Brain Boosting Burger -

Brain Boosting Burger


Brain Boosting Burger:

This Recipe is by my friend Kelcie Yeo.  She has one of my favorite recipe blogs “Kelcie’s Kreations” that you can find here

Brain Boosting Burger Ingredients:

2 pounds of green-finished beef

2 organic eggs

1/2 cup ground chia seed

1 tbsp. thyme, oregano and basil

2 garlic cloves minced

8 green onions chopped finely

1 tsp. pink salt

Servings:  6-8

Prep Time:  5 mins

Cook Time:  10-15 mins


Brain Boosting Burger Instructions:

Mix all ingredients together.

Form into patties and cook in a stainless steel pan with coconut oil.

You can find amazing grass-fed, grass-finished beef through US Wellness Meats here


Dr Jockers Comments:  

This burger is awesome!  It is loaded with essential fats, anti-oxidants, clean proteins & fiber.  The brain depends upon a continual supply of saturated fat and omega 3 fatty acids to build healthy neuronal cell membranes. This burger provides those essential fats and is loaded with unique anti-oxidants with the Italian herbs and garlic.

These burgers should be a regular staple dinner for you and your family.  They should be served with a bed of veggies for added anti-oxidants.  Wholesome, filling and tasty…you will love them!



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