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Burn Fat and Build Muscle with a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Burn Fat and Build Muscle with a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet What constitutes an optimal physique?  This is different based on each individual’s unique genetic potential but researchers would agree that we should have a moderate to thin structure and good muscular development. While many have sought after a thin physique, the mantra of the 21st […]

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Intermittent Fasting SuperCharges Your Brain

Fasting Improves Your Brain Function New research has indicated that fasting can significantly reduce the effects of aging on the brain. It has been known that bouts of intermittent fasting have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the entire body. Leading scientists now believe that intermittent fasting is one of the key strategies for maximizing brain […]

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The 3 Biggest Paleo Nutrition Mistakes

3 Biggest Paleo Nutrition Mistakes As a clinician and leading voice in the Paleo/Primal movement, I attract a lot of clients who have started following the Paleo/Primal nutrition plan.  Most of these people have seen significant health benefits by following the traditional Paleo nutrition plan.  However, many continue to struggle with chronic health issues including […]

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Gluten Sensitivity and Your Brain

Gluten Sensitivity and Your Brain: Gluten is the common protein molecule found in wheat, barley, rye, kamut and spelt.  Gluten is a sticky storage protein that binds to the small intestinal wall where it often causes digestive and immune system disorders.  Gluten sensitivity is an epidemic that is a major factor in inflammatory disorders of […]

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SuperGreen Berry Salad

The SuperGreen Berry Salad is colorful, aromatic and tasty.  This is truly a superfood recipe for the mind and eyes.   Kale is loaded with carotenoid anti-oxidants lutein and zeaxanthin that concentrate in the macula lutea, the region of highest visual acuity in the human eye.  These anti-oxidants protect the macula from UV light and […]

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HyperThyroidism Healed

HyperThyroidism Healed:  Praise God! Before meeting Dr. Jockers, I was on an unending cycle of medications and testing; medication to control my thyroid and testing to make sure the meds were not destroying my liver function.  Every 6-8 weeks I visited my endocrinologist for blood work.  I was told that there were only 2 options […]

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Chocolate Strawberry Mousse

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse: This is a classic at my house. One of my favorite lunches because chocolate gives me a healthy level of stimulation and drives up my dopamine. This means I am focused on accomplishing goals and getting the necessary tasks finished. If I have chocolate at night, it gets me wired and I […]

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SuperCharged Detoxifying Green Drink

SuperCharged Detoxifying Green Drink This drink is full of detoxifying greens including lacinato kale, dandelion and cilantro. The granny smith apple provides enough flavor to take out the bitterness and make this enjoyable. SuperCharged Detoxifying Green Drink 1 Lemon                         1 cucumber ½ stalk of dandelion      ½ stalk of cilantro 1/2 stalk of celery          1 granny […]

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Super Oxygenator

Super Oxygenator: This is one of my personal favorite green drinks because of how much energy I feel after I consume it. You will LOVE how you feel afterwards and the taste is actually quite nice. Super Oxygenator Ingredients: 1 Lemon                         ½ stalk of dill 1 cucumber                    ½ stalk of parsley 1/2 stalk of celery          […]

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