Hyperthyroidism Healed

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Hyperthyroidism healed, Hyperthyroidism Healed

Hyperthyroidism healed, Hyperthyroidism Healed

Seeing Lives Changed and God’s Glory Revealed!

HyperThyroidism Healed:  Praise God!

Before meeting Dr. Jockers, I was on an unending cycle of medications and testing; medication to control my thyroid and testing to make sure the meds were not destroying my liver function.  Every 6-8 weeks I visited my endocrinologist for blood work.  I was told that there were only 2 options for Hyperthyroidism or “Graves Disease”, medication or radiation.

For 7 years he pushed me to have radiation treatment (which would destroy my thyroid) and take a synthetic drug to replace its function.  With each push, I stood my ground and objected because I knew God made my body with a thyroid gland and it serves a purpose.   In addition to Graves’ disease, I suffered without answers as to why my body was depleted of essential vitamins such as B12, D, and Calcium. After going to multiple doctors, the only answers I received were medications.  My quality of life was diminished without a properly functioning thyroid as its effects on my body resulted in atrial fibrillation and extreme muscle fatigue.

I Received Hope

I received hope after meeting Dr. Jockers in Feb 2012 and gaining an understanding of subluxation and the benefits of a properly aligned spine, an anti-inflammatory diet, strategic exercises and a renewed mindset.   I live about an hour away from Exodus Health Center.  It was a sacrifice for my family to afford the cost of the care, gas and the healthy food I needed.  However, we made a decision that my health and quality of life was more important.  I began care in March 2012 and my bloodwork improved, my energy levels increased & I slept much better.  I also lost 15 pounds.   My MD began reducing my thyroid medication.  It was such a low dose, that I decided to stop the medication altogether.

Dr. Jockers says “God who created the body is able to heal the body”.  I had to soul search and ask myself if I really believed God and the journey He had me on.  I believed God and the anointing He has placed on Dr. Jockers, the office and team at Exodus.  After 3 months off of the medication, I had blood work done.   My thyroid function was within a perfect range.  My body was finally on a cycle of healing itself just as God created it.  I have a role to play and I am staying on this road and pushing through whatever obstacle comes my way.  I am so thankful for God placing me on the road to true restoration.

Lycenda Gilliam


Hyperthyroidism healed, Hyperthyroidism Healed

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Hyperthyroidism healed, Hyperthyroidism HealedDr. Jockers

Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. He has developed 6 revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants.



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Hyperthyroidism healed, Hyperthyroidism Healed




  1. Kara, hey I am not sure why you are responding with such anger to a great testimony. This website is full of free resources. The only thing you could purchase if you like would be my book or products. But we give away the farm with over 500 free articles and tons of free informational videos.

    Hopefully, you will see that we are just trying to educate, empower and inspire people to take back control of their health like Lycenda did!

    1. Keep doing what you are doing and do not worry with hateful people. I was thought that if you cannot say anything positive, say nothing at all. God Bless

  2. My husband was diagnosed with Graves Disease. He has headaches. He can’t move well. He has intimacy issues and his heart is greatly affected. I want my husband around for a long time. I also want us to get back to having some fun!!!! What does he need to do to get back to normal? Please advise me. Thanks.

    1. Sorry to hear about that Arleen. Let me know if you would want to do a consultation. I have helped many people with Graves and would love the honor of helping you and your family! Many Blessings!

    2. Eat Healthy focus on green smoothie Kale spinach kiwi or green apples Blend stop dairy foods and only lactate milk or So.See a Good Doctor that knows about your Condition,,And Pray and ask God to Heal your Husband, Drink water a lot, don’t stay in bed excersise your body eat Apple if no appetite.Detox with tea Dandelion or Chamomile twice a Day a little raw honey if needed.Good Luck

  3. I have been praying for along time for God to direct me and give me knowledge….. I have Hyperthroidism…. I live in Taylorsville NC….. Can you help me with Organic food and supplements? Im not on any kind of medication…. I want God to give the knowledge on how I can heal my body….. Or do you know anybody in my area close that is a Christain that can help me that I can trust……. I have a hard time trusting Dr…..
    God Bless….

    1. Wendy, sorry to hear about your health challenges! Thank you for writing! We help people all over the world beat Hyperthyroidism and many other conditions through a customized health plan. We could set up a Skype consult or long-distance phone consult and customize a natural healing plan for you to get well as well. Many Blessings!

  4. Hi Dr Jockers
    Im rebecca from china, I suffered hyperthyroidism since I was 14, now Im 25, I still take my medications to control my disease, I learned about the natural method to heal this disease recently, but regret to accept that fact that I’ve received radioactive ioidine treatment when I was15, now I still feel that the disease can be easily triggerd back to my life and the symptom with hair loss and eye bulges is a shame to me. I really need God do a miracle to put an end for this long and tedious journey, I really need help from a professional and loving doctor like you do, but doctors in my country let me down.
    Now I know there are some foods I should avoid such as glutten, soy, and dairy, I;ll do as much as I can to follow these treatments. If you have any advice to give me, plz contact me rebeccahemenghua@gmail.com

    God bless you

    1. Sorry to hear this Rebecca. You are on the right track by avoiding those foods. It is going to be necessary to get your vitamin D levels on track. I would suggest supplementing with high quality omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics as well. The most common things I see with auto-immune cases are vitamin D deficiencies, leaky gut syndrome and poor fatty acid balance.

      If you would like to set up a long-distance consult so I could customize a specific plan for you just email me at djockers@gmail.com – Many Blessings!

  5. Hi I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid on 3/2010 I was tarred with PTU for a year then it went into remission. I gave birth on 12/2013 and started having symtoms again. My t3 and t4 are normal but TSH is 0.1 I was told this time I have sub clinal hyperthyroid. The only symptoms I have is a racing heart and palpitation. I was referred to a cardiologist and after wearing a holter, event monitor, and doing a echo stress test I was told my heart is fine. I was then put on methamazole about 3 weeks ago but I’m still having the racing heart. My vitamin D levels when I checked last month were 32 so I’m taking a vitamin D supplement at 5000 as well as a liver detox and support supplement. I also recently started juicing. Please help!

  6. Dr. Jockers,

    Hi, hope you are well. I was diagnosed with both Hashimoto Thyroid and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) several years ago. I am so tired of always having to take a pill. Is this something you can help me with?

    Thank you,


  7. So sorry to hear about that Sandra. Yes, I have helped many people with both of those issues. I see these problems associated with leaky gut syndrome, infections and chronic inflammation and insulin resistance (inc. testosterone and leads to PCOS development).

    If you would like to consult with me – you can send me an email at djockers@gmail.com

  8. Hi Dr. Jockers,

    I’ve had abnormal bleeding for over a year. I’ve seen ten different OB/GYNs, I’ve taken at least five STDs for everything each time I’ve seen the OB/GYN all negative. I had to tell the doctors to please stop testing me for STDs and thyroids because they always come out negative. I’ve had 5 Pap Smears in one year all normal and no one can tell me what’s going on with this abnormal bleeding. It’s hindering my lifestyle. I don’t know if you deal with this type of issue, but maybe you can point in the right direction. Thank you so kindly

  9. Hi, I was so much impressed with the first testimony . I was also diagonised with hyperthyroidism in May 2014 and put on a higher does of carbimazole but as time went on I got tired of taking medication daily and took a decision to just rely on God. thank God my Pastor just prayed for me and the hormone levels started dropping, I am now a free woman in christ who strengthens me.

  10. Hi Dr. Jockers,
    I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, myocardial infarction, degenerative bone disease, ocd, rls, a small mass near my frontal lobe, copd, possible mini strokes, and type 2 diabetes. I’m so sick of taking medicine. Is there anything that you can suggest that will help me. I’d appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

  11. What a misleading and dangerous article. We have no idea how tame or severe this woman’s hyperthyroidism was (or is). It’s well known that untreated or undertreated hyperthyroidism can lead to a thyroid storm. A thyroid storm can result in heart failure, shock, and even death. To suggest that going off standard medications used for hyperthyroidism (PTU, methimzole, beta blockers, etc) is safe or recommended is irresponsible at best.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, “doctor.”

  12. “Gravester for 11 Years” why such hateful comments? you must have something going on in your life that makes you so angry to say awful things to those that do good. I know a lot of people that are Dr. Jockers patients and he had helped them heal from everything like hypothyroidism to cancer. He is a phenomenal doctor. I follow a lot of his protocols as well for many of my autoimmune issues I have. Tons of information is available on the site and its free to all of us. I also buy vitamins and supplements from Dr. Jockers website. He is a good soul who helps those who cannot help themselves especially when conventional medicine has failed. If you will say mean things, I suggest you find another website to post on, not this one. shame on you.

  13. “Gravester for 11 Years”….I am no longer on any thyroid meds at all (Hypo and Hashi for years) and have never felt better. so yes, no meds can be done. I felt worse on meds and had chest pains and was per-diabetic. You are not a doctor and conventional medicine has failed many of us. There is a new research that came out about taking synthetic thyroid medicine and increase risk of lung cancer. Do your research before you open your mouth.

  14. Hi Dr Jockers,
    I am disappointed that the medical profession still has the same options for hyperthyroidsm for over half a century. Are they serious? No one seems to be doing any research even now. Does it mean it has no priority among researchers? I am hyperthyroid and no history of thyroid problem in my family. I am on carbimazole 10mg twice a day for 6 months and am stable now. But want it cured. I dont have other physical sign of graves….but maybe its early to know. What test can i do to find out if i have graves disease? I was at Lancet today and the person i found does not know about such a test.
    I am in South Africa.

    1. Hey Carol,

      You can do a standard thyroid lab with thyroid anti-bodies, if your TSH is very low and T4 is very high with elevated antibodies than it would indicate hyperthyroidism.

  15. Hey Dr Jockers ,

    I’m angel I have hyperthyroidism and I was on meds for 5 months but nothing is changing . I was asking if you have hospital here in New York or where can I get your contact thank. God bless u

  16. Dr. i have hyperthyrodism since 2015 month of may.
    Until now im taking carbimazole 5mg.
    What food do i need to eat? And i always pray and do novena everyday.
    i stop going to the doctor since feb 2016 but im still continuing taking carbimazole 5mg.e

  17. Hi: you sound pretty special. I live in Canada and I apparently now have Hyperthyroid after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 10 years ago. I was taking dissecated thyroid until the last blood test indicated an overactive thyroid. My eyes hurt at times, shaky hands, anxious at times..just very sad to have to go through this. I cry a lot and just want God to heal me. I am currently taking Bugleweed under a natural paths direction. I won’t go to my family doc. She is turned away from me as she inputs on her computer. There is no personal interaction and I don’t like the fear model of medicine..it does place fear in me. Can our thyroid switch like that. I just am moving through menopause so I wondered if my hormone changes could do this. I want everything to have a natural approach. Thanks!

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