Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr

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, Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr

, Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr

In This Episode:

  • 04:00: Dr. Jockers backstory with Melissa Nohr
  • 06:17: Melissa’s path as ReCODE certified health coach with Dr. Dale Bredesen.
  • 08:42: Factors that are contributing to the neurodegenerative process.
  • 10:17: Becoming your health advocate.
  • 11:10: Learn about functional ranges vs conventional ranges. 
  • 14:08: Main inflammatory marker.
  • 15:00: Why you should not exercise before getting a test done. 
  • 17:09: Optimal Ferritin ranges.
  • 18:30: What you need to know about having high levels of Iron in your body. 
  • 21:54: What’s Homocysteine?
  • 23:18: Keep an eye on your Homocysteine production. 
  • 24:17: An underrated lab marker that’s key for our body.
  • 26:39: The relation between hypoglycemia and having neurological symptoms. 
  • 27:36: One of the key causes of inflammation.
  • 30:29: The “Dawn Phenomenon”.
  • 36:43: Testing for environmental toxicity and mycotoxins.
  • 38:03: The Organic Acid Test (OAT). 
  • 40:06: Optimizing your health with genetic tests.

Dr. Jockers welcomes a friend of the show, Melissa Nohr, as they discuss brain inflammation, the best lab test, and biomarkers to look at when it comes to your brain and neurological health. In today’s episode, you will find out why so many people feel bad even though they have normal lab test results, and why most doctors cannot understand what is happening to your body.

Melissa Nohr is Board Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, the International Association of Health Coaches, and the Association of Health Coaches for Christ. We welcome her one more time to the show.


“Brain inflammation is a serious issue that is at the root of cognitive decline and can show up as anxiety, depression, trouble concentrating and memory loss.”  Melissa Nohr

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, Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr    , Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr    , Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr


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, Episode #294 – Top 10 Lab Markers for Brain Inflammation with Melissa Nohr

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