5 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

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heal autoimmune disease

5 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

With the growth of chronic inflammatory conditions, we need more information on strategies to heal autoimmune disease.  We live in a world that puts high demands on our bodies to perform and produce all day long.  Many of us sacrifice rest in order to strive towards our goals.  We stay up late to work, watch movies, surf the web or spend time with family and friends.  When our body gives us signs of fatigue, we hit it with caffeine and energy drinks to keep on going strong.

What is the result?  We now have an epidemic of people with adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory issues.  Autoimmune diseases plague over 250 million people all around the world and many more suffer from a wide-variety of chronic inflammatory conditions (1).  In this article, you will learn strategies you can take to reduce inflammation and heal autoimmune disease.

What is Inflammation

Inflammation is a condition where the body’s immune system attack various proteins that are seen as foreign and potentially dangerous to the body.  This includes things that really could be dangerous such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.  But it can also include things that aren’t dangerous to the body such as pollen, dust, specific food particles and our own tissues.

Acute inflammation, such as when we have a splinter, is necessary in order to prevent against a dangerous infection.  The inflammatory storm that takes place when we have an open wound is nothing short of life-saving.

In fact, systemic infections have killed more people in the history of mankind than anything else.  So the body has adapted to become stronger over time and we have hardwired the inflammatory storm process to allow us to survive dangerous infections.  Unfortunately, this same strong internal military can be untamed and cause damage and destruction to our tissues.

Chronic Inflammation vs. AutoImmunity

Chronic inflammatory processes and autoimmunity have a lot of similarity but also some differences.  Autoimmunity is usually associated with an overall chronic inflammatory process.  However, one could have a chronic inflammatory condition without having autoimmunity.

A chronic inflammatory process is when some sort of trigger (pollen, food particles, etc) initiates a strong inflammatory process that causes collateral damage to other tissues of the body such as the gut lining, blood vessels, the sinuses, the lungs, the joints, etc.  This would create conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, allergies, asthma, osteoarthritis, etc.

An autoimmune condition is when the bodies white blood cells produce a specific antibody to target a particular tissue or enzyme within a tissue of the body.  For example, in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, the body will produce an anti-body to attach certain enzymes such as thyroid peroxidase or thyroglobulin that work to produce thyroid hormone.

So the big difference between chronic inflammatory conditions (CIC) and autoimmunity is that in CIC’s we have tissue damage resulting as an indirect effect of the inflammatory process.  While in autoimmunity we see tissue damage as a direct effect of the inflammatory process.

Establishing Immune Tolerance

The key to reducing inflammation and autoimmunity is to improve the immune coordination within our body in order to establish immune tolerance.  Immune tolerance is where the body is able to effectively discriminate against self vs. non-self tissue and is able to create a more precise inflammatory process so as to not have significant collateral tissue damage (2).

The immune response is a remarkable network that depends upon trillions of unique enzymes, proteins and cell receptors to communicate and adapt at any given moment.  This allows for a steady acclimation to the constant alterations in the environment in order to give the body the best chance for survival.

Healthy immunity is dependent upon good communication and proper regulatory patterns in the immune system.  This is the biological process that must take place to heal autoimmune disease.

Regulatory T Cells

The body has a very intelligent cell called the T regulatory cell which is produced in the thymus.  This results in the body having the appropriate balance of T cells where we have the proper ratio of T helper, cytotoxic T cells, killer T cells and T suppressor cells.

One test used to look at this balance is the CD4:CD8 test.  T helper cells are in the CD4 category and the T suppressor cells are in the CD8 category.  Looking at this balance helps to understand how immune tolerant the body is (3).

When the body has elevated T helper, cytotoxic and killer T cells, we have an increased risk of developing chronic inflammatory conditions and autoimmunity.  On the flip side, if the body has elevated immune suppressor cells, the immune system lacks punch and the individual may be more susceptible to infection.

Fortunately, there are many lifestyle strategies we can take to maintain T cell balance and immune tolerance.


5 Steps to Reduce Inflammation 

Here are the best action steps to get started with on your journey to prevent and/or heal chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease.  You should always consult with your physician before stopping or changing medications or taking on new health strategies.

Additionally, you should be working with a functional health practitioner to help guide you through these strategies.  This is not an exhaustive list and there are other natural therapeutic strategies that I and functional health practitioners will utilize to help individuals with chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

1. Heal Your Gut

Intestinal permeability or leaky gut syndrome is a condition where the intestinal lining is damaged.  The damage to the gut lining opens up the intestinal junctions and allows for large food particles, bacteria and environmental toxins to seep into the blood stream.

When the immune system recognizes that bacteria and large undigested food particles are in the blood stream, it will go on high alert, as this could be a life threatening risk.  So the body initiates a chronic inflammatory process in order to reduce the bacteria, toxic debris or food particles in circulation.

Keeping the gut lining healthy is of upmost importance to establishing immune tolerance and heal autoimmune disease (4).  In this article, I go over the top 10 foods to heal leaky gut.  You will never heal autoimmune disease until you get the gut lining stable.

Sjogren's Syndrome, Sjogren’s Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Support Strategies

2. Eliminate Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities come about due to leaky gut syndrome and cause an inflammatory process within the gut when we consume them.  This inflammatory process further damages an already inflamed gut and creates a worsening condition of intestinal permeability.

As the gut lining gets even more damaged, more bacteria and protein molecules are released into the blood stream causing amplified inflammation throughout different regions of the body.  In order for one to create immune tolerance, they will need to eliminate their food sensitivities for an undisclosed period of time (5).

This is called an elimination diet.   An elimination diet is simply a nutrition plan that eliminates the most common foods that contribute to inflammation along with other susceptible foods.  As you follow this for a period of time, the level of inflammation reduces, and the body is able to repair and heal itself.  This is a critical strategy to heal autoimmune disease.  This article goes over 5 steps to following an elimination diet.

3. Balance Your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar stability plays a huge role in the inflammatory process.  One of the most powerful anti-inflammatory compounds within the body is the stress hormone cortisol.  Cortisol is called a glucocorticoid because it’s primary role is to mobilize glucose.

The antagonist to cortisol is insulin, which takes glucose and puts it into cells.  Insulin also has a pro-inflammatory nature, so that the higher the blood glucose, the increased need for insulin and the more inflammatory activity will be produced (6).

Elevated blood sugar also reduces the strength and tone of the immune system.  When the immune system loses its tone, it favors chronic inflammation as a way of prioritizing survival.

When we have blood sugar imbalances, we cycle through periods of both high and low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar, signals cortisol levels.  Overtime the body becomes resistant to both insulin and cortisol and we end up with increased inflammatory activity (7).  It is critical to get your blood sugar and insulin levels under control in order to reduce inflammation and heal.

heal autoimmune disease

4. Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is considered to be more of a hormone than a vitamin based around its role in the body.  Hormones are chemical messengers that communicate with cell receptors to produce specific biological responses in the body.  In this way, calcitriol, which is the active form of vitamin D, has the ability to activate over 1,000 genes in the body (8).

All the major immune cells have vitamin D receptors and these immune cells are all capable of synthesizing the active vitamin D metabolite.  Vitamin D modulates the balance between the innate and adaptive immune responses.  Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiencies are associated with increased autoimmune development and increased susceptibility to infection (9, 10).

This article goes into more of the benefits of vitamin D and the best strategies to optimize your levels.  You must optimize vitamin D levels to heal autoimmune disease!

If testing reveals they are highly deficient, we will do higher dosages.  I also encourage all of my clients to get out in the sun everyday for at least 15 minutes.  I rarely see vitamin D levels too high, but on occasion with someone who has been doing high dosage supplementation for an extended time it will happen.  This is why you should stay around 5-10,000 IU in supplemental form unless given specific instructions from your health care practitioner.

heal autoimmune disease5. Boost Up Your Glutathione

Glutathione is considered the “master antioxidant” within the body and is produced by every cell in the body where it functions to protect our DNA.  Glutathione is our cell’s security guard that protects the cellular components from outside free radical attack.  Longevity scientists now believe that the level of glutathione in our cells has a direct relationship with how long we will live (11,12).

Glutathione plays a very important role in establishing immune tolerance (13).  Studies have demonstrated that glutathione enhances the function of T cells and modulates immune activity (14).  In this way, optimizing glutathione levels are extremely important for reducing collateral damage associated with inflammation and autoimmune reactions (15).

This article goes into more detail on glutathione and its role in reducing inflammation.  Hopefully, this article has given you hope and several major action steps to reduce inflammation and heal autoimmune disease.

heal autoimmune disease

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heal autoimmune disease

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  1. Hi Dr. Jockers,
    I started following your website after I watched The Truth About Cancer.
    I am a cancer conquerer and now have a ministry for cancer patients. I try and encourage, educate and come along side those trying to overcome cancer. Your website, videos and health information has been very instrumental in helping me help them. Thank you for all that you do to help all of us stay disease and cancer free. I will continue to share your information on my facebook and website. I love that you are a man of faith. God has blessed you with a beautiful family. I pray the very best for you.
    Leah Epperson
    Heart Encouragment

      1. Hi DrJockers..I just joined yr page of health challenges informations n sharing your advanced knowledge of how to live in a healthy n natural protocol to guide the healthy living..I am a Metastasized breast Cancer survivor ..with tightening n painful back n sternum at times..
        I would love to share with you more if you like to help me listening my story…

    1. “A ministry for cancer patients”? What a brilliant strategy!

      No collection plate needed: just ask ’em to include your ministry in their wills: a breakthrough in philanthropic thinking!

  2. How much to you charge for 30 days of coaching for severe leaky gut? What tests do you need to run and how much do they cost? How do you handle that long distance? I seem to be reacting to everything including healthy stuff like coconut, ginger and bone broth(glutamic acid). How do you handle that? I am already very thin and need to eat something?

    Thank you, Susan

  3. Bundle of thanks to you Dr. I am a patient of ADEM or multiple sclerosis and from last 2 months i got paralysed due to ADEM attack. But now i am almost 85% recovered due to steriods and vitamin D intake. I also follow all your suggestions specifically of diet like bone broth etc. I really felt more healed and energetic. You are just like a grou
    Great helper for all us.

    1. Not all persons with autoimmune disease can use bone broth. I have rare autoimmune disease Stiff Person Syndrome with positive Anti GAD65, which means my body produces too much glutamic acid which reduces GABA

      1. Dear Jacqueline, I too suffer from stiff person syndrome and I have type 1 diabetes. It seems to be getting worse. I live in Utah and not much is known about it. Any help would be very welcome. Thank you.

      2. I think this sounds like me. Could we get in touch? I would like to hear about your journey and what you know. I feel stiff and I have often thought that GABA could be low somehow. I don’t know what to research next.

      3. Do you eat eggs and proteins? Did you get migraines before your diagnosis and treatment? Have you worked with taking gaba or gaba-ergics or other drugs? What other things have you found help or hurt? THANK YOU

  4. I just came across your site today. I suffer from Hashimoto disease as do both my daughters age 19 and 29
    I was disappointed after submitting my email address I didn’t get the free download on inflamation.

  5. My mother in law is a diabetic patient-aged 62 years. Some 5 years back she sufferred a major heart attack and her EF came down to 35% . Now it is around 30%. But some 2 years back she had developed rheumatoid arthritis as well . Now we are stuck as statins given for her heart condition aggravate the pains. Please suggest.

    1. Hey Deniece, Scleritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that is commonly an autoimmune issue. I would suggest following the strategies in this article and possibly following an elimination diet to remove inflammatory foods from your diet and allow your body to downregulate inflammation.

  6. Hey Dr. Jockers, I was wondering if you would recommend Kombucha on the Keto diet, since it is made w/ sugar and has 2 to 10-20 g of sugar ?
    Thanks Kindly, Jan

    1. Hey Jan,

      Look at the nutrition label, I would look for something under 10 grams total and even lower if possible. It should be okay for many people but to be sure you may want to measure your ketones to be sure in your case!

  7. hello doctor

    this is the first time I see your website, so thanks for the articles.

    My niece is suffering from Scleroderma for the past 5 years, her skin is hardening all over her body, her face is icy and the color of the skin is converting to black!
    her skin is so itchy. I really need your help if there is anything we can do.

    1. Hey Saad, So sorry to hear about this. Scleroderma is an autoimmune condition so following an autoimmune elimination diet and supporting the immune system will help. Start with the strategies in these articles and email nutrition@drjockers.com if you want to go deeper!


  8. You don’t need to take probiotics if you manage your lectin consumption. Before I became aware of the insidious effect of lectins on the body I was taking probiotics to try to control my gut and candida. After eliminating the high lectin foods from my diet my candida went away and I experienced relief from a host of other conditions that had been plaguing me for years!

    1. Great to hear about your resolution Chuck! Removing food sensitivities as well as restoring healthy gut flora are both important factors in healing autoimmunity, sometimes this needs supplemental support.

  9. My husband is suffering with systemic lupus since March 2016 started with 4 blood clots in his lungs was put on warafin and now methotrexate Because he was in great shape Dr’s said saved his life now always in so much pain he has pretty much all the symptoms gained so much weight he just can’t move about I have made him many of your recipes will he ever go into remission Thank you Dr. Jockey I love all your websites

  10. Hey Doctor

    Thanks for the article.

    I am a patient of Vitiligo. Please guide me how to cure this disease. I got it at the age of 7 and now am 28 year old. Please suggest me what should i do.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.


  11. I have been disgnosed imflammatory gut and noe on probiotics and my daughter sent me cellgevity supplement which i am taking,please can these hesl me?

  12. hi my name is christine
    a week ago i started pooping blood i went to emergency and they told me it was hemmorroids which is not scary to me but since then i have been passing blood in my stool and dripping i dont know if i should go back to doctor or try your advice
    can you give me some diet to try or take a certain vitamin or mineral
    thank you

  13. hi my daughter has chronic asthma she is 24 yrs old now and now gets migraine is there something i can suggest to her to try as in diet, vitamin or cleans
    thank you

  14. Hi I have JDM with skin involvement and no muscle involvement.. aged 14 .. ..how do I get tested for leaky gut …and get off methotrexate…

  15. Hello sir,

    Do u know anything about serpiginous choroidopathy ? My Father-in-law is currently has lost his vision due to this. Is there any solution for this with you ?

  16. Have had eye inflammation for past 4 months(had cataract surgery 6
    Months ago)At 86 isn’t autoimmune system on the low side.Any ideas
    On cause of inflammation?

  17. I read your article, thank you so much. I would like to know about the 5 healing supplements for Autoimmune Disease. Could you please advise on the dosage of the following and how many mg to take, also the brand. Sometimes i am confused as to what brand and milligrams to buy.

    – Vitamin D

    – Zinc


    – Omega 3

    – Probiotics

    thank you

  18. Hi Dr. Jockers, I love your blogs and articles. I was surprised to see ‘peripheral neuropathy’ on your autoimmune chart. I had a massive autoimmune ‘flare’ three years ago (Hashis and CFS) and have almost recovered due to the AIP diet, gut healing, meditation, FIR saunas, NDT, LDN and B12 injections as well as other ‘dexoxing’ lifestyle changes. However, the tingling in my hands and feet has been a persistent symptom which has not gone. I would be interested to hear your views on what might be happening.

  19. Hi Dr. Jockers,

    I really enjoy your informative articles! I would love to get more Omega-3s in my diet but, I had my gallbladder removed years ago and don’t tolerate fats well at all any more. Coconut oil is ok but, I have a lot of problems with other kinds. Do you have any advice for those of us who have problems eating enough good fats due to having their gallbladders removed?
    Thank you, Kate

  20. Hi Dr. Jockers,

    I have a family member who has alopecia areata. Can you please recommend how to stop this? Thanks, Jay

  21. First,thanks,Dr.shoker i am supporting alopecia areta and thyroid inflammation on right side please guide me.j jack from Pakistan

  22. I have allergy on my skin and the itchiness is terrible. What supplement should I take. Do you have your products in the Philippines? Where can I buy them?

  23. Hi,

    I have a family member who is living with Autoimmune disease. Unfortunately she is not able to take the medication given to her by the hospital as it causes her to have stomach problems. She is in great discomfort, and just wants to try and lead a normal life. Can you suggest anything? Thanks so much

  24. Hi I am wondering if you can suggest your supplements to Boost Up MY Glutathione. I recently completed an extended fast and eliminated a couple quarts of parasites (protozoa) after being severly infected for 6 yrs. I felt good until I developed pain in my chest. Went to the ER and all test showed nothing wrong with me. I read the connection between inflammatory bowel disease and a condition called pericarditis. I know I need to do all the above (which I have been) not sure how much vit D though. I take one Combo VIT D 2000 IU and it has Vit K with it 200 mg. Consume collagen in pureed soups 4 times per day. Pain is there and hoping natural herbs, nutrients and prayer make it go away. Thank you for this helpful article!

  25. Have a nice day Dr.Jockers,
    I have a friend who has an autoimmune disease – multiple sclerosis – multiple sclerosis, her spinal cord is dry, 62 years old, while mobile, her mom died of the disease when she was 60 years old.
    I would like to ask you to help her – to reverse this disease, I have heard that it is caused by heavy metals and parasite – fluke.
    I do not speak English, I write to you through the translation, I will be glad if you write to me how to help her and improve her health, thank you.

  26. Hi, Can you please give me some advice as to why a digestive enzyme with Betaine HCL among ox bile and other things would make my stomach hurt instead of helping it? I just had an acute diverticulitis attack, ,y first one and it was severe with uncontrollable vomiting and horrendous colon spasms worse than giving birth! I was rushed to hospital on Nov 19th and spent 3 days on IV antibiotics and morphine, i get home and im feeling lousy, turns out i got CDIFF from this whole ordeal and needed 10 more days of Vancomycin. I have been so sick, I need help, I am a holistic counselor but seeking your advice! Completed course of Vanco, Now I am on a good spore probiotic, plus a lacto multi strain probiotic, saccromyces boulardi, allicidin, broccoli seed extract, Monolaurin Vit D, Co Q 10 and aloe Vera juice. My diet is seriously lacking since what I went through I can barely eat , on a very low fiber low residue diet and have lost way too much weight! I was told 8 most ago before this nightmare started that I might have SIBO, didn’t do test for it. Have suffered most of my life with IBS alternating between Diarrhea and constipation.
    Had multiple CT scans, 2 colonoscopies and ultrasounds, tons of bloodwork and i feel these doctors are really lacking in their knowledge of what’s going on and how to treat it. I had been on the Betaine HCL for months and not seemed like it was working but the night I had that horrendous attack which led me to hosp i had taken the HCL and had a nut and seed bar and tonight I started with the HCL again and got really scared because my stomach is feeling really strange from it. Please advise??? No more nut and seed bars for me either, too afraid! I just sent an email to your functional doc

  27. Hi Dr. Jockers,

    Are you familiar with Paleomedicina and their protocol for dealing with autoimmune conditions? What do you think of it?

    Thank you

  28. Thank you doctor for great articles and responses! Do you think that autoimmune cardiomyopathy and heart failure could be reversed? It caused heart damage with scar and calcification. My relative has that so I am concern after reading about it. Who should treat person with such condition?
    Cardiologist or immunity specialist? It is viral from herpes 6 and doctors use drugs for herpes only. Do you know any doctor who is successful in this area? I know about functional medicine but not everybody can afford that. He may not be able to visit such doctor with his insurance. I am afraid not every functional doctor can handle that.

  29. It would be awesome to see more research on food sensitivities on an empty stomach. I have Hashimotos and migraines. But during the Pandemic, less stress allowed for my food sensitivities to be greatly reduced so much so that I gained 25 pounds! Now that I am eating clean and losing 15 pounds plus, my food sensitivities are coming back. I believe it’s all because WFPB diet leaves the contents of your stomach pretty low to empty. Then other foods pass through to your small intestine quicker and can aggravate leaky gut. Thoughts? I am already seeing a few Functional Med Drs. Noone seems to know about this connection.

  30. Dear Dr. Jockers,
    I am in the worst fibro flare up that I have ever had. It seems overwhelming. The pain won’t stop. Burning mouth syndrome is stirring the pot. It’s so hard to sleep. The pain on the roof of my mouth is 10+. I use honey drops to get a little relief. Medications do not control the reflux that may be causing the mouth pain. I truly like to find the cause and find healing of this burning stinging mouth pain. It has put me over the top of my threshold.
    Fibro flare is from the bottom of my feet to the top of head. Way too much burning, stinging, and pinching pain. I need help in over my head literally. I know that there has to be a way out rather than medical marijuana as my primary suggested.

  31. Hi

    The United States are home of all the world nations and languages. Could you get your documentaries translated into at least the 5 most spoken languages to help further those not speaking english? A few bilingual translators can do that.

    Regards and thanks


  32. Hello Dr Jockers,
    Earlier, this morning after successfully signing up for your Online Health Community group I attempted to take advantage of your ONE-TIME Inflammation Crushing E-Bundle offer, consisting of 10 Ebooks. This bundle was offered as a Thank-you for joining your Online Community, Today, only. The total value of this offer was a $249 dollar value, but that today the “thank you offer” allowed me to buy the 10 book Ebundle for $12 dollars. I pressed the “order now” button, but despite repeated attempts I could not place the order.
    I am very interested in purchasing the 10 book Ebundle, however, I definitely am having a hard time completing the purchase. I am not “well versed” in computers and ordering through them, so perhaps that is the reason for the problems that I am facing. I enlisted help from my husband, but even between the two of us we could not find a way to order this Ebundle. We saw an order page that asked for my name and promo code number (we looked for a promo code, but could not find one anywhere). There also was a space on this page to enter quantity and cost, but none of the spaces allowed for the requested information to be filled in. As a result we could not proceed with the purchase. Please kindly advise me as to how to complete the purchase of the above mentioned offer, by e mailing to me the steps that we need to take to make the purchase possible. Thank you for your prompt assistance in solving this problem as I am very interested and eager to be able to read your Ebooks. I have learned a great deal through your Instagram posts, your Podcasts and any other means through which you inform your readers. I am grateful for all of your efforts and considerable, I am sure time, devoted to thoroughly preparing and sharing information that without a doubt enables the reader to live a healthier life. Thank you again, for your time and hard work to make a difference.
    Have a wonderful weekend doing all of the things that bring you joy!

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