Chlorella: 7 Super Health Benefits For Brain and Body

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Chlorella:  7 Super Health Benefits

The single celled green algae chlorella is renowned for its incredible nutrient content and qualities.  The depth of benefits one receives from consuming this microspecies is evidence of its superfood status.  Chlorella is used around the world as a valuable food source for immune boosting and detoxification (1, 2).

Research into chlorella and other algae as food sources grew in the late 1940’s & 50’s in response to a concern of a global population boom.  Many researchers and scientists thought that our people would outgrow the amount of available food production.

In order to solve this potential hunger crisis, scientists searched for inexpensive forms of high-quality nutrition.  Algae such as chlorella were singled out as a great potential source.

Extraordinary Nutrient Density:

Chlorella contains an extraordinarily high nutrient density (3).  This is due to the rich amount of trace minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidant phytonutrtients that have allowed it to adapt to harsh environments over many years.  It also contains many very unique elements such as the carotenoid sporopollenin and the plant based antibiotic chlorellan (4).

Chlorella is the most potent source of pure chlorophyll (5).  Chlorophyll helps purify the blood and allows the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently (6).  It also supports the elimination of many toxins such as molds and industrial pollutants (7).   Chlorophyll provides magnesium to help support the brain and nervous system and to protect against toxic accumulation in the central nervous system.

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Enhanced Detoxification Process:

Chlorophyll activates the PPAR receptor within the nucleus of the cell (8).  This receptor helps transcribe and code certain DNA factors that function to open the cell membrane.  This is essential for cellular detoxification and the normalization of insulin resistance.  Additionally, chlorella contains zinc, GLA and other nutrients necessary for healthy cell membranes and insulin receptor sites.

Chlorella contains the phytonutrient sporopollenin.  Sporopollein is more effective at binding neurotoxic debris better than any other natural substance.  It has the ability to detox the body from biotoxins such as tuberculosis, Lyme disease, tetanus toxins and mold (9).

It also filters out xenobiotics such as phthalates, dioxins, pesticides, & industrial waste.   It can bind and eliminate heavy metals like mercury, lead, nickel & aluminum.  It also pulls out food preservatives, artificial flavorings & colorings.


Boosts Glutathione:

Chlorella turns on the natural detoxification switch by increasing intracellular reduced glutathione (10).  Glutathione functions to scavenge free radicals and renew the antioxidant properties of vitamin C & E.   Low glutathione levels significantly reduce the body’s ability to adapt to stress and push toxins out of cells.  As glutathione increases the cells begin to remove toxic debris.

Chlorella contains a fibrous mucopolysaccharide membrane wall that naturally binds to toxins.  This outer wall should be slightly cracked before consumption in order to make the nutritional benefits of chlorella more bioavailable.

Chlorella Growth Factor:

Chlorella has a unique ability to grow faster than any other plant on earth.  In fact, it has been shown to quadruple in quantity every 20 hours.   This is due to a substance called chlorella growth factor (CGF) that is programmed into its DNA.

CGF is a concentration of amino acids, glycoproteins, B vitamins and other nutrients.  These nutrients work synergistically to boost tissue growth, healing & repair.  Some experts believe CGF to be the healthiest substance known in nutritional science.

Researchers have found that CGF allows children to mature faster mentally, physically, & emotionally.  They consistently grow taller and with a higher IQ than those without CGF.  Additionally, the children’s social skills were more pronounced, and they had significantly less illness.  Interestingly, they had near perfect jaw development and had no record of tooth decay (11).


How To Use Chlorella:

You can get chlorella powder and put it in smoothies and shakes.  You can also purchase cracked cell-wall chlorella as a supplement and take 2-4 grams daily.   For the best pure chlorella supplement I recommend the RECOVERYbits® Chlorella which has great bioavailability and was created with sterilized cultivation to reduce heavy metal and toxin infiltration.  Use the coupon code JOCKERS at checkout to save 20% with Energy Bits.

Chlorella algae is a game changer for health. Many foods are good for getting your body the nutrients it needs, but only a handful are good at removing the toxins it doesn’t. Chlorella can help cleanse your body of environmental toxins, leaving you feeling healthier than ever. If you’d like to try our soundwave cracked, chlorella (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa), then be sure to check out our RECOVERYbits® Chlorella. It is the highest quality chlorella available and is grown using the highest quality growing conditions in the industry.

Green Juice Powders

You can also get this in a combination product with other herbs and algae’s such as spirulina to support your detoxification pathways.  However, these greens powders products do not contain the clinically significant dosages of chlorella and spirulina that you get when you do the capsules.  This is why I personally prefer using the tablets on a daily basis.

With that said, we get great testimonies from our community on the Ancient Nutrition Organic Supergreens powder which contains chlorella, spirulina and many dried veggie juices along with probiotics and enzymes.

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  1. Stenelle, Great question. There is no limit to the amount of chlorella a 2 year old should have as there are no known side effects of lots of chlorella consumption other than green stools and perhaps some constipation or diarrhea. I think incorporating chlorella into a superfood shake and giving it to your 2 year old daily would be fantastic!

  2. I’m curious.. with all the pollution in the oceans, how can we be sure the chlorella is not laced with radiotopic, petroliants, chemicals, etc? Not looking to add more burden. \ :
    Thanks, Mary

  3. Hi Dr. Jockers
    Is there a book or ebook ” Supercharge Your Health ” concerning the smoothies.
    Thank you for your answer.

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