Beet V8 Juice

Beet V8 Juice

IMG_1646[3]Beet V8 Juice:

This recipe is from my wife Angel, who loves to make food, home and body care recipes that support people’s journey to optimal health.

Beet V8 Juice Ingredients:

1 lemon

6 medium organic tomatoes

7 small organic carrots (Green tops of carrots may also be included.)

1 bunch or organic parsley

4 organic beets

8 garlic cloves

1 bunch of organic celery stalks

1 organic cucumber

1/4 (peeled) small white onion

Pink salt for taste

(optional: Cilantro essential oil, Lemon essential oil)

Beet V8 Juice Directions:

  1. Slice all produce into sizes that will fit into your juicer. (You do not need to peel the items before juicing them.)
  1. Place produce into juicer and continue juicing until all produce is juiced. (This recipe makes a large quantity of juice, with the amount varying, depending on your type of juicer. Be prepared to place several glasses underneath juicer to collect the juice.)
  1. Pour each glass of juice into a larger pitcher. Stir well. Add salt for taste as desired. (Add 2-3 drops of optional Cilantro essential oil and/or Lemon essential oil.)


Dr Jockers Comments:

I am a huge fan of liquid nutrition as it is a powerful way to get pre-digested nutrients into our body.  I used to love to drink V8 when I was younger, but those drinks are in aluminum cans that leach out aluminum and BPA and they have hazardous preservatives.  This recipe is clean and pure and highly enjoyable!

This recipe is higher in carbohydrates due to the beets, carrots and tomatoes.  If your body can handle higher carbohydrates than enjoy this on occasion but if you are on a ketogenic or lower carbohydrate diet than you would want to drink this minimally if at all.

Fortunately, the lemon helps to blunt the blood sugar impact and the phytonutrients and minerals taken in from this drink help the body to utilize the sugar in a more efficient and less inflammatory way.  Enjoy!


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