5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Quickly

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inflammation5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Quickly

Chronic inflammation is one of the most insidious causes of disease in modern society. Certain lifestyle factors increase inflammation and as a result our cells lose the capacity to function at peak performance. The result is the slow deterioration of health that often leads to full-blown diseases like autoimmunity and cancer.  In this article, you will discover 5 ways to reduce inflammation quickly!

Inflammation is a necessary biological process that signals our immune system to pay attention to certain tissues in the body. When something is not right, the immune system will do what it can to remove the offender. When inflammation is chronically high due to things like poor diet and stress, the immune system quickly becomes overwhelmed.

Conditions Influenced By Inflammation

Something that is very critical to understand about inflammation is that it can affect the energetic output of the mitochondria in our cells. The mitochondria in our cells are what make almost all of the energy that our body uses to perform daily processes. When inflammation inhibits mitochondrial energy output your body is immediately at a higher risk of any disease.

Inflammation is almost always a factor in chronic diseases. The top conditions linked with chronic inflammation are:


Cancer (1, 2)



Leaky Gut

Heart Disease

Liver Disease

Pancreatitis (3)

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Behavioral Changes (4)

Why Reducing Inflammation Is So Important

I always try to address inflammation as a foundational strategy with all of my patients. If you think of your body as a series of radios communicating to each other in order to maintain optimal health, inflammation is like radio interference. By addressing inflammation first and clearing up the static, the body has a much better ability to communicate and heal itself.

Because the body relies so heavily on complex communication processes to maintain health, every step must be taken to ensure those communication processes are running uninhibited.


5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation

Now that we know inflammation is a primary contributor to (or is a major factor in) most chronic diseases, here are 5 effective strategies to combat its insidious effects.  These 5 strategies are not at this time FDA approved to prevent, mitigate, treat or cure chronic inflammation but we know from research that they can support a healthy inflammatory response by the body.

Using these strategies can help your body get back in balance and help you start feeling better!



Exposure to toxins is one huge factor in chronic inflammation. These could include pesticides, heavy metals, air pollution, mold, and more. On a daily basis, we are exposed to a list of toxins without even knowing it. Hydrating effectively is one of the key strategies to make sure the body is able to effectively detox.

Hydrating really well helps to clear out the bowels, keep toxins moving through the liver and kidneys, and helps to eliminate them through sweat.  Additionally, your cells require adequate hydration to carry out proper functions. In general, the more hydrated you are, the less inflammation will be present in your body.


Hydration Tips

There are several guidelines I recommend when it comes to adequate hydration.  Make sure your water is tested free of contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, etc., installing a reverse osmosis water system in your home is a great idea. If your water is full of toxins, it will only add to the problem.

I recommend systems like Aquatrue or the Berkey system for low cost filtration.  Add a slice of lime for some extra flavor.  Super hydrate in the morning by drinking 32-64 ounces of water before consuming your first meal. This will help flush out your body and get it primed for the day.

Add natural salts such as Himalayan pink to your water to provide electrolytes or sip on diluted full-sodium organic broths. Super hydrating requires extra strategies to ensure electrolytes stay balanced and the nervous system can properly transmit signals throughout the body.  The chart below outlines goes over my top strategies to optimize your hydration levels.


Daily Movement

Something that I’ve noticed as I learn more about the human body is that you have to keep things moving. This applies to just about every organ system including the bowels, urinary tract, sweat glands, circulatory system, lymphatics, and even your muscles. Keeping thes systems flowing is what keeps them healthy.

When we become stagnant in any of these areas’ problems arise and we often get tons of inflammation. Daily exercise is great for pumping the lymph fluid and boosting circulation. Delivering fresh blood to your tissues is an important strategy for lowering inflammation as it helps to flush away metabolic debris and provide nutrients to inflamed tissues.

Ways To Get Moving

Make it a priority in your daily life to make sure you are moving your body as much as possible. Go for walks, stretch, and get adequate exercise. Become more expressive and use your body to convey your speech, look for any excuse to move your body. And of course, avoid sitting for extended amounts of time.

One powerful strategy to improve circulation of blood and lymph is rebounding. This is simply jumping on a small trampoline and all it takes is 10 minutes to get your circulation pumping. These can be found on amazon for relatively cheap and it is an excellent form of exercise.

Finally, some other great strategies are cold showers, sauna, and even massage to help get your blood pumping.

Healing Diet

One of the most prominent sources of inflammation in our society has got to be the diet. If you want to rid your body of inflammation, you need to start thinking about what you are putting into your body.

Many people go about their days thinking they are eating healthy when all they are really doing is flooding their body with sugar that is putting their body in a constantly inflammatory state. At the same time, many people are consuming foods that are hard to digest and lead to inflammation in the digestive tract.

Chronically inflaming the digestive tract is one of the most common factors I see in people with autoimmune diseases. As gut inflammation leads to leaky gut, unrecognizable, undigested food particles slip into the blood stream and confuse the immune system, causing massive inflammation (5).

Healing Diet Guidelines

First and foremost, sugar and grains must be removed from the diet. Anything else that is easily metabolized into sugar should be drastically limited to help balance blood sugar.

Replace the majority of calories from carbs with healthy fat sources. I personally heavily rely on coconut oil, grass-fed butter, MCT oils, olive oils, and avocado oils. Other great fat sources include coconut milk, avocados, nuts and seeds (if tolerated), and fatty cuts of pasture-raised meats.

You will definitely want to avoid highly processed vegetable oils like canola, safflower, and soy at all costs as these are highly inflammatory to the body.

Finally, I always emphasize the consumption of a variety of non-starchy vegetables and herbs for phytonutrients and antioxidants. Flooding the body with these nutrients is powerful antioxidant support to combat free radical induced inflammation. Small amounts of low-glycemic fruits like berries, lemons, and limes are great too.

Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

Chronic stress causes rampant increases in inflammatory biomarkers called cytokines. If we don’t do anything to control our stress then this cytokine activity can be highly damaging over time (6). Chronically elevated pro-inflammatory cytokine markers are especially bad for the immune system, opening the doors to opportunistic infections and increasing our chances of coming down with an illness.

One of the best ways to counteract the stressors of daily life is really getting the best sleep possible. During sleep, your brain flushes out metabolic debris and the body is put into a deep healing state. Chronic stress on top of poor sleep is a recipe for rapid degeneration of health.

glymphatic system, Glymphatic System: Critical for Brain and Immune Health

Getting Your Best Sleep

Optimizing sleep has a lot to do with regulating your circadian rhythm. Your body is designed to be awake when the sun is up and asleep when the sun is down. With so many artificial light sources, the body no longer receives the right signals for sleep.

Get morning sunlight

Avoid artificial light within 1-2 hours of bedtime by using blue light blocking glasses

Be in bed by 10PM if possible, every hour of sleep before midnight is equal to 3 hours after midnight

Blackout your room

Limit caffeine to the morning

Form a presleep routine.

Practice gratitude to relax your mind.

Advanced Supplementation

In addition to the strategies listed so far, there are certain supplements that have been shown to be powerful modulators of inflammation. I usually tell people that supplements are not required, although they certainly can help speed the healing process for those who are struggling with a health challenge.

Chronic inflammation and pain can be an emotional challenge to overcome and sometimes these people need all the help they can get to put them over the hump and on their way to optimal health once again.  While these supplements are not FDA approved to prevent, mitigate, treat or cure chronic pain or any other health conditions at this time, we know from science that they can support a healthy inflammatory response.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most foundational supplements for mitigating inflammation. Most people today are consuming highly processed diets that are high in Omega-6 fats and deficient in Omega-3. This imbalance alone contributes to higher levels of inflammation as omega-6 fats are involved in the eicosanoid pathway (responsible for producing inflammation).

By increasing your ratio of Omega-3 to omega-6 fats using 2-5 grams of a high quality purified fish oil, you are doing your inflammation a great favor. In fact, the combination of omega-3 fatty acids in conjunction with flavonoids has been shown in controlled trials to stimulate the immune system while also downregulating inflammatory markers in the body (7).

This means consuming omega-3 fish oils with the next supplement may be a powerful strategy given that it has similar properties to flavonoids.


Curcumin is one of the most comprehensively studied anti-inflammatory compounds. Derived from the Indian root spice, turmeric, this compound has tremendous healing potential in many areas of disease which may have a lot to do with its ability to mitigate inflammation (8).

While turmeric is great to add to meals, and I definitely recommend doing so, I am a huge fan of taking supplemental turmeric in a fermented form with other warming digestive supporting and adaptogenic herbs.  This is why I use the Organic Turmeric product from Ancient Nutrition.  The fermented form of turmeric activates unique compounds and allows for better assimilation of the beneficial curcuminoids.

With a full spectrum fermented turmeric blend and black pepper fruit the Ancient Nutrition Organic Turmeric is specially formulated to support healthy joints and mobility as well as a healthy response to inflammation. †

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is arguably one of the most powerful nutrients responsible for modulating and coordinating the immune system. By re-coordinating the immune system, vitamin D has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitamin D deficiency is vastly common in our society due to sunscreen use and low amounts of sun exposure. On top of this, the average diet is severely lacking dietary sources of Vitamin D such as organ meats and certain fish.

For most people experiencing poor health, I will recommend up to 2000IU of Vitamin D per 25 lbs. of bodyweight or at least 10,000 IU total and always in conjunction with Vitamin K2.  Check out our D3/K2 Power here

vitamin d deficiency, Vitamin D Deficiency: Common Symptoms and Solutions

Glutathione Boosting Agents

Glutathione is our master antioxidant that regulates all other antioxidants within the body. Having high amounts of glutathione in the body is key for mitigating the inflammatory effects of free radicals.

Free radicals are upregulated during any time of stress whether it is lifestyle or something like a bacterial imbalance in the gut.  For clinical applications, I will either use glutathione boosting agents like N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) or acetylated glutathione. For this purpose, I will personally recommend Super Glutathione or Pro Omega CRP.


Try Inflam Defense for Inflammation

Inflam Defense™ is my favorite supplement to support a healthy inflammatory response and to protect you from health issues which may result from inflammation.

Inflam Defense™ is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory herbs, such as curcumin, boswellia, ginger, and rosemary extract as well as nutrients from quercetin and rutin, and proteolytic enzymes. I love this product because it can help downregulate the inflammatory process. It can help you if you are dealing with the negative impact of acute or chronic inflammatory conditions.

If you are looking to keep inflammation under control and have a healthy immune system, choose Inflam Defense™. Take one capsule twice a day between meals or for advanced protection take two or more capsules twice a day between meals or as directed by your health care practitioner.

NSAIDs and Inflammation

Inflammation is both important and beneficial and can promote recovery from injuries, infections, and other pathogens. However, when inflammation turns chronic as a result of inflammatory diet, blood sugar imbalances, leaky gut syndrome, chronic stress, or lack of sleep, it can lead to pain and disease.

Taking NSAIDs is commonly suggested by healthcare professionals and regularly used by those who suffer from chronic inflammation and pain. The problem is that the long-term use of NSAID’s can result in stomach ulcers, kidney and liver toxicity, and leaky gut syndrome.

Luckily, there is a better and more natural way to lower inflammation in your body and to protect yourself from disease. Anti-inflammatory herbs, such as turmeric, boswellia, ginger, and rosemary, bioflavonoids, such as quercetin and rutin, and proteolytic enzymes are incredibly powerful in fighting inflammation and improving your health.

This is why I recommend Inflam Defense™ to anyone dealing with inflammation. This supplement is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory herbs, nutrients, bioflavonoids, and proteolytic enzymes. It can help downregulate the inflammatory process.

Give  Inflam Defense™ a try to lower inflammation, reverse its negative impacts, and to regain your health.


Pro Omega-Curcumin

While there is a long list of supplements which can play a powerful role in mitigating excess inflammation, I have found one to be an incredible one-stop-shop if you will.

The lifestyle strategies mentioned are absolutely necessary to controlling inflammation. When it comes to supplemental support in addition to these strategies, Pro Omega-CRP is another one the most powerful and comprehensive supplements I have come across.

In addition to being one of the highest-quality fish oils on the market, it has a potent curcumin extract alongside powerful glutathione boosting agents.  This is on the list of top supplements to support a healthy inflammatory process.


Inflammation Crushing Ebundle

The Inflammation Crushing Ebundle is designed to help you improve your brain, liver, immune system and discover the healing strategies, foods and recipes to burn fat, reduce inflammation and Thrive in Life!

As a doctor of natural medicine, I have spent the past 20 years studying the best healing strategies and worked with hundreds of coaching clients, helping them overcome chronic health conditions and optimize their overall health.

In our Inflammation Crushing Ebundle, I have put together my very best strategies to reduce inflammation and optimize your healing potential.  Take a look at what you will get inside these valuable guides below!


Inflammation contributes to just about every chronic disease. In some diseases, it can actually be considered one of the primary contributors. Following the strategies outlined in this article will drastically increase your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Like I said before, inflammation is like radio interference for the communication processes that are responsible for healing in the body. By reducing inflammation, you re-coordinate these signals and healing happens much more quickly.

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  1. Just want to say, I really enjoy you & your family. God’s blessings to you all. Thank you for sharing it all.

        1. Hey Keisha, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with this! Abdominal pain can originate for a variety of reasons. I would recommend that you work with a functional health practitioner that will help get to the root cause of the problem and customize a specific healing plan! This article can help.

          1. I have a rare fat disorder called Dercums disease. I have the diffused type. Would you be interested in investigating how this approach could help people like me who’s cell structure has become sick and the lymphatic system leaky causing lipomas to grow. I do use a lot of these methods already and I am in the early stages and believe that it maybe possible to reverse the condition. There are currently no specialist in this field. I would love to discuss this in more detail. Regards
            Lisa Thorley

  2. I thought avocado oil has about the highest smoke point of any cooking oil but you are listing it with olive oil and such.

  3. Hi Dr, Jockers, I am having problems with my gut. I drink green juice in the mornings, kale spinach parsley and I added other greens too. I realize whenever I drink this juice my pooped is black for days, and my stomach growled alot I am also passed gas that smelt awful. I need help.

      1. Hello Dr. Jockers! Love your articles. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune illness. Polyarteritis Nodosa. Bruises with nodules under my skin, swollen ankles. I have refused the mexotrexate that they are trying to force on me. I live in California and would love to connect with you. Do you give over the phone appts? I’m desperate

        1. Methotrexate is a life saver for me. No one says you cannot do both. It is low dose so many have zero side effects. There are even studies to use low dose methotrexate for osteoarthritis pain. Once your pain pathways are established in brain, it is very hard not to be in pain. Start treatment strong and hard.

  4. Hi Doctor , I am suffering from inflamation and facing lots of heath issues like fatigue, loss of stamina, burning sensation in legs, food digestion. I need your help in this regards.

    1. I have same issue & have tried everything except sticking to a strick diet. Will try that next. Inflammation through the roof

  5. Hello Dr Jockers,
    Im writing to you from Australia.
    I have been disgnosed with severe osteoarthritis. So far the area’s affected are my hands, hips, spine, neck and i have planter facitis. My knees are only a little achy at this stage.
    I have suffered with Insomnia and stress for at least 30 years. I also have no gall bladder.
    I have been to Gps, a holistic Gp and a naturopath. My problem is I am getting different information from every one and i just simply cant afford to waste time and money on things that dont work.. There is a lot more to my story but I don’t want to go on too much about it on here. I was wondering if I could contact you or one of your trusted colleagues somehow to discuss my situation as I would love your advice and guidance.
    Kind Regards

  6. The burning sensation in legs reminded me of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s article, and conversation with Dr. Gerry Koenig (link below) Dr. Koenig described his experience here: “That happened to me. I got peripheral neuropathy. They try to say it’s a diabetic problem, and I never had diabetes. Both of my legs were on fire. The pain was unbelievable. You wind up going to a specialist for that, a neurologist. But when the membranes on your neurological system essentially flare up and melt, the pain is unbearable. But nobody connected that to the iron.” https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/06/12/iron-overload-disorder.aspx?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=facebookfitness_ranart&utm_campaign=20180518_iron-overload-disorder

  7. Based on the water volume chart , is replacing regular
    filtered water with alkaline ok, drinking the same amount is not
    too much?
    Does Himalayan Pink (sea salt?) make water alkaline or
    is that a different issue?
    Would Celtic or Mediterranean be a good equivalent ,
    what is a ballpark mix of Sea Salt per gallon of water?

    1. Hey Ted, I am not a fan of alkaline water. If it is only slightly alkaline that is okay, but super high alkalinity can cause digestive issues. More importantly you will want reverse osmosis water. I like adding a pinch of Celtic salt to each glass so in a gallon you could do something like a 1/4 teaspoon!

  8. No gluten and grounding mat at night may help swelling/inflammation. Organic sulfur may help and no GMO/sugar/soy/food with a label.

  9. I have one more question. Is soy milk good or bad for inflammation? I found that some people say soy should be avoided and some opposite. I’m confused.

      1. Dr where in South Africa can I find your Pro Omega CRP?
        With RSA money system it is way out of my reach to order from you direct.

  10. Dr. Jockers,
    I was wondering if you think this anti-inflammatory approach could be beneficial for mental healthcare? My son has been struggling with mental health issues (schizo-affective disorder) for several years and I am looking into dietary solutions along with medication and counseling. The medication (antipsychotic) has so many negative side effects as well as potential long term brain damage.
    I want to carefully venture into alternative treatments for him. I started thinking in terms of diet when I saw a book at Barnes N Noble about how inflammation could be a contributing factor to mental issues. When I explored further, I came across this incredibly insightful article that you wrote. I would appreciate any feedback you can offer.
    Thank you,

    1. I have a dear friend who was suicidal for a number of years. He would have flareup episodes several times a wee. It was terrible. They did the Whole 30 elimination diet, and he found out that for him, soy was the culprit. I recommend doing that diet to discover what your son’s trigger(s) are, and then work from there.

    2. Hi Teresa
      In Australia, first line treatment for mental health issues (depression, schizophrenia etc) is the Mediterranean diet full of antioxidants, fibre, prebiotic fibre, everything good… So yes, diet is the biggest influence. CBT (cognitive behavioural) and DBT (dialectical behavioural) therapies in a person-centered environment are critical.
      thank you.

    3. Teresa you might want to check on Bio-Feedback thru a psychologist. It’s a more natural healing for depression and mentally challenged. It has also helped my digestive and pain issues.

  11. Dear Dr. Jockers,
    Hacking read all your email posts I did not see anyone questioning timing for meds when utilizing your suggestions. I would like to try your recommendations but need to take Synthroid for my thyroid at least one hour before ingesting anything.
    I have been challenged with slippery elm use requiring 4 hours before or after any meds. I take .25 mg of metro pro lol for palpitations in AM also. With not much time in the AM, I’m wondering how complicated and further stressed all this timing and food prep can be.
    With my gurgling throat and burping, I have assumed I have GERD, although an ENT larynscopy
    was normal. I will try the baking soda test but already know even water can produce quick small burp or gurgle. Thank you for this opportunity to consult you.

  12. Bad advice dr. Jonkers for drinking up to 64 oz of water first thing in the morning all you’re doing is diluting the acids in your stomach. And that’s a big issue with most people’s gut issues nowadays

  13. Sleep deprivation INCREASES HRV (heart rate variability)?!?!?
    Did you mean lowers?
    Normally higher HRV is better than lower (though abrupt changes are to be watched)

  14. Especially because I’m hypothyroid, I’ve attempted to eradicate Fluoride from my drinking water, (not an easy task.) Since I live in an apartment, hooking up reverse osmosis filter isn’t possible. However, these filters seem to help remove Fluoride, (along with many other cruds,) from the drinking water: https://www.zerowater.com

    Unfortunately, bathing in the filtered water would be too difficult and time consuming to make it practical, but some filtered water is better than no filtered water.

    The tester that comes along with the Zero Water unit helps make some fun and interesting science experiments, too!

    Thank you, Dr. Jockers, for the many interesting and informative articles. You’ve been a huge help! I’m hoping the information in this article might help cure the painful gout in my feet, along with some of the other joint pains and stomach pains I’ve had.

  15. Hello, Dr J:
    I want to know specifically how sore, burning feet (as previously mentioned), are linked to Adrenal Fatigue or HPA axis dysfunction…no diabetes.
    My doc has no answers.

    Thank you!

  16. Have you considered getting reliable kosher supervision for your products? From your list of ingredients on at least some of your products, it seems like it might be relatively easy. It would allow more people to use these products. (I’m particularly interested in your magnesium product.)

    1. Thanks Linda! Being a small company it is challenging to get our manufacturers to do something like this. But perhaps in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

      All of our magnesium products are completely vegan if that helps you. Blessings!

    2. Hello Dr
      I hope you are good
      My name is Loreet im 35 female
      I have Lupus and some form of cancer for a long time now… I cant take the meds for either because of Asprin… But these days i have pain in my woman parts it feels like someone is tearing out all off my insides. Any help or something

  17. why isn’t there not enough reasearch and development going on after ankylosing spondylitis? i am 26 years old, I am suffering from this auto-immune disease since past 6 years and i would really want someone to find a cure for this. i can’t imagine my life becoming a hell when my body will be all fused up. there can be some way to get control over your immune system, make it not to attack the body of the host when there is no illness/infection. how about adding some gene or nanites or make some genetical mutation to get this fixed. looking for a break through/ miracle for its cure. really want to get myself fixed.

  18. Hi doctor, I just want to say thank you for this information, especially giving away all the ingredients if someone wants to do it themselves. I am almost always very skeptical of articles that will lead to a purchase but in this particular case, RESPECT!! I had heard about inflamation long ago but never investigated it, glad I did today.

  19. Yes. Ihave been dealing with chronic ebv, lupus, fibromyalgia, hashimotos, and now neurological symptoms. 55 yrs old, I went through menopause hormone levels are low, my naturopath Dr suggested taking HRT, I am a smoker so I am kind of leary, I currently am on Tirosint and Armour she is trying me on for thyroid, been on levothyroxine since 2009, hasnt helped. I take vit d3, potassium/magnesium, iron, vit c, probiotic, b complex, and montelukast…
    Any advice?
    Thank you

    1. Patricia I am hypothyroid and had my thyroid removed in 91. Levothyroxine never did anything for me but make me worse and also Armor,Just some friendly advice if your Dr. Is just now changing your meds after all this years, you might want to check with a different physician. It took me several before I found the right one. I’m treated with Synthroid and Nature’s thyroid meds. One is for my T3 and one for my T4. After all these years I have finally leveled out. Most Dr’s. Only treat T3 for some reason. I also have fibro and chronic pain so understand your frustration, just my opinion to help.

  20. My son has been diagnosed with M S. I also have an ibflammatory condition. We are vegetarian. Im interested in any protocol that will help in halting the MS.

  21. I’ve been reading about oxylates in some foods that are considered very healthy but have detrimental effects. Any opinion on this? Thank you

  22. Glyphosate in food undermines benefits of food…glyphosate in the body is most destructive grow your own is a direction that may be needed…Gly undermineszinc and D supplies. Finally check out dessication…know your farmer.Any mitigations for glyphosate?

  23. Hi Dr Jockers,
    Thank you so much for this clear and helpful information! If one could only afford one supplement, would you recommend the Inflame Defense or the Pro Omega CRP? Thanks in advance!

    God Bless You,

  24. It seems always that suggested are capsules ….what about people who cannot swallow those…why aren’t more supplements produced in liquids for those people?

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