Episode #415: How Ketosis and Neurobics Impact Brain Health and BDNF Levels

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In This Episode:

In this podcast, I am interviewed by Alzheimer’s and dementia expert Dr Heather Sandison and we discuss the role of ketosis and intermittent fasting and how it improves brain health, and we also go into unique exercises called neurobics and how they increase BDNF and optimize brain health.

Ensuring our brain’s health is pivotal for our overall well-being, and I’m thrilled to explore how the ketogenic diet can play a surprising role, thanks in part to the liver’s unexpected involvement. In our conversation, I’ll dive into this connection and more.

How the Liver Supports Brain Health

Let’s talk about the liver—a powerhouse organ with over 500 functions, including detoxification and nutrient processing. Poor liver health can manifest in symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and stubborn belly fat. I advocate for protecting and rejuvenating the liver with a formula containing proven herbs and nutrients.

Ketosis and Its Brain Benefits

Ketosis, where the body uses fat instead of glucose for energy, can significantly reduce brain inflammation and enhance crucial brain growth factors like BDNF. I’m excited to discuss neurobics exercises that stimulate brain function, including a simple yet effective technique like Einstein’s hallway pacing.

Nailing the Ketogenic Diet

Let’s simplify the ketogenic diet. I stress the importance of intermittent fasting and a balanced intake of proteins, healthy fats, and phytonutrient-rich veggies. I offer specific recommendations for protein and fat intake per meal and highlight the advantages of exogenous ketones like C8 MCT oil.

Our conversation is packed with insights on brain health, the ketogenic diet, and complementary practices like neurobics and strength training.

In Conclusion

I’m passionate about demystifying the ketogenic diet’s role in enhancing brain health and overall well-being. My holistic approach emphasizes nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness for optimal health. Ultimately, I’m a firm believer in our body’s remarkable capacity for self-healing and the transformative impact it can have on our lives.

  • 02:17 Understanding Ketosis and Brain Health
  • 02:53 The Role of Exercise in Brain Health
  • 03:43 Appreciation for the Podcast Community
  • 04:24 Introduction to the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit
  • 05:27 Deep Dive into Ketosis and Brain Health
  • 05:38 Understanding the Role of Inflammation in Brain Health
  • 06:04 The Importance of Blood Sugar Balance
  • 10:04 The Role of Ketones in Brain Health
  • 17:25 Balancing Body Composition and Risk of Frailty
  • 20:03 Maintaining Lean Body Tissue with Adequate Protein Intake
  • 23:22 Personalized Nutrition and Healthy Fat Sources
  • 23:53 Importance of Colorful Meals and Hydration
  • 26:05 Strength Training for Brain Health
  • 28:55 Special Announcement: The Importance of Zinc
  • 30:37 Alternative Strength Training Methods
  • 31:20 The Role of Sleep and Fasting in Weight Management
  • 32:59 Exogenous Ketones and Their Benefits
  • 34:19 Troubleshooting Ketosis and the Role of MCT Oil
  • 37:52 Neurobic Exercises for Brain Health

“Ketones themselves are a fuel source for the brain cells.”   

-Dr. David Jockers

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