Sugar-Free Blueberry Cheesecake

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blueberry cheesecakeSugar Free Blueberry Cheesecake

This sugar free blueberry cheesecake recipe is from my wife Angel, who loves to make food and home and body care recipes that support people’s journey to optimal health.   Check out my wife’s websiteinstagram and facebook page where she shares stories and pics about our life. She also has a great YouTube channel you can check out as well.  We know that you will LOVE this sugar-free blueberry cheesecake.

If you enjoy recipes like this, you may be interested in my advanced nutrition and recipe book the Keto Metabolic Breakthrough.

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Sugar Free Blueberry Cheesecake




Yield 12 Slices

Filling Ingredients:

Crust Ingredients:


Add more or less chia seeds if you want the crust to be thicker or less thick.


Step #1:  For the Cheesecake, begin by blending cashews with ½ cup of water until completely smooth

Step #2:  Add in blueberries and blend well

Step #3:  Mix cream cheese, vanilla and stevia with cashew mixture

Step #4:  For the crust begin by mixing chia seeds, coconut oil, salt, vanilla, almond butter and stevia.

Step #5:  Press into a pie pan and place into the freezer.

Step #6:  Spoon the filling into crust and add extra berries on top.  We used strawberries for these.

Step #7:  Freeze for 20 minutes.


Instead of making a pie, you could place the prepared recipe inside of non-bleached muffin holders & freeze within a muffin baking pan.  Try topping this healthy treat with strawberries, also!


Courses Dessert

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 slice or cupcake

Amount Per Serving

Calories 460

% Daily Value

Total Fat 38 g


Total Carbohydrates 17 g


Dietary Fiber 8 g


Sugars 3 g

Protein 11 g


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

blueberry cheesecake

Dr Jockers Comments:

This is a great tasting, creative and sugar and grain-free dessert.  Loads of good fats and antioxidants in this making it more like a super-food supplement than a tasty dessert.

Coconut oil is one of the best things for your body as it is loaded with medium-chain trigylcerides (MCT’s) that help boost your metabolism and reduce inflammation.  Stevia is our best sweetener as it is a naturally growing plant and the extract has no effect on blood sugar and is 100 times sweeter than normal sugar.

It is best to get grass-fed or pasture-raised cream cheese as this is loaded with clean protein, essential fats, enzymes and vitamin K2.  For individuals that react with any form of dairy, including grass-fed fermented dairy, coconut cream should work good or you can use this dairy free alternative.

Enjoy and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

blueberry cheesecake

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Dr. Jockers

Dr David Jockers is passionate about seeing people reach their health potential in mind, body and spirit. He is the host of the popular “Dr Jockers Functional Nutrition” podcast and the author of the best-selling books, “The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough” and “The Fasting Transformation.”


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        1. I’m like you. I run from anything vegan or gluten free because the recipes are loaded with hidden nuts. I too can consume coconut products. Unfortunately, they shoot cholesterol levels through the roof. This is a good challenge for those who are gifted with cooking creativity to come up with healthy nut-free alternatives for those of us who have the “dreaded” nut allergy.

      1. Natures Greatest Foods makes a Heavy Coconut Cream.
        I is in a red labeled can and is 30% coconut milk fat. Its divine!
        Use in this recipe with a thickener. Agar Agar, Further foods Gelatin,

  1. I wonder why you use Stevia when most of it is processed with toxic chemicals which are not removed before being sold? Can Monkfruit be substituted for Stevia?

    1. Hey Laila, Stevia has many health benefits and remains a great alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners. I agree that there are many manufacturers that chemically alter their product. As discussed in this article you have to remain well educated when buying stevia just like any other product. Monkfruit however is also a great alternative and natural sweetener!

      1. Can you use maple syrup or honey in this recipe?, monk fruit is really expensive here in Canada and I am allergic to Stevia because this plant I found out is the sister plant to Ragweed go figure and I am very allergic to ragweed as is many of my family members.

      2. Looks yummy, however, could you suggest a substitute for the stevia? I hope you will research the findings that ir disrupts hormonal health and can cause infertility.

    2. I use SteviaClear liquid by SweetLeaf, which is healthy and tasty. Monkfruit can cause digestive issues for some (like me).

  2. Is there a way of making this recipe dairy free? I don’t like using dairy-free cream cheese alternatives as they are usually either soy or artificial ingredients. I find that cream cheese is often used in keto recipes but dairy is inflammatory and raises your insulin even if it doesn’t raise your blood sugar. Also cream cheese is processed, not raw and natural, although in Canada, sadly, we cannot buy any raw dairy products anyway. Do you have any suggestions for making this dairy free? It looks like a great recipe aside from the cream cheese.

      1. Hey Shandell, I live in Canada also and find we are so limited to healthy affordable choices..I believe it’s time to move out of this communist country for other obvious reasons as well.
        For dairy free options, try using all cashews instead of any cheese and look on this Vegan website which I find truly helpful..God bless

        1. Hi Debbi. I rarely ever comment online but came across yours on this cheesecake post and it resonated with me (the recipe looks yum). I too am from Canada and So agree about our limited, affordable healthy choices as well as this commie country (I sense I get what you mean…esp in these past 2.5 yrs). Also, thanks for posting the vegan website; checked it out and it looks great. Love Dr Jockers’ newsletters and countless tips and knowledge, so gotta give him/team credit too! 🙂 God Bless you and all of us.

      2. There is a cream cheese made with almond milk by a company named kite hill. I have substituted it in the past in other recipes that call for cream cheese and it works just fine. I would imagine it will work here but I haven’t tried it. It tastes identical to the real thing…Happy Birthday by the way, Dr. Jockers!

    1. Shandell – if you search for raw food recipes or recipe books you can/will find many delicious raw food desserts and I’m pretty sure there are raw food recipes for “cheese” cake that will be made with nuts, most likely cashews. Raw food recipes use a lot of nuts which are often soaked. My friend Joan Miller wrote a dessert cookbook called “A sweet Life without Sugar”. I just opened it again and there is a whole section of raw desserts and there IS a raw lemon “cheese” cake and even a raw chocolate cheesecake in the easy section of the book. These are made with nuts to replace the dairy. I have sampled (but not made myself) these particular recipes. But I can tell you there are many delicious recipes in this book and I think it’s still available to purchase on Amazon. It is not specifically a raw food dessert book but has a whole variety of recipes from cookies to cakes to truffles and biscotti. All gluten free and sugar free!

      1. Christina Sophia, this book looks sooooo good by your friend Joan Miller!! I really want to buy it but it’s not available anywhere! I’m in the UK. On Amazon it’s £47 but it’s not available! I checked her FB Page and it doesn’t seem active. She mentions an App in it but it’s not available in the App Store! I’m gluten-free and I love baking, I don’t use sugar but I’d love more recipes! (Currently on a detox so a bit hungry Lol) 🤣
        Do you have any idea how I could get hold of Joan or her recipes?
        The cheesecake recipe by Dr Jockers sounds great but I can’t tolerate cashew nuts sadly! I don’t know if it’s work with almonds or hazelnuts instead? Has anyone tried?
        Happy Birthday Dr Jockers!! Have a wonderful day! 🎉 🎂 🥳

    2. My exact question, too. I believe that you can use tofu as a substitute. Not sure how it would apply to this recipe. Years ago, my local COOP had a vegetarian Thanksgiving potluck. One of the members was a macrobiotic chef. He made a pumpkin tofu cheese cake. It was amazing. Unfortunately, that was over 30 years ago. The COOP closed. I never had the opportunity to get the recipe from him. If you do a web search, you’ll most likely find dairy -free cheesecake recipes. I haven’t explored that yet.

  3. Dr. Jockers, what is your opinion of using this sweetener instead of Stevia or Monk Fruit – I have recently become aware of it and understand it is low glycemic index. Thanks!

    1. Try basil seeds! Unlike chia they’re low in lectins and phytoestrogens, have a better nutrient profile and have the same kind of reaction in liquid.

  4. The directions say for crust to include both coconut oil and coconut butter, but the ingredients section only lists the amount to use for coconut oil??? I am confused. Thanks!

  5. I read through your list of ingredients for the pie crust there is no mention of coconut butter. When I read the instructions for making the pie crust you mentioned add in coconut butter. It was not listed in the ingredient list nor does it say how much to add. w Where did the coconut butter come from? Please explain.

  6. You are such a very lucky guys to have a wonderful and beautiful wife like yours to do this for you. 😁👍 Love and hugs to Angel! 💖

  7. A Happy happy birthday to you Dr Jockers! I hope you have been having a blissful and delight-filled day with plenty of relaxation!! You have a big mission to fulfill having been born on this day as 22 is a Master number and demands a lot! And you seem to be so beautifully carrying out what is no doubt a big vision and much to accomplish. Bravo! I know about this bc my own mother was born on this very day, and my youngest son also has a 22 birth date. It’s no small thing to be born with this number! (the birthdate being 1/4th influence of the birth numbers). 22 breaks down to a 4 so it’s about creating powerful foundations. Cheers!!

  8. I was hoping to get information about the coconut butter named in the directions but not listed in the ingredients. I’d like to try the recipe, but this stopped me! Please help!

    1. Hi! I think you should re-read the recipe. There’s no coconut butter listed. There’s coconut cream and almond butter, but they’re two separate things. Coconut cream comes in a can and it is coconut fat that you can use like cream cheese. It is thick and white and looks and handles very similar to cream cheese. You can also find low fat versions, but I’m not sure how well it would work in this recipe as all the fat used is what will make this hold together.

      Almond butter is just like peanut butter, but made from almonds. It looks and spreads just like peanut butter and you can find versions that are made without extra oils, sugars or artificial sweeteners.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Bocha Sweet is a relatively new (to me) sugar substitute that is 100% natural and equal measurement for sugar in recipes. They’re out of La Vegas and have regular, confectioners and brown sugar substitutes along with mixes for cookies, etc. It’s made from Kabocha squash I believe. You might check this out.

  10. Hey! I see that the recipe calls for “squirts” of stevia, but none of the liquid stevia I am finding have a pimp top. They have either just a cap on top or have and “eye dropper” cap/dispenser. By “squirts” do you mean a squirt of a full eye dropper? Thanks!

  11. It has come to my attention recently that Stevia is used as birth control in some countries. If you are trying to get pregnant, you might want to find another sweetener alternative.

  12. I have made cheesecakes with no sweetener at all. I make a sauce from either raspberries or blueberries and that bumps up the flavor without any sugar. I either crush or blend the berries raw or I cook them with a little organic corn starch for a thick, smooth sauce. I also don’t find a need for a crust on a cheesecake. I have also made cheesecake that is sweetened with dates, and I’ve made piecrust made with dates. There is a kind of vegan caramel that is made from dates that I have used as a layer in a cheesecake. And, for a more typical cheesecake, you can convert a conventional cheesecake recipe by using organic and grass-fed ricotta along with all organic ingredients and just leave out the sugar. Most vegan cheesecake recipes are made from tofu and people rave about them. I don’t eat soy, sugar, gluten, or dairy so this recipe by Angel might be my new best recipe. But I will make it without the stevia and make a sauce to go over it.

  13. Unlike thick creamy cream cheese, my Coconut Cream doesnt seem to be thick enough. How can I thicken it naturally to be like cream cheese?

    Also, do you recommend soaking the cashews due to lectins?

    I use California Country gal pie crust mix. They are very clean. Gluten, dairy, lectin and sugar-free. Very yummy, and not so much work. 😊👍

  14. I don’t want to be unkind but before you invest all this money look for another recipe. My husband and I each took one bite and in the garbage it went. I really can’t afford to waste food but I made this for my birthday but I would rather eat a few strawberries and call it a day. It really doesn’t have much flavor and what is there is not good. Sorry Dr Jockers but this recipe and all the work that went into into making it really disappoints.

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