Episode #336 – The Gut Microbiome and Alzheimer’s Disease Connection with Dr David Perlmutter

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In This Episode:

In this podcast episode, I talk with Dr David Perlmutter, and we discuss the link between the gut microbiome and Alzheimer’s disease and the best strategies to improve the microbiome and support overall brain health and cognition.

  • 05:35 What did Dr. Perlmutter originally learn about the gut in relation to the brain?
  • 07:05 When did Dr. Perlmutter start looking into what was happening in the gut?
  • 08:35 What is modern medicine doing to combat Alzheimer’s and dementia?
  • 11:35 What is amyloid (plaque)? 
  • 12:10 Why keeping our metabolism intact is so crucial.
  • 14:20 What’s the first thing we should do when blood sugar goes up?
  • 16:00 Why it’s such a stretch for (some) neurologists to make the link to our gut.
  • 18:50 What’s going on with the gut (to keep our brains happy)?
  • 20:55 What is BDNF?
  • 22:40 The crucial role of gut bacteria in preserving our gut lining. 
  • 25:40 How many people are suffering from major depressive orders?
  • 30:30 The difference between good and bad gut bacteria
  • 32:00 Why the over-prescription of antibiotics is bad for our gut bacteria
  • 35:20 Why you shouldn’t compromise your stomach acid
  • 37:40 Learning to ‘go upstream’ with your acid reflux
  • 39:10 The difference between good and bad fats
  • 42:30 What is the richest source of DHA in nature?
  • 45:20 The benefits of quercetin
  • 47:40 Why eating a diversity of vegetables is so important
  • 51:00 Fossilized poop and what we can learn from our ancestors
  • 52:50 Extrapolating the Hygiene Hypothesis as it relates to our guts
  • 56:10 What is the ‘viome’?
  • 57:40 Are all bacteria and viruses bad for our gut?  
  • 58:30 The importance of creating gut resilience
  • 1:01:00 How do we innoculate our gut with good bacteria?
  • 1:02:40 What happens when we deprive newborn babies of healthy bacteria?
  • 1:03:20 What are Dr.Perlmutter’s daily habits to support his BDNF levels?
  • 1:08:40 ‘Be your own advocate’ and other last words of inspiration.

What is the connection between the gut microbiome and Alzheimer’s Disease? Most of us know someone affected by the onset of old age and perhaps Alzheimer’s Disease. So what can we do to prevent this gradual decline in memory, thinking, behavior, and social skills from happening to us or those we love?

It turns out that we can start by looking at our gut for the answers. Today’s expert is Dr. David Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist, and six-time bestselling author. Understand the relationship between the intestinal barrier and the blood-brain barrier, as well as the connection between inflammation, ‘leaky gut’, and brain health.

As always, there’s a lot of good information in this episode featuring two experts in all things health. From the gut biome to the ‘viome’, and the difference between good and bad bacteria, fats, and oils, Dr. Perlmutter brings a proactive urgency to how we need to take care of our brains by looking after our guts.

Please share this episode with anyone that you care about. It may just save, or at the very least radically improve somebody’s life. Thanks for being a part of our community! Let’s dive into the show!


“The relationship between the gut (in any way, not just the microbiome) in any of its functionality to the brain really is still, I think, pretty much neglected as it relates to the challenges that we as neurologists face, like Alzheimer’s and MS.”   

-Dr. David Perlmutter

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