10 Substitutions For Baking Without Eggs

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baking without eggs

10 Substitutions For Baking Without Eggs

Eggs are one of the top 8 food allergens that contribute to more than 25% of the population’s food allergy responses (4). For school-aged children, eggs are one of the least tolerated foods and only second to milk as shown in a study of over 2,000 kids (6).

Having a food sensitivity is a serious health matter that must be addressed to reduce your risk of developing chronic health issues and possibly disease. Although you may not identify your consumption of eggs as a health trigger that needs to be addressed, eggs are contained in many baked goods and may be contributing to your health symptoms.  This article is designed to give you options for baking without eggs.

baking without eggs

Symptoms of Sensitivity to Eggs:

Some of the most common ways food sensitivities may manifest itself in health reactions include: (3, 5)

  • Sinus congestion
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Hyperactive behavioral symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Migraine
  • Irritable bowel
  • Arthritis
  • Frequent pain from gallstones
  • Systemic inflammation

When these reactions become chronic, further complications can develop such as leaky gut syndrome, weakened immunity and an imbalance of gut microflora can wreak havoc on all systems of the body from neighboring organs to the brain.

Although the link between egg consumption and gallstones is not fully understood, doctors do believe that the cholesterol content of eggs may be too highly concentrated and not easily dissolved by bile essentially resulting in the formation of these crystalized structures known as gallstones (3).

If you or a child experiences these symptoms, it may be worth your health to remove eggs from your diet. It is best to reintroduce the food every 6 months to one year to detect for adverse reactions. Typically, children will age out of their food allergy to eggs before puberty. (5)

baking without eggs

10 Alternative to Baking Without Eggs

Fortunately, there is still hope for baking without eggs. Pastry Chef, Serafina Magnessen, recommends that when egg substitutions are used in baking that it is best to stick to recipes requiring 3 eggs or fewer for greatest success (2).

The following egg substitutions can be used in baking to serve the various functions in a recipe achieved from eggs (1). Generally, eggs are added for moisture, flavor, binding, leavening, or a combination of several of these functions. You will have to decide what substitutions work best for your purpose, taste buds and which ingredients are most appealing to the eye.  Finding one or two go to substitutions will help you figure out how to bake without eggs.

baking without eggs

1. Ground Flaxseed:

Flaxseeds can be fresh ground in a ratio of 1 tablespoon flaxseed to 3 tablespoons water to replace every one whole egg. This mixture should be whipped together well and allowed to rest and thicken. You will notice this mixture takes on the consistency of an egg.

It is always best to use fresh ground flaxseeds on an as needed basis to maintain the health benefits of their high fatty acids content. Store flaxseeds in the fridge or freezer to extend its duration and prevent seeds from going rancid.

Flaxseed makes an excellent substitution for baking without eggs for recipes such as quiche, cheesecake, cakes, muffins, and a quick bread. Be sure to use golden flaxseed in order to avoid the brown coloration from darker flaxseeds in the finished product.

biblical, Biblical Nutrition: Top 13 Bible Foods and Their Health Benefits

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar:

The combination of baking soda and vinegar may be less popular than its other egg substitution alternatives. For each egg replaced, combine 1 teaspoon baking soda with 1 tablespoon coconut vinegar or apple cider vinegar. As always, whenever consuming baking soda be sure to use an aluminum free product.

This method for egg substitution will make baked goods lighter and airy in consistency. Combing baking soda and vinegar may be best suitable for foods like angel food cake.

3. Chia Seeds:

Similar to flaxseeds, chia seeds can be used in the combination of 1 tablespoon chia seeds whisked well with 2 tablespoons of water for the substitution of 1 egg. Unlike flaxseeds, chia seeds do not have to be grounded for use.

4. Applesauce:

Not only used as an alternate for oil in recipes, applesauce is also commonly used to avoid eggs in most baked goods. Generally, each egg being replaced can be substituted for ¼ cup applesauce.

When baking with applesauce, remember to adjust other ingredients contributing to the products sweetness. You may need to reduce the amount of sugar, honey, syrups, stevia or other flavorings to account for the natural sugars in the apple. Be sure to add applesauce only when flavor combinations are compatible in your baked good.

5. Yogurt:

As is with applesauce, yogurt is another ingredient which can be added to reduce the amount of oil required in a recipe. However, yogurt is also great for replacing eggs in baking recipes. Simply replace 2 eggs with ¾ cup of yogurt.

Of course you will want to use organic grass-fed yogurt for optimal health benefits and may decide to experiment with when to use plain, vanilla or other flavored yogurts.

6. Bananas:

Bananas are a great egg substitute when used for binding and adding moisture. Bananas can also help you reduce the sugar content of your baked good without sacrificing flavor. For every one egg replaced, simply puree ½ to 1 whole ripe banana instead.

Different sources vary in their recommendations for baking without eggs using bananas, so you will have to learn what works best for you and your baking needs.

7.  Sweet Potatoes:

If a binder is what your recipe requires and is also a savory baked good, try replacing 2 tablespoons mashed sweet potato for every one egg called for. If an egg like flavor is desired, try adding a hint of black salt to the recipe for this intended flavoring effect.

8.  Tomato Paste:

Feeling adventurous? Tomato paste can replace every one egg using only 2 tablespoons of the paste. Tomato paste can make the perfect secret ingredient in spiced cakes with carrots, raisins and nuts. Be sure to use organic tomato paste found in glass containers to avoid BPA leakage.

9.  Almond Butter:

Baking without eggs in recipes for cakes and cookies is easy to do with almond butter. Add 3 tablespoons of creamy almond butter into your recipe for every egg substituted.

Almond butter can be used in place of eggs in recipes when its purpose is used for holding the mixture together, or binding, and doesn’t require any rising such as drop cookies.

10. Fruit Puree:

So long as your flavors combine well, adding ¼ cup fruit puree for every one egg is a great option to add flavor and natural sugars into your dish for moisture. It is generally recommended to cook fruits like pears and prunes down to limit water concentration.

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  1. Thank you so much Dr Jockers for sharing these alternatives. I tested sensitive to eggs so cannot use them and as you know paleo recipes rely heavily on eggs. So I do not follow paleo guidelines but do well on plant based whole foods. I appreciate your efforts to educate about autoimmune diseases and the caring giving spirit you show.

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