Episode #25 – 6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting

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, Episode #25 – 6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting

, Episode #25 – 6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting

In This Episode:

  • How autophagy supercharges your cells
  • Top 5 reasons why you want to start this cell renewal TODAY
  • Balancing the yin and yang of genetic pathways
  • Discover the incredible “fasting-mimicking” diet
  • Dr. Jockers’s top 7 fantastic foods and healthy herbs

Are you ready to clear out your body’s old, damaged cells so you have room for new, healthy cells? In today’s episode, Dr. Jockers shares 6 things you can do to activate autophagy — all without fasting. Learn the process of autophagy and the incredible benefits of this renewal process. Plus, which supplements does Dr. Jockers himself recommend? It’s time to take out the trash and build a stronger, more stress-resilient body, so tune in!

 “The healthier the mitochondria, the more disease prevention we’re going to have.”

-Dr. Jockers

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, Episode #25 – 6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting    , Episode #25 – 6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting    , Episode #25 – 6 Ways to Activate Autophagy Without Fasting


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