Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan

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, Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan

, Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan

In This Episode:

  • The amazing things mighty microbiomes do to keep you healthy
  • Spoiler alert: it all has something to do with your tummy
  • The top 5 foods to make microbiomes happy
  • Meet the dueling toxins in your body and learn their dramatic roles
  • Does your stomach produce enough acid? Find out the vital reason you need to know
  • Discover the ONE easy thing you can do to boost your health
  • Why you want to take extra TLC of your stomach lining
  • The honest truth about whether probiotics rule—or not

This episode is an absolute can’t-miss as Dr. Jockers interviews leading microbiome expert Kiran Krishnan. They start by discussing what a microbiome is and how it connects to overall health. Kiran then explains exactly what happens in our digestive systems, including the importance of good bacteria. What is metabolic endotoxemia, and what foods can you eat to avoid this? Learn about the importance of stomach acid, and all the ways you can improve yours. Find out about these secret weapons that restore healthy bacteria levels to stimulate anti-inflammatory pathways in your digestive system: 

“A lot of our function is dictated by the types of microbes we have, their relative abundance, and what kind of genetic elements they provide us.”

– Kiran Krishnan

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, Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan    , Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan    , Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan


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, Episode #22 – Microbiome, Immune & Digestive Health Strategies with Kiran Krishnan

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  1. Kiran is fantastic. Always love hearing his talks. I always learn something new. He clearly knows his stuff and manages to teach in an informative , yet accessible way.
    Would love to have more detail on how to take the products he mentions. Currently undergoing a parasite cleanse, keto diet and intermittant fasting and keeping my Lymes under controll. Thank you Dr Jockers for making these and other talks available on line for free. So very grateful. Sending best wishes and blessings , from France.

  2. I really appreciate your podcasts Dr. Jockers! They are so informative with great subject matter. I always look forward to hearing interviews with Kiran Krishnan. He is extremely knowledgeable in the microbiome which I find so interesting. I would request though that he specifically discusses in the future the time frames for taking Regular probiotics and spore probiotics. I take regular probiotics daily, then stop for 3-4 days and then resume. I alternate every 3-4 months with a month of spore probiotics for a month. Not sure if this is a reasonable protocol for a healthy person. Is it ok to take any probiotics daily forever with a 3-4 day break monthly? A side note; I drink Kombucha daily. I would appreciate it if this topic frequency for healthy individuals could be addressed with Dr. Krishnan in the next podcast with him. Thank you!

      1. Dr. Jockers thanks so much for your response! Just glad to hear that taking probiotics long term as part of my daily regimen is not detrimental to my health. I will continue doing this as well as other protocols that I’ve learned from you (ie. intermittent fasting) for as long as I live! And that should be a long time! 🙂

  3. Great interview with a great guest. Would love to hear another more in-depth interview with Kiran on whatever topics you decide. Really look forward to it.

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