3 Major Benefits of Vitamin K2

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vitamin K2

3 Major Benefits of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 has been studied for the last 80+ years and known to be a critical nutrient.  Most of the research has focused on vitamin K1 and its effects associated with blood coagulation.  New studies are looking at another subtype called vitamin K2 and its effect in synergy with Vitamin D3 on various health factors.  Vitamin K2 appears to be a very important nutrient for healthy bones, joints and cardiovascular function.

Vitamin K was originally discovered in 1929 by the Danish scientist Henrik Dam.  Dam investigated the role of cholesterol as an essential nutrient by feeding chickens a cholesterol-deficient diet.

After a few weeks the animals developed bleeding disorders that could not be restored by adding purified cholesterol to their diet.  They discovered another nutrient that coupled with cholesterol in order to create the coagulation response.  The new vitamin was named K as it was discovered in Germany as Koagulations vitamin.

Three Main Forms of Vitamin K:

K1: Phylloquinone, phytonadione

K2: Menaquinone

K3: Menadione – Synthetic variant

Vitamin K has Unique Benefits:

Vitamin K1 is necessary for blood coagulation and is produced by green leafy vegetables.  The best sources include kale, spinach & collard greens.  This form of vitamin K is required for the formation of anticoagulant factors protein C & S.

Vitamin K2 is necessary to convert a critical bone-building protein called osteocalcin.  Osteocalcin is a necessary protein that helps maintain calcium homeostasis in bone tissue.  It works with osteoblast cells to build healthy bone tissue.  Inadequate K2 inhibits osteocalcin production and reduces calcium flow into bone tissue.  This leads to reduced bone mass and a weakened bone matrix (1).

vitamin K2

D3 and K2 for Healthy Calcium Metabolism:

Vitamin D3 is another critical nutrient that plays an essential role in calcium uptake into skeletal bone tissue.  Several studies have shown a synergistic effect of vitamin K2 and D3 (2).  These studies show that this combination enhanced osteocalcin accumulation in bone cells greater than any one of these nutrients alone.  This increased osteocalcin formation significantly improved bone mineral density (3).

Vitamin K and vitamin D work to increase a substance called Matrix GLA protein (MGP).  This protein protects the blood vessels from calcification by congregating around the elastic fibers of the arterial lining and guarding against calcium crystal deposition.   Some researchers believe that MGP is the most powerful inhibitor of soft tissue calcification presently known.

Cardiovascular and Joint Health:

Vitamin K and Vitamin D also play a very important role in cardiovascular and joint health.  When soft tissues such as the arterioles are damaged due to oxidative stress the body responds with an inflammatory process.  This process results in a deposition of calcium into the damaged tissues.  This creates plaque buildup in arterioles and degenerative bone spurs in joints.

Animal studies have shown that vitamin K2 not only prevents arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis but actually has the potential to reverse arterial calcification by activating MGP (4).  The Rotterdam study in 2004 demonstrated that people with the highest intake of vitamin K2 had a 50% lower risk of death from heart disease than people with the lowest rates of K2 (5).

vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 and Your Gut Flora:

Vitamin K2 production within the body is dependent upon a healthy gut flora and the consumption of fermented foods.  The vast majority of our society is deficient in vitamin K2 due to lack of fermented food consumption and the epidemic of gut dysbiosis.  This is only potentiated by the overuse of anti-biotics and consumption of industrial sterilization products and processed foods.

The best sources of vitamin K2 are found in the fermented soy product natto and raw cheese from a 100% grass-fed cow or goat.  Saurkraut and kimchi can also contain vitamin K2, but typically in lower amounts around 10-15 mcg per cup.

Raw cheese has the ideal ratio of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 along with other nutrients that make it the perfect food for healthy bones, joints and cardiovascular function.  Raw, grass-fed cheese can be an excellent part of one’s diet as long as they do not have food sensitivities to dairy and are able to digest and absorb the nutrients.  You can find high quality grass-fed cheese through Slankers.

Paleo Pizza, Easy Grain Free Paleo Pizza

Best Way to Supplement Vitamin K2:

I recommend supplementing with probiotics for a healthy gut microflora that can naturally produce vitamin K2.  A healthy gut microbiome is foundational to good health and one of the first places to start with all conditions.  A healthy gut microbiome and the consumption of grass-fed dairy, fermented veggies and pasture-raised egg yolk will provide a good amount of bioavailable K2.

If you are not sun bathing on a regular basis and are in need of a vitamin D3 supplement than I recommend using vitamin K2 with D3 supplementation.  This is very important as these two work in synergy.  When they are out of balance it could lead to health problems.

Recommended Dosage of Vitamin D3 and K2:

I will often have my clients use a concentrated form of Vitamin K2 in combination with D3.  This combination addresses both major deficiencies and these are nutrients that are body needs each day so this is a great lifestyle based supplement.  I like to see D3 levels between 70-90 ng/ml.  I use the following formula:

To Boost D3/K2 Levels:  2,000 IU and 36-400 mcg for every 25 lbs of body weight

This typically will add 15-20 IU to your blood D3 levels each month.  If your levels are 20 – do this for 3 months to get you to 80 (be sure to test to make sure)

For D3 Maintenance:  1,000 IU and 18 mcg of K2 for every 25 lbs of body weight

We have these ratios set up in an easy to use liquid dispenser here or this capsule formula here

vitamin K2

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vitamin k2

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  1. Just wanted to say that your e-mail is the one I ALWAYS enjoy receiving. I am studying to be a nutrition health coach and have learned so much from your e-mails and videos. You’re making a positive impact in this world. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the information. I’ve been reading the book, Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. The chapter I’m currently on has been talking about how both Vitamin A and D3 are needed so that Vit K2 works properly; you can’t use just one in your diet or via supplementation. What’s your opinion?

    1. Very true!! This is why we are very big on grass-fed butter/ghee, pasture-raised egg yolk and avocados which are all great sources of fat soluble vitamin A.

  3. Please Docter is taking k2 effect the liver because I have liver problem but since I have joint I really need to take this vitamin thanks a lot for every thing

  4. I am on eloquist for a Fib and it blocks k2 . Is there anything I can do to get in balance? I hope to get off of eloquist in a couple of months.

    Is there a natural product that would work as well?

  5. I have a spur on the base of my thumb and heel spurs both feet and I feel a little on the medial side of my elbow. Do you think K2 would help and how much? And does this effect any medications?

  6. my father is 91. He had CVD and he had multi-bypass 23 yrs ago and stent(s) yrs ago. He takes daily aspirin, statin and a few other med’s.
    His Vit D is 10 and considering D3 supplementation. Can he also take Vit k2 MK-7? what dose should he take?
    His CRP is very high at 6.9.
    Any other supplements you reco?
    Omega 3?

  7. Dr Jockers

    I have an urgent question. After reading this artical, i understand that if we want to take vitamin D3, we have to take it with vitamin K2 due to the advise that taking D3 (absorption of calcium might accumulate in the arteries hence needing K2 to transport calcium to the bones), but can i take k2 without taking D3 (only transporting calcium to the bones) assuming i am getting alot of sun where I live? I do not want to overdose on D3

    Will taking k2 alone be ineffective to what i am trying to do i.e decalcificating calcium from my arteries

  8. I have read that a combination of vitamins C and K3 is good for people who may be having a reaction to the titanium in their total knee replacement. How would you you know if this is your problem and do you know where K3 is available?

  9. Dear Sir,
    Very informative and healthy presentation. i appreciate. Please let me know the ideal combination for Bone health including Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 etc.

  10. Dr. Jockers.
    I am using Thornes product.
    2 drops get me 1000IU of D3 and 200mcg of K2.

    They recommend two drops 1-3 times daily. I want to know how much K2 I can take in one day before it could cause a problem.

    I would like to take the two drops at least 5-6 times per day. As soon as the liquid hits my tongue I feel as if it’s something I need. I start to feel a little better. I’m thinking it’s the D3 which is why I want to know what I can max up to on D and K2 per day.

    Thank you,

  11. So a quick question. Everytime I take vitamin D, I get serious side effects for a week. I uped my magnesium intake and that only makes it worse. When I exert myself, my jaw muscles tense up and hurt real bad and all my other muscles seem to be spamsing all the time. Would taking K2 assist with this

  12. Hi Dr. Jockers. My question is I am 57 years old and I had a calcium scan done on my heart. My result was that I had a build up of 40% calcium. The heart Specialist said that this was very high for someone my age as it should be under 30%. I also had a heart stress done and that came back normal and he said that my heart was good. He told me to take cholesterol tablets as my cholesterol has been over 6.2 for a few years and my bad cholesterol has been high as well and my good has been low. He told me to eat a Mediterranean diet and that he wants me to do a stress test every year to check things. The only thing he was concerned about was that he hoped that my calcium did not continue to rise. I was quite shocked and didn’t know what to say as I do not drink milk as I am lactose intolerant and I do not eat yellow cheese. I have been taking vitamin D spray by medi Herb with vitamin d3(1000IU) prescribed by a Natropath as my vitamin D level was low but she has never given me K2 to take with it. I know wonder by reading your article that might be why I have calcium build up in my arteries instead of the calcium going to my bones. I would really appreciate your opinion as I am very concerned. Thanking you

      1. Thank you Dr Jockers do you have any other recommendations? I haven’t started the cholesterol tablets as I am trying to get my cholesterol down myself instead of relying on tablets. On my blood test they noted that my ferritin level was slightly up but my iron was good. Does ferritin affect calcium build up?

        Thanking you

          1. Hi Dr Jockers I read the article you suggeted there are two one is the Nordic Naturals Pro Omega CRP and the other one is your brand Proteo Ensyme. Which do you recommend? The Nordic Naturals I noticed has 5mg of cholesterol (is that ok as previously mentioned in my comments on the 25th January (see above) that I have high cholesterol.

            Do you ship to Australia?

          2. I would recommend both products for you. No worries about the cholesterol. The cholesterol in our diet does not impact our blood cholesterol. High blood sugar and insulin is the culprit behind a poor lipid profile. Yes, we do ship to Australia.

  13. I’m just trying to figure out how much k2 to take with every 1000 of vitd3.I am a 180 pound male.Im currently using 1,000/45 but didn’t know if that was enough k2.

  14. Hi, my husband has got prostate cancer but he also suffered two strokes so he is taking the anti-platelets Plavix (Clopidogrel). Is it advisable for him to take a D3/K2 supplementation? Also, will this supplementation help him against bone demineralisation if he starts an anti-testosterone treatment (Casodex during thirty days, then Decapeptyl)?
    Thank you so much for helping.

    1. Hey Vinciane, Yes I would recommend the D3/K2 because is very good for his immune system and for bone health. The K2 is not a blood thinner so it is just fine to take with the Plavix. It is only K1 that thins the blood and that is not in this supplement.


    “Are some people pushing their vitamin D levels too high? Has science proven that the minimal acceptable blood level of vitamin D, in the form of 25(OH)D, is above 50 ng/mL (125 nmol/L)?

    The answer is “No.” If you’ve been trying to maintain your levels this high because you thought this was the case, I’m sorry to break the news. There is, on the contrary, good evidence that 25(OH)D levels should be at least 30-35 ng/ mL (75-88 nmol/L). Much higher levels may be better, or they could start causing harm, especially in the absence of adequate vitamins A and K2. Once we leave the land of 30-35 ng/mL, however, we enter the land of speculation.”

    5000 IU of D3 without any vitamin A is probably harmful, according to WAPF.


    Dr. Jockers does not give credit to the work of Dr. Price and Royal Lee for their work in this field. Dr. Price did a lot of work with what is now known as vitamin K2, which he called the X-Factor. It also looks like synthetic vitamin D in the “D3/K2” product, but I’m not sure. I would use high vitamin cod liver oil which contains real A and D3. Combine with good butter and sources of K2, that part is correct, I believe.

    1. Thanks for sharing Dave! We will look into the info you are sharing! We are huge advocates of vitamin A as well and love grass-fed butter as a great source and Cod Liver Oil! Blessings to you!

  16. Hi,

    Is There a Risk if overdose or bad side effect ?
    I take a low dose but my doc said….1000mcg is enough.
    I take more like 3-4000.

    Thank you 😁

      1. Sorry for me not be clear…
        I mean 3-4000 of vitD3 daily. My supplément has k2 also. Is it too Much for a normal healthy woman ?
        Thank you vert Much

  17. I’ve been taking 5k iu daily of D3 for past 15 + years via low D3 levels per my dr. (I have hypothyroidism) My latest labs show D3 levels at 60. I just now discovered I should be taking it with K2! What kind of harm could I be doing To my body because I haven’t been taking it with K2? I’ve recently found to have breast calcifications. Any correlation between the two? I’m trying to figure out how I got the calcifications and if diet change can get rid of them. Dr says there’re from old age (I’m 60) or indication of cancer. I’m now waiting to see breast cancer dr.

  18. Dr. Jockers,
    My husband has severe calcification in his vascular system. He is also using Coumadin. He has to watch his vit K intake because of this med and avoiding any clots. I have read of the benefits of K2 with D3 and hoped he could take k2. Is this ok with this med and does K2 affect coagulation? I know K1 helps with clotting which we are trying to avoid.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Jill, while we cannot give medical advice here, I will say that our experience is that vitamin K2 has only a mild blood coagulation effect whereas K1 has a much stronger impact so it is typically very safe to take at proper dosages. I would keep it to 90-180 mcg daily.

  19. I take k2 and d3 but the type people without a gallbladder need. I recently had calcification in the left eye lid which eye specialist had to scrape off with a scalpel. He also put a block between eye and nose. Sojohn? tests were negative. Crystals back after 2months. My gp does not understand calcification. What do you suggest please ?

  20. Hi. My dentist recommended Vitamin D3, Magnesium Glycinate, and Vitamin K2 supplementation to support good dental health in addition to nutrient dense foods. I just had my third child and am currently breastfeeding. I did not take the Vitamin K2 during pregnancy because I was unsure if that was wise to take leading up to labor and birth of my child. What are your thoughts on taking Vitamin K2 during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? What dosage?

  21. I was taking 3,000-4,000 IU’s of D3 every day for years, but when I requested to be tested, my D3 blood level was 19. It wasn’t until I researched that I found out that most sources of supplementation are lanolin derived. I’m allergic to sheep — as are MANY people! I found a fish-derived source and my levels quickly increased to the high 50’s. I’m not alone on this — but few people — nor even medical practitioners — are knowledgeable about this. PLEASE consider communicating this point in your very informative articles!!!

  22. Hello Dr. Jockers, I was referred to a cariologist due to mitral value regurgitation. I also had a coronary artery calcium score test completed and my total score was far above 400 (over 2000), which is considered severe artery calcium buildup. I presented my list of meds and over-the-counter list and the cardiologist crossed off the D2/K3 sublingual tablet that I have taken for years. He also crossed Sea Moss and a mushroom complex off the list. He stated that the D2/K3 would clog my arteries. I go for a stress test next week with the likelihood of an angioplasty procedure soon. I luckily don’t need a mitral value clip yet. Also, I am a diabetic and I eat a healthy diet. I am switching to goat cheese rather than cow’s milk based cheeses. It is concerning he told me to stop the D2/K3. Please review – thanks.

    1. Hello David. My upbringing as a child until I got married and moved to Texas in was in Louisiana. All we knew was goat cheese. I personally enjoyed it and still do even at 63 years old. Should you switch to goat cheese, I hope it does great for you. Stay “Blessed” and continue to keep your health the number 1 priority.

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