Why Is Aluminum in Vaccines and Is It Safe?

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Why Is Aluminum in Vaccines and Is It Safe?

Vaccines are one of the most sensitive topics in the health care debate.  Many people swear by them and credit vaccines with putting an end to childhood infectious diseases.  Others are strongly concerned about the growing number of vaccines on the market today and legislative policies that would enforce vaccines upon the public.

The most important thing to understand is what exactly is in a vaccine and how does it work?  Additionally, why are potentially toxic ingredients such as aluminum in vaccines and is it safe?

Aluminum Hydroxide:

This form of aluminum is a protoplasmic poison and a potent neurotoxin that is completely unnatural to the biochemical process of any life form on earth (1).  The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that aluminum is now being implicated as interfering with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and other tissues (2).

Aluminum toxicity is known to cause encepthalitis, bone disease and anemia (3, 4, 5.)  “Aluminum hydroxide is used in vaccines to increase the body’s production of antibodies, though no one knows how it works,” says Purdue researcher Stanley Hem, professor of industrial and physical pharmacy.


Vaccines and the Immune System:

Antigens are protein molecules that stimulate the immune system.  Antibodies are protein molecules made by the immune system to defend against foreign substances.  In the 1930’s vaccine researchers tested a number of ingredients to see what would effectively bring antigens into the body so the immune system of the individual would produce antibodies.

Aluminum was proved to be an effective adjuvant or substance that irritates the immune system and causes antibody production (6).  The FDA limits the dosage to 0.85 mg of aluminum per vaccine to minimize exposure.  Children following normal vaccine protocols receive up to 3.75-4 mg of aluminum in the first 6 months of life (7).

Kidney Elimination of Aluminum:

The kidneys normally eliminate aluminum from the body.  People with strong, healthy kidneys should be able to excrete the aluminum in vaccines.  Most research has shown that about 50% of aluminum in vaccines or food is eliminated within 24 hours and 85% is eliminated in 2 weeks (8).

However, infants have reduced renal function and may not be able to excrete ample amounts.  Kidney function is very low at birth and does not reach maturity until 1-2 years of age (9, 10).

Vaccines Damage Brain Function:

A 1992 study showed that aluminum based vaccine injected into mice caused a transient rise in brain tissue aluminum levels that peaked around the 2nd -3rd day after injection (11).  This is particularly concerning because aluminum does its greatest damage in the brain.

This study showed that it is possible for aluminum to cross over the blood brain barrier and lodge into areas of the brain. A 1997 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that premature babies injected with aluminum build up toxic levels in the bones, blood, & brain (12).  This aluminum toxicity can lead to very serious mental handicaps by 18 months of age.

aluminum in vaccines

Aluminum Toxicity:

Aluminum is found in the DTP, Haemophilus Influenzae, Pneumococcal, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Human Papillomavirus, Anthrax, & Rabies vaccines.  A 2004 article published by the FDA states, “Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function including premature neonates who receive aluminum at greater rates than 4-5 mcg per kilogram of body weight per day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity (13).”

Based on these FDA toxicity thresholds a 6lb baby could not handle more than 11-14 mcg of aluminum.  The Hepatitis B vaccine which is given at birth contains 250 mcg which is 20x the toxicity threshold.  The average baby weighs close to 12 lbs at 2 months of age when they are injected with 1,225 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines which is 50 times the toxicity threshold.

For much more info on Aluminum in Vaccines read this excellent research article here

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  1. Do the kidneys eliminate aluminum at the same rate whether the aluminum enters the body orally or enters through injection into a muscle? I can understand aluminum entering orally going back out quickly, but I imagine being injected with it could be quite different. Thanks for this article.

    1. Injection is way more challenging for the body, because oral intake is able to be filtered and excreted through the digestive tract, wheras injection bypasses the digestive tract.

      1. Great article, thanks so much the research! And I enclose that taught too Dr. Jockers, they figured out well, how to depopulate the Earth, they know well, if they inject it into the veins, no filter, and until the immune system reacting, the damage are made. Bill Gates said when he talked about depopulation, “give me 1 tool, my favorite is immunization, I’ll bring in a new vaccine”.
        Why leprous people in Florida? 9 already! And they says Armadillos spreading it. Someone may say they escaped from the Lab experience.

  2. Great article!
    Can anybody explain me how the image of the two vaccines (Aluminium in NZ vaccines) is understood?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Thank you for a great article and important information.
    Other factors that are also important include the action of Aluminium also catastrophically renders lysosome function redundant impairing cellular detoxification opening the door to all manner of disease.
    What I find as frightening is that Al salts are used in our water supplies to clarify water so we get a steady supply and the over use of deodorants that nearly all contain Al compounds also impacts our health.

    We universally need bright lights like yourself to expose these insights otherwise the western kakistocracies within which we reside will never change.

    Again, thank you for your insight and hope that I have not distracted from the important information you provide.

  4. Is there a doctor in the northeast preferably NY or NJ that administers a ‘clean’ vaccine? One without the additives that could potentially be a risk to my children. I am not anti vaccine, i understand the need for them however i also don’t want to put my children at risk unnecessarily. I am not knowledgeable enough to make an educated decision so to take the precaution makes sense to me.

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