Episode #328 – How to Fast Like a Girl with Dr. Mindy Pelz

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In This Episode:

  • 04:30 Welcome to Dr. Mindy Pelz
  • 05:30 What’s different for fasting as a woman?
  • 07:50 Why there are no absolutes in healthcare
  • 08:30 Understanding the ‘power phases’ of female hormones
  • 13:00 Why you should be doing different things every day as a woman
  • 14:55 Why a rigid fasting schedule is easier for a man
  • 17:00 How women are designed ‘hormonally’ 
  • 21:00 Should women do keto? Why there are no absolutes
  • 24:50 Creating a monoculture in our gut
  • 26:20 What am I not eating?
  • 27:30 Appreciating the time efficiency of fasting
  • 30:30 Our evolutionary mismatch with our modern life
  • 33:10 Appreciating cold plunges
  • 35:50 Matching your monthly schedule to your hormonal needs
  • 38:30 Should painful menstrual cycles be commonplace?
  • 43:20 Living in accordance with your hormones and seeing immediate change
  • 44:30 Understanding the three phases of menopause
  • 47:50 What does the Full Moon have to do with our menstruation?
  • 49:10 The effects of blue light on our menstrual cycle
  • 50:45 Debunking the masculine approach to healthcare – a feminine approach
  • 54:40 What happens when you fast for 48 hours as a woman? 
  • 56:27 Last words and inspiration from Dr. Mindy Pelz

Fast like a girl!?! What are the best intermittent fasting strategies for females? Dr. Mindy Pelz is on a mission to give women the power back when it comes to their health, and she is in conversation with Dr. Jockers today after the launch of her new book, aptly titled ‘Fast Like A Girl’.

When is a good time to fast that supports your hormones and your menstruation? How can you optimize your estrogen levels, not to mention your testosterone and progesterone? What food supports your estrogen and progesterone levels too? 

How to get rid of PMS and menstrual cramping, as well as what to do during menopause if you are looking to set up a fasting schedule. Follow the strategies that Dr. Pelz and Dr. Jockers suggest and say goodbye to weight gain, low libido, and hot flushes.  

Let’s dive into the show!


 We bitch and moan that we crave carbs, that we don’t wanna work out. But that’s because that’s what progesterone is demanding.”  

-Dr. Mindy Pelz

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