Crohn's Disease Healed -

Crohn’s Disease Healed


Crohn’s Disease Healed:

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease just after high school. Since then, I’ve had 3 surgeries to remove parts of my small intestine and now have very little left. Having very little small intestine causes me to have to use the restroom frequently!!! It’s easy to need to go 12-20 times in a day. I have to be very selective with what and when I eat and I would always need to be close to a bathroom. This has been a hardship at times because our family travels all over the world.

In April 2013,  my husband Trey and I attended a seminar given by Dr. Jockers. A dear friend in Boston had been for almost a year telling us that we needed to go hear him if he was ever in our area. Little did we know that Dr. Jockers’ office is less than 5 miles from our home. Anyway we went and were so intrigued by the knowledge and information about the foods we consume. We made an appt. for the next day for both to have our individual evaluation.


Ready to Take Responsibility for Our Health:

The moment we walked in the office we both knew we were in the right place to take ownership of our health and get the correct information about getting healthy and maximizing the lives we’ve been given. I still had no idea the change that was about to take place in my day to day living. I also suffered from chronic migraines and have found that certain foods trigger. This was all brought to the table during my evaluation.

Over the next few weeks Trey and I started changing What, When, How, & Why we eat! I thought it would be hard but it became really easy! “We eat to Live not Live to eat!” This was the motivating factor in the beginning and we both began to lose weight. Then after a few weeks of chiropractic adjustments and the fact that I really don’t NEED to eat breakfast I started to realize I was consuming less and had much more energy. I was feeling great!

Energy in the Morning:

I was no longer getting up in the morning feeling tired. I didn’t have to eat something within an hour of starting the day or my blood sugar would drop. I don’t need the medications I used to take either.  I have been able to reduce the number of medications I take for my Crohn’s from 4 to only 1 as of today. I have an infusion of Remicade that used to be every 5 weeks with 8 little bottles! Now I am able to go 8 weeks and only 6 bottles. It’s done by weight and the weeks by symptoms.

MOSTLY I’ve noticed I was having to frequent the bathroom LESS & LESS each day! This has been HUGE in my life and in my families! I know where every bathroom is everywhere I go! You see how our traveling all over the world can cause major anxiety! I’ve been on 3 different trips since starting our MAXIMIZED LIVING way of life and I cannot begin to express the change in how less stressful it is now!

Normal Bowel Habits and Quality of Life:

I have gone from the 12-20 times to TWICE a day!!! This has been amazing!   I still make sure I know where the restroom is just out of habit! I was afraid that when we travel I’d have a hard time with food. Dr. Jockers explained that when in another country or just on vacation to find local markets with local fruits and vegetables.

That eating as clean as possible was the key! He has taken such care with helping us meet our goals and educating us.  Our 10 min fitness is easy enough to do no matter where we travel. We’ve traveled home to Augusta and our family is in awe of how fit we’ve both become! Trey has lost 35 pounds and I’ve lost 17.

Dr. Jockers along with his knowledgeable and caring team have taught us the 5 Essentials of Life but more than that they’ve empowered us to share what we’ve learned with our family and friends!

Thank you to Exodus Health Center

“Making A Difference by Being The Difference!”


Michelle Barton

The Power That Made the Body, Heals the Body!

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