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Dr. David Jockers is a Maximized Living doctor, corrective care chiropractor, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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SuperCharged Trail Mix

SuperCharged Trail Mix:  This is an outstanding combination of superfoods that looks great with the wide variety of colors and shapes.  This snack pack packs an amazing taste that the whole family will enjoy. This is a great thing to keep out in the kitchen for the kids and other family members to snack on […]

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The SuperFood Power of Goji Berries

The SuperFood Power of Goji Berries: Foods that have an incredible array of health benefits that go well beyond just their nutrient value are considered superfoods.  These foods are typically loaded with a combination of critical fatty acids, anti-oxidant phytonutrients and essential amino acids.    Goji berries contain an extraordinary amount of unique nutrients and anti-oxidants […]

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The History of Milk

The History of Milk Throughout history, other mammals have supplied mankind with delicious, nutrient dense dairy foods.  These included fresh cream, milk, curds & whey, yogurt, kefir, amasai, cheeses & butter.  Man-made refineries that manipulate these animals and process their milk products have highly altered these once superfoods.  Well educated consumers choose raw, grass-fed milk […]

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Health Benefits of Raw Grass Fed Cheese

Health Benefits of Raw Grass Fed Cheese Cheese is one of America’s favorite foods.  The saturated fats involved in cheese give it a rich flavor and a comfortable feel.  This popular food can be extraordinarily good, however, it is often highly processed and made out of an inferior dairy supply.  Choose raw cheese from grass-fed […]

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Optimal Sleeping Postures

Dr. David Jockers continues helping you get a good night’s rest. In this video he demonstrates the best positions for sleeping effectively. Not everyone can sleep on their back all night. Dr. David explains how to sleep on your side and keep your spine in a healthy position. Optimal Sleeping Postures Protect the Spine: Good […]

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15 Tips for Better Sleep

Dr David Jockers shares tips for sleeping more effectively. 15 Tips for Better Sleep Poor sleep is a very serious threat to an individual’s health.  Poor sleeping habits lead to altered hormone balances and circadian rhythms.  This process accelerates the aging process and speeds up the development of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, […]

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Herbal Infused Butter

Herbal Infused Butter: This recipe goes along with our Thanksgiving turkey.  We have featured the fantastic Lemon Herb Turkey with Pan Gravy.  This is loaded with short and medium chain saturated fats that are heart healthy and beneficial for helping the body to burn fat and balance hormones.  Ideally, you would use organic, grass-fed butter.  […]

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Turkey Brine

Turkey Brine:  This recipe is meant to go along with your Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  Our feature recipe for this is the Lemon Herb Turkey with Pan Gravy.    The brine helps to make the turkey absorb more water so it plumps up larger and it gives it the roasted outer layer.  This marinate also acts […]

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Turkey Stock

Turkey Stock:  This recipe is part of your Thanksgiving Feast and goes with the Lemon Herb Turkey with Pan Gravy.  This stock smells wonderful as it is loaded with aromatic herbs that pack an anti-oxidant punch.  This is a great broth to make when feeling ill as it is full with immune boosting herbs and super nutrients.  […]

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Beyond Cabbage Rolls

Beyond Cabbage Rolls This recipe is by the amazing Dr. Shannon Good – office manager at Exodus Health Center – check her out here Beyond Cabbage Rolls Introduction:  This is a strong and wholesome recipe that provides tons of anti-oxidants, unique phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and clean proteins.  Grass-fed beef, cabbage and onions are three […]

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Lemon Herb Turkey with Pan Gravy

Lemon Herb Turkey with Pan Gravy This is a superfood stuffed turkey that tastes amazing…plumps up significantly and feeds the whole family.  One of the most important health steps anyone could take is to choose organic, free-range and grass-fed meat products.  We want to avoid the hormones, anti-biotics and genetically modified feeds that are given […]

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Coconut Banana Berry Ice Cream

Coconut Banana Berry Ice Cream This is an extremely tasty recipe that is loaded with superfoods and contains ample amounts of healthy fats, anti-oxidants and highly bioavailable protein.  This takes about a minute to make and process once all the ingredients are properly prepared.  One could increase the amount of blueberries and decrease some of […]

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