Episode #75 – Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms & Support Strategies

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, Episode #75 – Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms & Support Strategies

, Episode #75 – Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms & Support StrategiesIn This Episode:

  • This superhero hormone comes from our fat cells yet it plays a vital role in weight loss
  • How to turn your body’s natural satiation switch to OFF, quickly and decisively
  • Discover what factors sabotage your hypothalamus’ mission and torpedo them before they cause any dangerous damage
  • Learn the secret recipe to reset the nervous system to optimal operation
  • Meet leptin’s nemesis — the villain responsible for your insatiable hunger. 

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Today, Dr. Jockers introduces one of the most important hormones in the human body – leptin! When people talk about weight loss, it’s rarely mentioned but the key to your success. On top of weight loss, leptin has a multitude of other benefits when released without resistance. Learn how to reset your nervous system and boost the hypothalamus, which is leptin’s partner in crime when it comes to performing its “hunger satiating” functions. Achieve your best shape and your best health by getting to know the often unnoticed key players that aid the body to function at its best!

“When the hypothalamus senses leptin is there, it says ‘I’m satiated. I can turn off insulin release and turn on fat-burning hormones.”

-Dr. David Jockers

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, Episode #75 – Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms & Support Strategies    , Episode #75 – Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms & Support Strategies    , Episode #75 – Leptin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms & Support Strategies


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  1. Thank you for a brilliant talk loaded with important information. There is so much to learn. I am grateful to be beginning on this journey.

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