Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!

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, Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!

, Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!

In This Episode:

  • Understand why Dr. Jockers’ mom left nursing despite her love for healthcare [06:04]
  •  Learn how Dr. Jockers came to realize the undeniable relationship between food and performance [13:35]
  • Discover how his body changed after he learned about the Maker’s diet and started following it [23:21]
  • It all started with a drawing hanging on the wall. Dr. Jockers’ clinic reminds us and inspires us to always have a vision for our dreams [31:29]
  • The day Dr. Jockers learned he had skin cancer reminded him of his grandfather’s passing. Listen to his story of recovery and the steps he took to heal and fully recover [39:24]
  • Recount how Dr. Jockers’ online business started, how it’s thriving, and when it finally snowballed. [44:14]

Who is Dr. Jockers? Join this special episode as Dr. Jockers get personal with his audience to share his life journey and how he got to where he is today. He starts his story with a short background reflecting on how he was brought up, his medical history, and how different events led him to practice healthcare and build a business that is centered on health and living a holistic life. His story is a reminder of how faith and God’s providence always lead us to the path He designed for us and to the people who can help us become the best version of ourselves.

“Ketones have this effect of getting into the blood-brain barrier where they shut down the neuro inflammasome or this inflammation amplifying system in our brain that turns up inflammation.”

-Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!    , Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!    , Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!



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, Episode #247 – My Journey in Health, Faith, Business, and More!

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