Episode #418: My Daily Routine and My Top Strategies for Optimal Health (March Q & A)

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In This Episode:

In this episode, I go through my daily routine, health strategies that I personally work into my schedule and what a day in the life looks like for me.  I go through mindset strategies, health strategies and work-life balance ideas and more.

Welcome to a journey aimed at enhancing health, performance, and overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to boost your health, increase energy, or sharpen mental clarity, this discussion offers practical strategies you can adapt to your life.

Morning Rituals for a Vibrant Start

My day begins at 6:30 AM with a focus on gratitude and setting intentions. Here’s how I start my mornings:

-Oil Pulling and Hydration: I start by oil pulling with coconut oil to support oral health, followed by drinking 64 ounces of hydrogen-rich water for hydration.

– Grounding and Movement: I ground myself by walking barefoot on the grass, doing some light yoga poses, and stretching to connect with the earth’s energies.

– Red Light Therapy and Breathwork: I spend 12-13 minutes with red and infrared light therapy, combined with breathwork, to boost oxygen delivery and energy levels.

Nurturing Mind and Body

After energizing my body, I focus on nourishment and readiness for the day ahead.

– Fasting and Focused Work: I capitalize on the clarity of fasting to tackle demanding tasks with heightened focus.

– Midday Movement and Nutrition: Around 12:30 PM, I engage in physical exercise followed by a nutritious meal, typically a high-protein shake and fresh vegetables, to support recovery and sustain energy levels.

Evening Routines for Reflection and Rest

As the day winds down, I transition to activities that promote relaxation and prepare me for restorative sleep.

– Family Time and Nurturing Relationships: I spend time with my family, engaging in sports, sharing dinner, and connecting deeply.

– Sauna, Reading, and Gratitude: Several nights a week, my wife and I enjoy sauna sessions, followed by reading and reflecting on the day’s blessings.

– Optimized Sleep Environment: I ensure my bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet, and I use supplements like melatonin and GABA to improve sleep quality.

Integrating Health into Every Aspect

These daily practices reflect a holistic approach to health, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Each activity, meal, and moment of stillness contributes to the intricate balance of our human systems. I encourage you to take what resonates with you and adapt it to fit your lifestyle.

Remember, the journey to optimal health is personal and ongoing. Start with small, sustainable changes, focusing on nurturing your body, calming your mind, and strengthening your spirit. Here’s to your health and happiness as you explore this path of discovery and growth.

  • 03:32 A Deep Dive into Dr. Jockers’ Daily Health Routine
  • 14:51 Morning Rituals for Optimal Health
  • 25:25 Family Time and Work-Life Balance
  • 28:25 Morning Routine and Coffee Insights
  • 32:00 Optimizing Work Environment for Health and Productivity
  • 35:42 Daily Workout Routine and Nutritional Choices
  • 41:56 Evening Routine for Optimal Health and Sleep
  • 53:53 Concluding Thoughts and Encouragement

“We want a purpose that’s greater than ourselves. I always say you want a why that makes you cry.”   

-Dr. Jockers

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