Episode #380 – Why Oxygen is the Solution to Fixing Persistent Leaky Gut with Steve Wright

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In This Episode:

In this podcast, I interview digestive health expert and founder of HealthyGut.com Steve Wright and we discuss the importance of oxygen, postbiotics and short chain fatty acids in reducing gut inflammation and healing leaky gut syndrome.

  • 05:25 What are some of the biggest mistakes people are making in terms of treating leaky gut?
  • 06:50 Why we shouldn’t only focus on ‘tight junction integrity.’
  • 07:37 Understanding immune dysfunction.
  • 08:45 What happens when expensive supplements don’t work?
  • 11:10 Appreciating that different tissues have different needs. 
  • 12:08 Why is oxygen so important?
  • 15:00 What are HIFs?
  • 17:15 Is there a way to test your HIF levels?
  • 20:33 What are some strategies to improve your gut’s microbiome diversity?
  • 23:30 What happens when you replace Butyric Acid as a supplement?
  • 25:00 Where do stomach acids and enzymes fit in the hierarchy of gut support?
  • 29:15 How probiotics help with immune system regulation
  • 30:40 When do you introduce probiotics?
  • 32:05 What does apple cider vinegar do?
  • 34:05 When to go in the opposite direction to find your gut solution
  • 34:44 Unpacking the role of glyphosate (herbicide) on leaky gut syndrome
  • 38:25 Addressing our overall toxic environment 
  • 41:00 What is the key to getting Butyric Acid deep into our system?
  • 43:45 What kind of results is Steven Wright getting with Tributyrin-X?
  • 45:40 The importance of low oxygen environment in our gut
  • 46:33 “Just keep going!” – final words of inspiration

Have you considered oxygen as being part of YOUR solution for fixing leaky gut? Intestinal permeability (leaky gut) is a major issue, driving up inflammation in the body. 

Leaky gut is also at the root of autoimmune conditions (eczema, cirrhosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis – to name a few). It is something that the wellness world is trying to solve from several approaches.

Today’s guest is one such member of the natural health and wellness world: health engineer and gut health specialist Steven Wright. Steven has created a wide range of products to keep your gut healthy, all of which can be found on his website, healthygut.com.

Steven has been doing some amazing research on delivering oxygen to our guts to strengthen our intestinal lining and heal up some of the ‘tight junctions’ that develop over time. He is at the cutting edge of gut health research and his approach to how we consider the entire environment of our gut is one that will resonate with fans of Dr. Jockers and his holistic approach to health. 

This episode is an absolute must-listen for anyone dealing with chronic autoimmune conditions. So please take the time to share it with them; you never know when you may save or improve someone’s life with a new approach to a health problem they may be struggling with. 

This is valuable information that can give you a ‘leg up’ on your wellness journey. Please join us and leave us a five-star review along the way!


“If you don’t have the right environment for the gut to behave, you can’t expect it to behave correctly.

– Steven Wright

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