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Healing Lifestyle Testimonial

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Healing Lifestyle Testimonial ~ Kim 

From early childhood, I had been exposed to poor diet, DDT and heavy metals. I was very sickly as a result. In the ‘80s, I began to teach aerobics and learned about proper nutrition. In 2000, I began even more clean living practices. In 2005, I felt called to intercede for the plight of those suffering from lack of knowledge and the deception of modern “healthcare”.

As a test and a testimony, God asked me to stop taking any pharmaceuticals, including over-the-counter drugs. My kids benefited as we grew in wisdom and had never been to the Dr. except for camp physicals and such. They were blessed with super health!

Years Passed Without any Improvement

Years passed and I became one who ate right, exercised, dealt with my “baggage” and still was not able to successfully get my hormones balanced! I considered myself a “guinea pig”, trying a multitude of things to recommend if they worked. I kept ignoring the signs (trouble breathing deeply, hot flashes, sleep and digestive issues) because I FELT GREAT! What was I missing???

From my teens I had fibrocystic breast issues and just lived with them after horrific mammogram experiences and the devastating things “medical experts” had done to some of my relatives. In April of 2013, I began noticing slight bleeding from my left breast that gradually increased to scary amounts. I immediately went into denial. How could this be happening when I am SO healthy?! I dealt with some empty-nest grief and visited my Naturopath who said I definitely had a blockage. She found places that were out in my spine saying, “You need to see a chiropractor!”

I Had Sworn Off Chiropractors!

Well, I had “sworn off” chiropractors years ago after some bad experiences, but had heard about Dr. Jockers’ amazing successes. I even signed under him in Beyond Organic, got Health Coach certified, exercised with his videos, etc.  I told everyone, “This guy is preaching my message!” J

Then I went to a Healthy Hormones workshop with my daughter-in-law. It felt like walking into a whole health heaven at Exodus Health Center! Seeing a poster of a puzzle, I realized that chiropractic adjustment just might be my missing piece! My favorite observation was that they were unashamedly Christ-centered, giving God all the glory for each transformed life.

My husband and son went to the orientation class at Exodus with me and I signed up for the Foundational Health Care Plan. I couldn’t believe how much we received for such a reasonable price, and they prayed over us! My son and his wife followed suit and now friends and neighbors are joining us on this amazing journey!

Amazing Results with a Healing Lifestyle

From the first adjustment, breathing became effortless, sleep was restfully deep, hot flashes lessened, energy and confidence increased! After a few weeks, the bleeding slowed and then stopped altogether! I even experienced relief from things that seemed to just be part of life. Now Exodus people are like family. Thank God for healing and for each of the loving staff in my life!


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