hormones in a desirable way.  The oxygen debt and increase in lactic acid as a byproduct of anaerobic exercise signals the anterior pituitary gland to secrete human growth hormone (HGH) (3).  HGH is considered the quintessential anti-aging hormone.  It is known to help build muscle & bone density, burn fat, and stimulate our immune system (4).

In addition, it also helps joint function by repairing cartilage, ligaments, & tendons.  It also helps prevent and reverse wrinkles by supporting the dermis in the formation of healthier skin. A lifestyle consisting of regular bouts of surge training, a nutrient-dense diet, healthy neurological function, and good sleeping habits has been shown to maximize HGH secretion at any age.

Surge training has been shown to enhance testosterone secretion as well (5).  Testosterone is a critical hormone for both men and women.  Both sexes often have reduced testosterone levels as they age.  Optimizing testosterone levels is critical for a healthy physique, libido, & cancer prevention.

New research has shown that optimal testosterone levels are essential for healthy memory and cognitive function (6).  High-intensity, anaerobic exercise that uses large muscle groups is the premier way to naturally enhance & optimize testosterone levels.


Surge Workout for a Fit Individual:

Day 1:

100 yard sprints   5-10 reps with a 1:1 -1:5 go: rest ratio

Day 2:  As fast as possible

200 push-ups

50 pull-ups

50 dips

200 reverse push-ups

Day 3:  As fast as possible

100 dead-lifts using your body-weight on a barbell

100 overhead squat jumps

100 stability ball bridges

100 stability ball crunches


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