22 Symptoms of GallBladder Disease

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22 Symptoms of GallBladder Disease:

Bile is an important digestive fluid that is produced by the liver and stored in a concentrated form within the gallbladder.  Bile’s main digestive responsibility is to emulsify fats and create fatty acids that can be readily absorbed and used by the body.  When the body has metabolic problems that lead to poor bile production and utilization it can cause serious health disturbances and gallbladder disease.

Unfortunately, the mainstream medical system has no solution for sluggish bile production which is also termed “biliary stasis.”  They just watch and wait until the gallbladder gets so log jammed with gall stones that it needs to be removed.  This process takes years and is completely avoidable.

A review study in the British Medical Journal found that 50% of patients who had a gallbladder surgery didn’t see improvement in their digestive health complaints (1).   This article discusses the functions of bile and symptoms of gallbladder disease.

gallbladder disease

4 Major Functions of Bile:

1) Fatty Acid Metabolism: Bile salts are critical for the emulsification of dietary fats into bioavailable fatty acids.   Without adequate bile production and utilization, one will have trouble digesting fats and fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K.

2) The Excretion of Waste Products: The liver’s job is to metabolize and deactivate toxins and bile grabs the toxins and helps bring them through the digestive tract and out in the stool.  Bile also helps to encourage the peristaltic action of the intestines which drives fecal matter through and out of the body.

3) Kill off Bad Microbes: The small intestine should normally not have a lot of bacteria in it and this is partly due to the presence of bile salts (2).  Salts are a natural preserving agent that reduce bacterial fermentation.  Poor bile production can lead to increased bacterial fermentation and the development of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Candida or parasitic overgrowth.

4) Blood Sugar Metabolism: Bile is needed to break down fatty acids for good fat metabolism.  Poor fat metabolism will cause blood sugar instability (3, 4).  Additionally, bile receptors FXR and TGR5 help to regulate lipid (fat) and carbohydrate metabolism as well as the inflammatory response (5, 6).  The bile acids then activate these receptors. 

gallbladder disease

22 Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease:

These symptoms indicate that your gall bladder may not be functioning well.  It dos not necessarily mean you have gallbladder disease but it would be good to look into that.

You may have several of these, rarely will you have all of them.  It always advisable to share these symptoms and get functional lab testing with your primary care physician or functional health practitioner.

1) Nausea and Vomiting: Any disruption in the digestive tract can result in a feeling of nausea and vomiting at times.  This is a common issue with poor bile motility.

2) Fatty/Greasy Stools: Poor bile release leads to a failure to effectively emulsify fats in the diet and leads to undigested fat being excreted in the stool.

3) Pain Between the Shoulder Blades:  The liver and gallbladder themselves do not feel pain, but the nerves that innervate them also go into the muscles in the back.  In particular, the area just under the right shoulder blade.

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4) Abdominal Pain: When the liver and gallbladder are inflamed, it can cause swelling, distension and pain throughout the abdominal region.  Sometimes the whole rib cage will feel sore or just “awkward,” due to the distension.

5) Chronic Gas and Bloating: Poor bile production will lead to poor bowel motility and microbial overgrowth and fermentation.  The fermentation process leads to gas production which can cause bloating and cramping.

6) Itchy Skin: This is also called pruritis.  When the gallbladder is obstructed it leads to a rise in a compound called autotaxin (ATX) and lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) which causes the characteristic itching (7).

7) Yellowing of the Skin: Bilirubin is a yellow pigment and when the body is unable to metabolize bilirubin effectively, it ends up seeping into the tissues near the skin.  This is a condition called jaundice.

8) Headaches and Migraines: Gall bladder congestion can cause stress on the body and more gut based inflammation.  Both of these mechanisms can increase tension in the blood supply around the skull and brain and lead to headaches and migraines.

9) Constipation and Diarrhea: Poor bile motility will slow down the peristaltic action of the intestines resulting in a greater degree of constipation and often times alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation.

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10) Light Colored Stools: The bilirubin in bile helps to create the classic browning of the stool.  If you are noticing lighter colored stools frequently it may be due to poor bile function.

11) Sexual Dysfunction: Sluggish biliary function can cause a decrease in overall sex hormone balance as the liver metabolizes the steroid hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.   As a result, the individual may have issues with menstrual function, sexual function and fertility.

12) Bitter Taste in Mouth: This will often happen after meals and is due to bile regurgitation.

13) Fibromyalgia: This condition of chronic pain is often due in part to low hydrochloric acid and a sluggish liver and gallbladder.

14) Hypothyroidism: Individuals with hypothyroidism will typically have a sluggish biliary system.  It is hard to say what comes first, but they do feed into each other.

gallbladder disease

15) Loss of Hunger: A feeling of constant fullness is often a sign of a sluggish digestive system and that includes biliary stasis.

16) Dry Skin and Hair: Poor fatty acid absorption will result in poor fatty acid utilization and fat soluble vitamin deficiencies (A, E, D & K).  This can lead to dry, scaly skin and hair thinning and dryness among other problems.

17) Chemical Sensitivities: Individuals who have a greater reaction to chemicals are often plagued by a sluggish liver and biliary system.

18) History of Prescription, Over The Counter or Illegal Drug Use: These can all place undue stress on the liver and cause it to be overburdened, which also leads into biliary stasis.

19) Weight Loss Resistance: If we cannot metabolize fatty acids well than we cannot use the calories they provide which will then cause our blood sugar to be unstable.  Blood sugar instability will cause hormonal changes leading to weight loss resistance.

20) Skin Rashes: Sluggish bile leads to leaky gut syndrome.  When the gut is insulted it releases substance P which when elevated in the bloodstream can cause rash and eczema reactions in the skin.

21) Constant Runny Nose: This can indicate a need for bile salts.

22) IT Band Pain: The iliotibial (IT) band runs from the lateral side of the hip down to the lateral side of the knee.  This band can often be very tight and painful in individuals with gallbladder dysfunction.

Additionally, sluggish bile can lead to microbial overgrowth and infection that results in gallbladder disease.  If the gall bladder gets infected, one may notice pain in the right rib cage are and a fever.  Many of these symptoms can be mistaken for other conditions like kidney stones, heart attack and hepatitis.  If you are having these symptoms, you have to consider gallbladder disease and rule out the other conditions.

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gallbladder disease

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  1. My gall bladder was removed 5 years ago and I continue to have ALL of these symptoms that have grown progressively worse. I also have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and I’m receiving injections for pain between my shoulder blades. My digestion is in chaos. I suffer from migraines that are occasionally accompanied by episodes of vomiting for days, leaving me weak and shaky. My gastroenterologist performed an endoscopy and found my stomach was peppered with ulcers. He prescribed a proton pump inhibitor that has not helped with the pain at all, but did stop the acid reflux I was experiencing. Since my gall bladder has been removed, should I be looking at my liver or spleen?

    1. If you have ulcers, have you ever been tested for H.Pylori?????
      It’s a bacteria that attaches itself to your stomach lining and causes ulcers!
      If you test positive, a round of antibiotics is what will kill it.
      Good luck!

    2. If you have ulcers, there’s a good chance you have the bacteria H. Pylori in your gut, as Laura also mentioned. There are antibiotics that will eliminate that problem and heal the ulcers. Get a different gastroenterologist if this isn’t suggested by him/her.

    3. Could be h. Pylori over colonization in gut. I read all ulcers are accompanied with that over colonization. See naturopath for whole food supplements that will get your liver and other organs back in gear so they can support your immunity to the overpopulation in the future.

    4. Have you been tested for Lymes Disease or a related co-infections? Push to get an iGenix test….Western Blot throws many false negatives.

    1. God Bless You, Dr. Jockers for being here to help reverse the years of abuse and the medical profession . To Cheryl, you poor dear soul. Please listen to him.

  2. I’m blown away right now reading this article. I strongly have every single symptom, EXCEPT jaundice. I’ve endured this for years now, thinking I had every disease under the sun. I am unwell I don’t want to have my gallbladder removed if I don’t have to. I’d like to try to resolve this on my own with cleanses, healing diet. I’m absolutely miserable. I know I must be deficient in major vitimins and minerals, I feel it. I cannot digest anything at this point. I’m starting a liquid diet.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about this Jen!!! Yes, a liquid diet for a period of time can be one of the best things for someone dealing with serious digestive disorders. Be sure to keep out things like dairy, grains, corn, peanuts, soy, eggs, vegetable oils, etc.

      Use coconut milk, berries, high quality protein powder and herbs like cinnamon. Also, doing green juicing can be huge.

  3. There is also a connection in some way to fat soluble vitamin deficiencies. Check your symptoms against low D, A and E. I also had all of the symptoms of A and E, D deficiency in addition to the ones above because of nutrition deficiencies doctors never checked. I’m wondering how to get the fat soluble nutrients into the cells if the immune system is reacting to phospholipids. I am thinking ketogenic diet and fat soluble antioxidants may help bypass digestion or a few may get through the antibodies to begin to heal.

    1. Oh yes Laurie, most people that have a liver/gallbladder problem will have a problem with fat soluble vitamins. It may be very tough for them to increase their vitamin D levels as well.

    2. Hi Laurie, My name is Laura and this is me to a tea. How can i get vitamins without ingesting them? My hair is brittle and falling out and none of my body hair is growing, with constant pain on my right side of my abdomen. I am a redhead and sensitive to everything. Please some help?

        1. I will check it out I’m scared because all the tests unhappy done come back “fine” except now I am
          Not growing hair and
          My scalp burns.

      1. Can you give an example of a good liquid diet for a few days? There’s only so much water and chicken broth one can stand! I am shocked at this list..I am in misery with my abdominal pain. Severe constipation and nothing works. I am now on linzess and it helped a little for about 3 weeks now I am right back to square one. I had a CT scan in the ER an they found gallstones. I’m supposed to see a surgeon next week to be evaluated. I had NO idea the gallbladder affects so many things. I have the headaches and very frequently nauseous some vomiting. Bloated. Sooo much pain o. The left side the rib cage the mid abdominal area..the right side..the pain I keep going g in my back I thought was just muscle pain at first. I have fibromyalgia and can’t lose weight for nothin!


        1. I have had the same issues for 3 years and the va hasn’t even considered checking my gallbladder after suggesting that might be my problem. I need help seriously and no one seems to know anything.

          1. my thyroid is overactive and I now have nodules that have to be checked until they find what’s causing it. All they tell me is we’ll send you to gastro then they say everything is fine and send me home. Am I going crazy because this has been going on for three years now. Wow!

  4. Thank you for this exhaustive list of symptoms related to gallbladder disease. It is so important that people understand the related symptoms so that if they feel they are experiencing a gallbladder attack they get the right help from the right physician. Unfortunately, sometimes the symptoms are so close to those of other diseases that it can be difficult to self-diagnose. That’s why being aware of your body and having a physician dedicated to your health can make all the difference in your quality of life.

    1. Very good Dr Mark, very true that these conditions can be due to a number of different conditions so it is challenging to self-diagnose. But this should hopefully clue in the reader as to what may be going on.

  5. Hello! I feel so thankful to see this article. It addresses so many of the symptoms I have that are accompanying my pain in the gallbladder area; Pain in my hip, runny noes, est. Thank you! That do you recommend for a treatment plan?

  6. I am so glad I found this article! I had no idea that the IT band pain I was feeling had anything to do with my gallbladder. And the runny nose as well! For the past four days I have been having gallbladder attacks. I am aware that there are small gallstones and a polyps in my gallbladder that has grown 1 cm since last year. This is all been diagnosed through an ultrasound. I do believe in functional medicine and see a conventional doctor and a naturopathic doctor as well, so I am a firm believer in juicing, supplements, cleansing and many other natural ways to heal the body. I also have autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary Cirrohsis but I am going to take this advice and try to stop these gallbladder symptoms! Thank you for your article!

  7. Where on your site does it show how to deal with gallbladder problems?
    Im very interested in a treatment for my severe pain in upper right abdomen. Dr wants to do more testing, but dragging his feet, I don’t have an appt for 3 weeks. I’m afraid he’ll want to remove gallbladder, I would like to try a to heal naturally, but don’t know where to start.
    Thank you for the great article.

  8. My daughter is 16 and started to have symptoms of dizziness, nausea, pain after eating, belching, alternating diarrhea with constipation. She has been seen by multiple doctors and had blood, urine, breath, stool, ultrasound and hida scan tests. All came back normal. Doctors diagnosis had range from ulcer, IBS, to gastritis. She lost 20lbs in a matter of weeks after all this started. This began during last thanksgiving break and after eating a burger. She got a nauseous and hell got loose after that. I suspect that it’s her gallbladder because I had similar symptoms such as belching and dizziness. Both of my parents and my brother had their gallbladder removed. My younger sister had many attacks in the past and doctors wanted it out. I just had mine taken out last week. It was 93% full of stones and scarred. Would it be possible that my daughter can have gallbladder problems even if the tests don’t show it? Also I must mention at the time of my daughter’s birth, she had jaundice and low sugar. After that was fixed and when she started solids she struggled for a long time with severe constipation.

    1. Estela,
      My daughter experienced the very same symptoms as you mentioned. Her test also came back negative. Doctors came up with the same that you mentioned. She tried every diet and cleanse that they suggested. She had numerous test and none of them returned positive. After almost a years of pain and suffering and a loss of 35 pounds, a surgeon said he felt sure it was her gallbladder because of all the classic symptoms. But because all of her test were negative the insurance companies don’t want to cover the removal of the gallbladder. The surgeon recommended exploratory surgery in which he would remove her gallbladder and her appendix. That is what she did and she immediately started to improve. And in a few months she had gained her weight back and has not suffered with any of the previous symptoms. He told us that he had seen numerous people with gallbladder problems where the test came back within normal ranges but upon the removal of it they were better. I would also note that she did not have any gallstones. Hope this helps you and your daughter if you have not yet resolved her problems. I don’t usually commend on websites but this was like I was reading about my daughter’s problem in details!!!
      Beth from Alabama

      1. Omg round this time of this comment i had a gallbladder attack! And first ultrasound came up with a small polyp! Pain subsided went away and since then and today I’ve had 3 attacks! All other tests coming back normal. I am on the waiting list to get it out now but the waiting and the symptoms are horrible and experience most of these. Im hoping i am the same after my op so i can feel like a human being again!

        1. Hi! I’m Tracy. I was wondering if you had gallstones also or only small polyps? I have bad pains every day in my chest and back. They have been doing tests and have found small polyps/no stones and my gallbladder is low-funtioning. Did they ever remove yours and did it finally give you relief? I admit I am also a little scared it may be cancerous. Probably because I am dealing with tumors on both overies.

  9. I have all the symptoms except jaundice and my GI says I have to have my gallbladder removed. Do they do laparoscopic surgery to
    Remove the gallbladder?

  10. Hello Dr. Jokers. I have been miserable for the last two years. It started with me going to the hospital on the middle of the night with 140 bears per minute. The hospital found nothing. Done all the heart terting. MRI s and they found nothing. I belch for hours at a time at night mostly. I feel like I am going to pass out right before I belch. I get chills. Runny nose headache and o have become very sore native to the sun. Not on my face or arms but in aras that don’t get the sun alike my feet. And the pain is scrutiating. I’ve tried to heal my gut. But I am about to gubernatorial up and just have the gall bladder removed. I had the huda scan with cck and went onto convulsions when they injected the cck. The test had me at, 21% ejection ratio. Please help.

    1. Hey Alex, this sounds like it could be a digestive issue, possibly an infection. In reality, it could be a number of things. I would reccomend you get with one of our health coaches to complete some functional lab work so we can get to the bottom of this!

  11. Thank you so much for this information. I have been sick constantly for 3 months. I have seen my PCP and she run some test and found one gallstone she does not think this is what is making me so sick. I have all the symptoms accept the jaundice. I have an appointment next week to see a surgeon but now I have mixed emotions about keeping that appointment is it going to make me worse if it’s removed? The good Lord put it there for a reason. I also have H Pylori could that be the issue? Docs dont think so.

  12. Thank you Dr.Jockers !!! I appreciate the information. It’s nice to get some useful information without having to pay a copay. God bless you!

  13. After a year with pain and labeled in hospital.and st as a pill seeker i had gallbladder removed I have 8 incisions and I’m still in pain as well as everything i eat and drink goes write threw me with diapers and mucus. I went back to emergency room as per dr request and thing still come back normal i do have an enlarged liver with a small cyst i am getting chest and upper left shoulder pain and heart palpation when I’m in pain was told by doctor to see pain management i have had several surgery like diverticulitis and two hernia repair before gallbladder removal this year the pain is so bad it hurts my back in middle please give advice

  14. I have also lost so much weight i am diabetic which I see my sugar under control since surgery was told by doctor that my sugar was not controlled because of my eating when i barley eat i eat no sugar i am going crazy thinking is it just in my head or am I going crazy . I’m even afraid to even go to emergency room or doctors office when not feeling good cause I feel they talk behind my back thinking I’m looking for pain medication when all I want is for this to go away i was also dignoised with ibs and nothing I’m frustrated with this please help

      1. Hi dr.. I have all the symptoms of gallbladder.my dr thinks it is gerd.. been on mess for 5 days and feel the same.. could it be or ibs?? I’m going nuts.. Help please:(

  15. I have around 20 of these symptoms but every doctor I see thinks my symptoms don’t match gallbladder disease. I just don’t get it! My main symptom is very painful and tight abdominal distention that never goes away. I’ve had so many tests and the only one that was abnormal was my HIDA Scan. My EF was 0%. I cant find a surgeon who wants to take my gallbladder out… they all think I have IBS, even though I’ve tried 3 IBS medications and the IBS diet.

    My doctor has ruled out IBS, SIBO, h. Pylori, parasites, candida, and anything that can be seen on ultrasounds and other imaging.

      1. I’m not sure exactly what functional labs are. I googled it and if I found the right thing it looks like gluten intolerance and other food allergies? I have been gluten free for 10 years, dairy free for several months, and am following a low fodmap diet.

  16. I have all this but was only jaundiced at birth. Been sick for almost 4 years. 2014 diagnosed with esophageal dysmotility, 2015 gastropariesis and colon inertia, 2016 gallstones and 2017 POTS and small fiber neuropathy. I cannot do most diets,supplements or medicines. My swallow is almost non existent. Saw internist and he wouldn’t remove gallbladder for fear of making me worse. Im scared and exhausted and dont know how to get even a little better. Any thoughts would be very appreciated.

  17. Hi Dr
    I have had an ultrasound confirming gallstones, did the epsom salt, lemon juice and olive oil flush 2 nights ago, felt much better yesterday.
    Today however I felt bloated right under the diaphragm, central back ache and fatigued.
    Ive had loose stools this evening again, followed by insomnia, back ache and a blown up stomach.
    Is this normal?

  18. Can problems with your gallbladder cause you to react to foods in a way that mimics an allergic reaction? I’ve had terrible right abdominal pain that radiates to my back, felt bloated, sluggish, and I keep having reactions to foods/liquids/medicines that I was never allergic to all in the past 6 months. I get a fever and my face gets really blotchy red. X-ray, ultrasound, HIDA Scan, upper endoscopy, and colonoscopy all normal, but all physicians fist think it’s the gallbladder.

  19. I got 4 gallstones and the doc wants me to remove my gallbladder is there anything else I can try to soften them up and expel them naturally??

  20. I have had planter faciatis for 2 years now, had the surgery and still in pain with both of my feet. On January 24, I had my gull bladder removed and after the surgery I got out of bed to use the bathroom and could not believe that I had no pain in my feet … they are like 95% normal. This may be strange but I’m so excited, I just love to walk without having pain in every step. Also have hypothyroidism and unable to loose weight, but maybe now, can’t wait to see my surgeon for the follow up!!! 🙂 I’m so happy!!!

  21. I have most of the symptoms but I’m having dull to intense pain on my left side just above my hip banding from my lower back around to the side of my hip

  22. My ultrasound showed mutliple stones or polyps but they were under 3 millimeters. I also have fat infiltration in the liver. There is also a dull pain just under my right rib. No jaundice, but having runny nose and chills very frequently. Nauseated after meals. My LDL cholesterol is also very high. All this happened in the last 18 months while my weight was going down. It was strange to know all this is happening, even though I am not fat at all and always kept a healthy diet.

  23. I am 25 years old married and bring baby boy with c section after a week I know that I have gallstones then after give a birth 45days I removed my gallbladder with gallstones before 3months because I can’t control the pain then I still feel shoulder pain back pain right knee pain and joint pains also I have abdominal pain sometimes but my upper right abdomen still fell pain and felling lazy @sex after removed gallbladder I am on diet and exercising. So what u advice me Dr.?

  24. I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been to the hospital 3 times due to pain near my gallbladder. I was told that my gallbladder is completely full of stones and they want to take my gallbladder out when I get into the second trimester. My question is is it safe for me to wait until i give birth to have it removed if its completely filled with stones now or is it better to have it taken out as soon as possible.

  25. I had my gallbladder removed last Nov. Just recently I had a colonoscophy and a endoscopy both came out great. no crohn’s disease are ulcers ,polyps , are cancer. But I can’t seem to slow down the diarrhea.I take probotics and other supplements. They put me on this powder med to take daily suppose to help with all the diarrhea. But it’s not helping. I can only eat certain foods I keep a food diary to keep up with what might be causing it’ I’m considering ordering some of your Bone Broth to at least try….Oh and I’m not gluten intolerance they did all the blood work.. and trust me I’ve had a lot of it. But any help would be much appreciated.

    1. I recently had diarrhea for over a week, to find that I’d been taking probiotics for too long following antibiotics, both intravenous for 4 days, followed by tablets for a month.
      My doc (who is very knowledgeable in functional medicine 🙂 suggested changing brands of probiotics. Although it took a few days, I’m now back to having normal faeces.
      Hope this might help you too.

        1. I have had many of the symptoms and it hurts and feels like my heart is beating really hard right where my gallbladder is, my chest feeld fine, however, I am having severe heart burn and seems like all day gas from both ends! What do u think doc? I’ve been bjrting in my knees and feet really bad and now my hip but the beating is my mostly later in the afternoon and at night. Right under my rib cage on my right side of stomach just pounds like it’s gonna bust open. Can u please help me and tell me what u think this is?

  26. Could the gallbladder be the reason that I have numbness and tingling in the extremeties, mostly in the right hand and fingers? I do have many gallbladder issues (nausea, bloating, constipation, dry skin and hair, etc).

  27. I have been experiencing a majority of these symptoms for many years and finally, through much testing and elimination of other diseases, discovered a small polyp near the duct of my gallbladder. My doctor believes this is the issue and has offered surgery as the only solution. Are there any alternatives that will reduce or reverse the polyp?

    1. Hey Kim, not much is known about the cause of gallbladder polyps. Following the strategies here regularly may help but ultimately you may need to get the polyp removed.

  28. For the last couple of years I have had gallbladder pain once or twice but just this last couple of week its been 3 to 4 times a week. Do you think I need to get it removed? pain lasts 3 to 4 hrs. Apple cider vinegar does not help much anymore.
    Thanks Kathryn Highley

  29. The only symptom I have is sores and itching over my body,a scan showed lots of stones impacted in the bladder none loose! I have been offered surgery is this necessary have never had pain?

  30. Hi
    Ive been having pain under my right ribcage for a year. The pain seems to radiate up my chest on the right side, and around my back on the right shoulder. My doctor ordered a chest xray, and an ultrasound scan. The chest xray came back fine, the ultrasound showed I had thick walls on my gallbladder. I think they referred to it as Endometriosis of the gallbladder. There was no stones, and no blockages. They seemed surprised that I was still experiencing aching in that area. They also mentioned I could have damaged an internal muscle or nerve. Is it normal to experience aching with thick walls? My aching comes for 2 days without stopping, then will go away for a month.

  31. Hi. I am 37 years old. Been having problems with food intolerances all my life (mostly stomach soreness, acid reflux, gallbladder pain and occasional mild diarrhea or vomiting, which stopped in 1 or 2 days), but in the last 3 years it all got intense. Now I am experiencing all the symptoms listed above, except the yellowing of the skin. No vomiting but intense nausea with dizziness right sholderblade and neck pain, headache, plus IBS like symptoms with diarrhea. Did all the tests, scans, endoscopy, colonoscopy. Nothing. Except, that when I insisted on a MRI, it showed that my gallbladder is malformed (whatever that means). Both my parents had gallbladder issues (sluggish). Doctors tell me to not to take it out, as it has no stones. Now I am on my wits end, lost many kilos (I am 44 kilos), trying a gluten free, lactose free and fructose free diet right now. I don’t know what else to do. I am even afraid to eat, because I react even to drinking water with cramping and bloating. I feel that my stomach is inflamed, but not willing to go to the GI specialist, who will prescribe me PPI – which I don’t tolerate well, antiacids – which contain sugar and I am fructose intolerant… I went through that 2 years ago. Didn’t help. Could it be that my stomach inflammation is due to my gallbladder?

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I can’t do your tests (as I live in Eastern Europe), but my family doctor isn’t a fan of taking medication, so I am doing a thorough stool test and I am already waiting on results from doing the food intolerance test (hope it will shed some light). I am grateful that I stumbled onto your web page. It contains helpful information on what to eat with gallbladder/liver problems, which I am going to follow. I am taking Jarro-Dophilus FOS probiotics, papaya enzyme capsules (when needed) and Alive! multivitamin (without iron) at the moment. I have found that lemon grass tea is helpful in calming (mostly) things a bit. I would love to talk to a functional nutritionist. God bless.

          1. Thank you. Food intolerance test results came back. There were no surprises – well, except 1 or two. Looks like I am casein intolerant and the gluten intolerance was there too (after I did the test 2 years back for the coeliac disease and it came back negative). Trying to cope. My gallbladder is giving me a headache though, both literally and otherwise. Hoping for the best. Thank you for your time.

  32. Thank you. I do think that all of my problems are bile-related – due to my malformed gallbladder. I was afraid to mention it to my doctor, but I feel like I am toxic (now I know that it can happen). I am going for an ultrasound this week, my GP thinks that there might be stones. Hope I will know more… Also, is it “normal” that if I happen to eat something with very small amounts of olive (or other) oil in it, I get a bad reaction the next day (stabbing pain all over my digestive system, gas, all ’round bad feeling, loose and urgent stool)? I feel like my sensitivity is a bit too extreme.

    1. I don’t have enough information to tell you exactly what’s going on here Lencsike, it does seem like at least a large portion of these issues could be stemming from your gallbladder though. Of course there could be other things going on the gut that would need to be investigated!

      1. Thank you. Today I did an ultrasound. My gallbladder looks fine. No stones at least, and the doctor said that if there was a functional issue or a chronic inflammation, that won’t show. Although, when I told her about all of my symptoms and how it all started, she told me that it sounds like colitis. She ordered another stool test, which will show if there is inflammation in the colon (which it is, because I can feel it, especially in the left part – burns like hell). I am keeping to my diet, taking antispasmotic medication (only one/day) for the cramping and hoping for the best. Feels like my whole digestive system is revolting against me.

        1. Hi Lencsike!
          I think we are from the same country. If it is allowed here and you would post your email address, maybe we could discuss about this topic further in private. I have similar digestive problems. Anyway, have you already checked candida, stomach acid, leaky gut, SIBO, parasites, dumping syndrome, histamine intolerance?
          Get well soon!

          1. Hi, G8. I have tried a lot of tests – although not all are performed here in Romania. I would love to do a gallbladder function test, but nobody has heard of it here. Struggling with a gallbladder flare at the moment. (I don’t think I can share my e-mail address here.. and I don’t like to advertise it either, if you know what I meen). What are your symptoms?

          2. Hi Lencsike!
            There are few hungarian possibilities with lots of labor tests. One of them send the blood, stool, urine, saliva into Germany to a diagnostic company and the patient get the result in email. I’ve found bile test on their website, but I’m not sure about gallbladder function test. Their homepage doesn’t contain all the possible tests, so it can worth to ask them for more information. They understand hungarian, german, maybe english as well.
            I wouldn’t post my private symptoms here the public way, sorry.
            Unfortunately I don’t know how it is allowed here to share contact information of these private labors. I don’t want to advertise neither. With it you could ask them about the details.
            For gallbladder here exists a drop which could help maybe and people can buy it in pharmacy.
            Even allergy (cross-reactivity) can cause such symptoms.

  33. hi dr,i hve a gallbladder polyp of 6mm,and for the past 6months i hve been suffering from mushy stools which is loose like a paste and irregular in shape,sometimes i see undigested food,is it something to do with the polyp and what is the treatment for this

  34. Greetings, Dr. It is me again… unfortunately. I have a few questions. I am on a gluten free diet, so there is corn flour or starch in everything. I don’t know how to stop eating corn with this diet. I am trying to limit it as much as I can, but still, it is hard (and I am hungry all the time). I have pretty much given up going to doctors, ’cause they don’t listen. The last time I tried to explain to a doctor that my gallbladder was acting up (I have all the symptoms), she laughed at me. So I went and did a CT scan on my own terms. Came back saying the exact same thing as the MRI last year: slightly malrotated right kidney (working okay) and malformed (looks like my bile duct or the lower part of the gallbladder is twisted) gallbladder. The doctor who did the CT said that he wouldn’t advise me to take the gallbladder out and to keep trying with the diet. Problem is, I don’t tolerate a lot of things. Figured out that spinach is bad for me (no idea why, but I am reacting badly to it), now iceberg lettuce is giving me terrible gas, onions are killer, any kind of oil (except maybe coconut oil in very small quantities) is also bad. I am now trying baby food (not kidding). The pureed ones. I am out of ideas. Presently going through a flare up (gallbladder’s been hurting for days), because I’ve had something last weekend, which had some onions in it (pureed). Can I eat pureed apple or apple sauce?

      1. Thank you for your reply, DR. I pretty much am on pureed food diet these days… I actually like it. I make soups (creamy ones – without any fat – maybe a bit of rapeseed oil). I noticed, that if I really crave something “forbidden” and I eat a very small amount of it, I have no problems.Even if it is fatty food or contains dairy. I am taking ox bile which seams to help with my troubles – only, it burns my stomach. Is it okay to take ox bile (it is a tablet for the gallbladder, that I have found here, there are others, but they irritate me)? Also, I feel lots better if I drink freshly made lemon juice or cinnamon.

          1. Thank you. I’ve got a question, which is pretty important. As I am on a gluten free diet, everything contains corn, but I have bad reactions if I eat corn. I mainly try to eat it as corn flakes, or those crunchy things (don’t know how they are called in English), which may be eaten instead of bread. Problem is, that my gallbladder is acting up, when I eat those. I love corn and I actually crave it. I was wondering: can I eat corn in a certain form? Or is there an enzyme to help with its digestion? For example, today I snacked on a few medium sized crunchy corn (it is made of maize flour and inflated somehow) and now (just after 11 PM) nausea, cramping and general feeling of wrongness. It is the same time every night. Just after 11 PM. There are nights when I don’t react. Not very often. Corn is a main ingredient for me these days. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  35. I’ve been having orange/yellow stools for several months. Sometimes they’re pale green, but not generally. My dr ordered an upper abdominal ultrasound. I see “pale stools” but could gallbladder issues cause orange/yellowish stools? I also get pain under my right shoulder blade sometimes and sharp pain to the right of my stomach area sometimes.

  36. I have migraine and pain in the right side under my ribs I notice once I started take milkthsle getting much better also I have pain in my feet so do you think what is the root of this problem and what is your recommendation thanks

  37. I was vomiting for 10 days and they said it was a ‘bug’. But when I started eating again I developed acid reflux and hiccups. They put me on an acid reducer but I still have reflux and hiccups and feel wiped out due to the drug they put me on to try and stop the hiccups. An ultrasound has just found a 2cm stone embedded in my gallbladder – most likely the cause of all this. I believe the gallbladder is inflamed. My torso and arms and hands itch and sting terribly. What can I do to help myself? I could be waiting weeks or months for our health system to treat this.

  38. Came across this site while looking for answers how to deal with Bile Salt Malabsorption (BSM/BAM/BAD) which was caused by gall bladder removal – and was shocked to read how easily and quickly people would go under knife to get rid of their gall bladders. Please don’t! Sometimes it’s truly inevitable – but there is growing concern proven by statistics how many of these surgeries are being done unnecessary – worldwide. Just because it’s not functioning well it’s not a good reason to remove it. Among most common legitimate reasons for its removal is presence of stones – which cause risk blocking bile ducts. Gall bladder function issues could be traced to pancreas, other digestive system issues, poor diet etc etc – best to insist on allany tests to eliminate these before considering removal. I belong to 3 fb groups dedicated to BSM – in 2 years since I’ve was hit by this condition I have read hundreds of posts from people all over the world. Somewhat predominantly US based members too often come across doctors – even gastroenterologists/GIs who have never heard of this condition. Please google, find as much info as possible on possible consequences. Without gall bladder your current symptoms may not go away – but you may potentially develop BSM which may make you wish you didn’t get rid of your gb that easily. It’s very unpredictable; it can start days, weeks, months and even years after surgery – 2, 6 and more. In jan 2017 it hit me, 20 years after gb removal – and I am not alone to have . All those 20 years I lived with IBS diagnosis – which I now believe was BSM manifesting. The worst BSM symptom is bile diarrhoea which can make you home bound for days and cause deficiencies – D (D3) and B12 in particular which in turn can cause various further ailments and can be misdiagnosed fibromyalgia, for example. My predicament is that it has caused me knee joint pain and weight gain. The former lead to decreased mobility, which contributed to further weight gain. I am now certain it is directly related to my rosacea – and that my metabolism messed up by BSM has caused diabetes with which I was diagnosed back in July.

  39. I did a gall flush the one where everyone throws down saying it’s bad and doesn’t work vs those who feel tons better afterward. Had my stones checked by my lab tech… they were gallstones.

    I feel better and I found that epsom salt helped with my gallstone attacks until I could clear enough of the things to stop all of my issues related to liver and gallbladder.

    But of course there will always be those who like to talk crap… but this just happens to be the proof of the test and my personal results… Even if they were not stones I cleared out some really weird stuff besides the stones which I’m sure really didn’t need to be there.

  40. how to overcome bacteria infection that is resistance to antibiotics maybe something natural for epididymitis pain and uti

  41. Thank you, your website is if very informative and helpful.
    I started having issues with upper right quadrant pain. My doctor ordered a mammogram which was normal normal full CBC all normal . Abdomen ultrasound,( no stones )and HIDA scan was normal. I’m vegetarian, and gluten free. I’m keeping a food diary and tracking if anything is causing my pain. I noticed if I just drink liquids I feel perfect no bloating . The next test is colonscopy that my GI doctor wants me to do. I seriously doubt it is a colon issue. I just started seeing Chinese Medicine doctor for herbs and acupunture. I really don’t know what else to do at this point

  42. Thank you I have found all this information very helpful over the past few months. I have got an appointment to have my gallblader removed next week. However I have been having very severe head aches and pains in the neck over tha past few weeks. Quite strong pain in the left side of my head, I’ve researched this and have came up with a number of reasons. Is this all related to my gallblader?

  43. Removing the ballbladder is like removing a carburator from your vehicle ! Or injector system, on newer cars. It needs to be cleansed, and we need it. My aunt had hers removed and could NEVER have friend food, as her gall was not GATHERING, and storing in the vessel of gallbladder. I used to have really bad gallbladder stones, bad attacks , rolling on the floor from pain. Dr. Schulze at American Botanical Pharmacy has a 5 day Liver Gallbladder cleanse, and I do it yearly.

    No pain, no scars from surgery, no adhesions from a surgery. Yey ! 20 plus years later, still have a smooth belly, without a scar. Docs tell you that the new “small” incision surgery is a ‘piece of cake”, but what you don’t hear is that the INSIDE hole , big enough to pull out a gall bladder, often causes paifull scar tissue. I see it professionally from time to time. Even in doctors and nurses. Their surgeries are not a piece of cake. So cleaning , and doing it at least yearly, doing the cleanse 2x in a same month if the problem is severe, that worked for me.

    And following Dr. Jockers in his wise ways of nourishing, and rebuilding your body.

  44. Wow, I found this thread after googling gallbladder pain, I was not disappointed! I have been suffering for years with nausea, vomiting the whole shebang!
    And was told I had inflammatory bowel disease, however, no one can really tell me whats wrong. I am floored by the amount of lovely people on here, trying to help each other, and Dr Jockers too! I have learned more reading through all this stuff, than what the Drs have told me, and I couldn’t be more grateful! IBD has taken over my life, to the point I’m scared of working incase I can’t be reliable, and eating at restaurants is a no no. I loved food and cooking, now I cry when I’m hungry because I know eating is pain, and there’s so few foods that DON’T make me ill, so I avoid food. I now have information, and guidance and a clear and positive way forward, and I just can’t thank you all enough!
    From a very grateful south London housewife and mum xx

  45. I came across this amazing article in researching issues with my gallbladder. After US and HIDA scan, I was diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia with only 3% ejection rate 😳. Ive seen 2 surgeons, both recommending i get it removed- I oddly enough dont have pain anymore during my flare ups. Surgery scheduled in a few weeks. Anyhow, I am very curious about the IT Band pain associated with GB issues! I have a lot of the above symptoms and that has been one since all of this has started! What is the correlation? Very interesting.
    Thank you for your time and reply!
    Lindsey Hoffman

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