Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms -

Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms

mushroomsPaleo Stuffed Mushrooms

This is a modified recipe from my friend Megan Kelly.  She has an incredible blog and is a Licensed Esthetician specializing in holistic nutrition, woman’s hormones, and spiritual health.


Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms Ingredients

1 pound of white mushrooms

½ pound of grass-fed buffalo sausage

½ cup of chopped red onion

½ cup of chipotle mayo

Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms Instructions

  1. Cut out the stems from the mushrooms
  2. Preheat your oven to 375°. Place the mushrooms on a baking sheet.
  3. Saute the sausage and onion until the meat is cooked through
  4. When the sausage is finished cooking, remove it from heat and stir in the mayo.
  5. Take this filling and spoon it into the mushroom caps
  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until you notice the stuffing beginning to brown nicely along with the mushrooms.


Dr Jockers Comments

If you loved stuffed mushrooms than this is the recipe for you!  Using great ingredients this is a perfect side dish for any get-together and an incredible appetizer for your dinner party.  If you want a snack for the big game…this is a winner!

Mushrooms contain polysaccharides that strengthen and balance the immune system.  The red onions are natural anti-microbials that also contain the blood sugar stabilizing mineral chromium and the cancer stem cell killing anthocyanin anti-oxidants.

The Primal Kitchen chipotle mayo is free of all the toxic vegetable oils such as canola, corn and soybean oil and chemical ingredients you find in conventional mayo’s on the market.  Instead, the Primal Kitchen products use a healthy fat in avocado oil and natural herbs.

The ingredients in this mayo include:

  • Avocado oil
  • Cage-free eggs
  • Organic egg yolks
  • Organic lime juice
  • Chipotle powder
  • Organic chives
  • Organic rosemary extract

My wife and I also LOVE their regular mayo, which is made with avocado oil as well.  Once you try this, you will replace all the commercial mayo’s and even the veganaisse and other “healthier” varieties, which are made with grapeseed oil.  Grapeseed oil is very in inflammatory omega-6 fats and is not recommended on an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan.

We use grass-fed beef, organic chicken or bison or buffalo sausage for this.  I have a link for the buffalo sausage that I LOVE right here.  US Wellness Meats also has chicken and grass-fed beef sausage you can try in this.

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