Episode #303 – Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy and Cancer

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In This Episode:

In this podcast, I am being interviewed by Season Johnson of the ‘Thrive Through Cancer’ podcast and we discuss how to use intermittent fasting strategies to stimulate autophagy and make cancer cells more vulnerable to our immune system as well as both conventional cancer therapies and alternative or natural cancer treatment options.

  • 07:30: What got Dr. Jockers interested in the natural health field?
  • 10:00: Dr. Jockers discovers the ‘no grain diet’
  • 14:40: Dr. Jockers develops skin cancer
  • 17:45: Did fasting prepare Dr. Jockers for beating skin cancer?
  • 21:20: Why cancer is not the problem
  • 23:20: Understanding fasting as more than just losing weight
  • 26:10: Why fasting is ‘nature’s operating table’
  • 28:15: How does fasting impact our immune system?
  • 40:30: Does autophagy start at the 18-hour window?
  • 46:00: Study: women who fast 13 hours have a 39% less chance of cancer recurring
  • 47:45: Quick hacks to get into fasting 
  • 53:30: Unlearning the dogma – drink water when you wake up!
  • 55:20: What is inspiring Dr. Jockers at the moment?

Dr. Jockers finds himself in the hot seat again! This time he’s being interviewed by Season Johnson of the ‘Thrive Through Cancer’ podcast. Their conversation covers intermittent and extended fasting (and what’s actually happening in our bodies while we’re doing that), how that can impact cancer growth in our body, and how fasting can enhance other cancer-related therapies.

As usual, Dr. Jockers is willing to share all of his knowledge to help you heal and function at your best, offering science-based solutions to improve your health and life. And in this case, fight cancer! This is a great episode to check out for anyone who’s concerned about cancer – or has a friend or family member going through it. 

Season Johnson is the founder of the ‘Kick Cancer’ movement, a functional nutrition therapy practitioner herself, and a ‘cancer mama’ (who went from having one child diagnosed with cancer to helping thousands all over the world). She asks Dr. Jockers all the right questions and we can consider ourselves blessed to be able to listen in on their conversation and reap the rewards of feeling more emboldened in the ways in which we can tackle ‘the big C’. Please join us.

“Fasting has been shown to make cancer cells weaker and more susceptible to conventional treatments such as chemo and radiation with less side effects from these therapies.”

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  1. Do you have a link to the study which you mentioned in this broadcast #303, regarding patients who fasted for 13 hours had a 39% less recurrence of breast cancer. I was wondering if this study took into account the patient’s BMI as well. Thank you.

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