Episode #9 – Top 12 Immune Support Strategies to Prevent Illness

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In This Episode:

  • The miraculous secret behind how your body works with bacteria (not against it) to strengthen your immune system.
  • The 8 wonders of the immune system (that almost no one knows about) and how it shields and fights off infections effectively.
  • Discover the fascinating activities to train your immune system muscle and how you’ll become less vulnerable day after day.
  • Explore the 12 most refreshing, restoring, and easy steps to make your immune system stronger than ever.

In this podcast, Dr. Jockers goes deep on the immune system to share the best strategies for preventing illness. If bacteria make you uncomfortable, get ready for a change! When you follow these life-changing steps, it’s the other way around.

You’ll learn the right way to have a strong, active immune system that can handle exposure and fights off infections like a champion.

“We think bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are out to get us, but we really work in harmony with them. Their job is to break down decaying matter. Our job, as living beings, is to not be decaying matter.” – Dr. Jockers

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Episode #9 - Top 12 Immune Support Strategies to Prevent Illness

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Dr. Jockers

Dr David Jockers is passionate about seeing people reach their health potential in mind, body and spirit. He is the host of the popular “Dr Jockers Functional Nutrition” podcast and the author of the best-selling books, “The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough” and “The Fasting Transformation.”






  1. Spirit-mind-organs, that’s how most of the illnesses starts in order. And thankfully that’s what naturopath doctors treating, and helping with nutrients. Even Dr Axe says our body producing cancer cells daily, but if our immune system is strong, we stay healthy.
    Spiritually ( emotionally) people suffer an emotional fear, anger, emotional shock ( unexpected), than a fuse goes out into a certain brain part, begin swollen( CT shows it, the swollen brain,what controls that organ what connected to that situation and type of emotion that part of the brain going to be swollen), than begins a change into our organs-cell growth,etc- ( appearance of sickness). It goes on until we’re staying in the emotional crisis for even for months. If we solved it, no more suffering from over that situation/emotion ( no anger on the issue, or fear, we feel emotionally peace over it) begins the natural healing (recall healing) as Dr Jockers says, our body able to heal itself. Through this emotional healing, our body decomposing the cancer cells( painful) , cysts, everything, following with inflamation.
    That’s why works great as Dr Jockers telling us, stay positive, get healthy food, exercise.
    Whatever happening in our body, our mind sending there programs, commands to our organs, and things ( illness deposing bacteria ( eats up cancer cells,etc)- inflammation,etc- during healing process), until our brain sending another command to stop. Healed.

    1. Different emotions affects different parts of the brain and certain organs. Different part of the brain going to be swollen from the fear to loose a job, or fear to get sick, or loosing a child, or someone attacking us and trying to steal money etc., or worrying over things. We can check always our body reaction over emotions, situations.

  2. We need to control our thoughts, as they cause our emotions. Excess fear weakens the kidney which nourishes our brain , nervous system, effects our detox ability, affects the other organs such as the heart, liver, vision. Also excessive worrying weakens our stomach & spleen (pancrease), thus digestion & immunity. The fear of covid & the medias insistance on reporting every death is causing a weakening of our health. I see people wearing masks & gloves riding a bike, driving their car, walking in a park…this is fear.

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