Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your Mitochondria

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, Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your Mitochondria

, Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your MitochondriaIn This Episode:

  • Which health issues and body responses pop up when your overworked mitochondria get unhealthy and worn out?
  • Daily habits and practices that fire up your mitochondria to function optimally – and fuel your energy level.
  • Guess which substance your body makes that tells your cells to produce more healthy mitochondria. Then discover what to do so these substances thrive.
  • What is the best age to start really prioritizing mitochondria health? The answer may surprise you! 
  • Why you want to kickstart mitochondrial biogenesis and mitophagy. (Don’t worry, Dr. J will explain how the ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting play equally critical roles in both.)

Everything is energy. If you want to live life in a full circle, you must have the energy to match. But, have you ever wondered about the source of your energy? Where does it come from? Why is it inconsistent and what actions can you take to achieve a more consistent and balanced energy level? This episode highlights the often underrated role of the mitochondria, the powerhouse source of all your energy. Dr. Jockers shares 7 strategies to help you better care for and support your mitochondria. Learn how to build the habits around these strategies so you can enjoy a healthier, more energetic life!

Boosting your mitochondria is something that you do in a daily, weekly rhythm.

– Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your Mitochondria    , Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your Mitochondria    , Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your Mitochondria


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, Episode #171 – 7 Ways to Support Your Mitochondria

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